Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chapter 03: Rush Week

“Welcome ladies to the House of Swag!” Keitano smiled as he opened the door for them to enter. “As you can see we have drinking to my right, dancing to my left and sex all around us. Please, choose an activity and let the fun begin! Oh and don’t forget the grab bowl there at the door.” He pointed towards a dish of condoms and lubes positioned beside the entrance hall and laughed. “Practice safe sex kiddies…plus I’d prefer not finding jizz all over my place when you’re done! Enjoy!” He grabbed Paige into his arms and guided her towards the couch.

“Wow I thought you said this was going to be close friends, nothing big!” Christina yelled over the music as she watched the room full of people either drinking or dancing around the condo. One guy stumbled towards her with a beer in his hand, winked and then collapsed at her feet. 

“Well you know new school year means time for Rush week so there are going to be a lot of parties happening. Not to mention this is college and you’ve seen how stressful it is in just your first class! Many students are just looking to blow off steam!” Jordan yelled in return. She eyed her surroundings and noticed a small, untainted spot in the kitchen and dragged Christina behind her. “Come on let’s get a drink!”

“So are all of KT’s parties like this?”

“Well you know how it goes. You invite some people, they invite some people and before you know the entire campus shows up. I wouldn’t worry too much though. Before long the neighbors will have called the cops and everyone will be on to their next event.”

“Oh well I don’t know about another after this one. I kinda want to sleep tonight too you know?” Scooting through the sea of people, Jordan and Christina made it to the counters and poured themselves a drink from the punch bowl. 

“I’m not so sure you want to try that,” one of the partygoers smiled and pointed to the large display of liquor bottles just over his shoulder. “It’s my personal Hunch Punch recipe and I’m not so sure you can handle it. Here,” he grabbed two bottles from the cooler at his feet and handed one to each of them. “I wouldn’t want you to end up like that guy.”

They looked in the direction of a fallen partier. His pants were off, his ass in the air and marker stained his face with various vulgar expressions. Christina giggled as another drinker stopped and scribbled something else on his head. “Yeah I don’t want to end up like that guy.”

“Well I can do my best to make sure you don’t end up bottoms up. What’s your name Beautiful?” he leaned closer towards Christina until his shoulder was touching hers. The smell of heavy liquor and menthol cigarettes fanned over his body and every time he moved his cup to his lips she could smell it even more.

“Chrissy!” she yelled as the makeshift DJ switched songs and the music got louder. She could feel the bass beneath her feet and it was almost as if she was in a club. The crowd cheered as the rhythm flowed and a new keg was tapped.

“I’m Evan,” he smiled and inched even closer. “Wanna dance?” He had a ruggedly handsome appearance and a seemingly sweet personality but that could have been his liquid courage for all she knew. Still his smile was bright and she did come here to have fun, what better way than on the dance floor?

“Uh,” she glanced towards Jordan but noticed her attention had already waned as she spotted Donovan entering the front door. With a smile and jab to Christina’s ribs she moved forward jumping happily into her boyfriend’s arms as he escorted her towards the balcony. “Sure!” She placed her bottle down and took his hand.

Feeling a bit of unease pour through her as a slight breeze entered from the balcony doors, she closed her eyes and before she knew it her body was swaying to the music. Evan reached an arm around her waist and pulled her closer into his body. She looked up and smiled at him and molded her movements to mimic his. 

He turned her in his arms, his lips danced over her neck as he pressed closer to speak to her. His voice was lower, grainier and full of bass. “You’re very beautiful. You seeing someone?”

Christina nodded and felt his arm squeeze tighter around her body. It had been a while since she’d last felt a man so close to her and she was trying to lose the uncomfortable feeling she had of his body touching against hers. She watched Paige crawl into Keitano’s lap and smiled as he shot her a wink. 

With a slow gaze in Jordan’s direction she turned herself again in Evan’s arms and wrapped herself around his neck. He took the opportunity to grab her ass and squeeze her closer. Now she could feel the evidence of his grinding against her thigh and she looked down. He returned the expression with a smile and nodded towards the hallway. “I don’t think so,” Christina pulled away but was stopped by his hand on her back.

“Come on, I can give you something to help you relax.”

“I’m not into that, thanks anyway but I think you need to just find yourself another girl.”

“Your loss,” Evan shrugged and watched as Christina moved towards the hallway looking for the bathroom. Finding it as the third door on her right, she entered it and closed the door tightly locking it behind her.

The sounds of the music were hollowed out through the door and she slipped onto the toilet seat calmly thinking back to her last boyfriend Derrick. He had started out the same way, smooth as butter and slick as ice but underneath it all hid a liar and master manipulator. She wished she had seen it then instead of wasting three years of her life on the cheating asshole he became but she was in love; at least that’s what she told herself anyway. 

Since then she’s done what she could to avoid falling for another man’s charms in the way she had with him. Sure she dated but as far as ending up in the bathroom, pushed against the door with her panties at her ankles and her dressed hiked above her hips, not so much. She moved towards the sink as she heard another change in musical selection and the rumble once more from the crowd. Her makeup was still neatly in  place leaving very little to touch up. The way those people were drinking out there she’d be amazed to see any of them make it to class intact the next morning.

One thing was certain she wasn’t going to end up that way.  She barely had much from the bottle Evan handed her and that was plenty in her opinion. With one last glance in the mirror, Christina opened the door to rejoin the rest of the partygoers.

Slipping from the room she accidentally bumped into a body as hard as a rock. Falling to her ass she looked up in embarrassment hoping no one else had witnessed her klutziness but everyone was too busy looking for their next drink or hookup to pay her any mind. “Damn I’m sorry about…” she stopped midsentence and looked up into the dark green eyes of the footballer she’d met days earlier.

“It’s no problem at all,” Kayne smiled and offered her his hand. “I’d be a fool to complain about a beautiful girl bumping into me. Are you hurt? It looked as though you took a nice bump.”

“No I’m fine thanks. I have a nice cushion to pad my fall.” His stare combed over the part of her body she spoke about and she visibly blushed as he nodded approvingly and met her eyes again.

“And not a bad cushion it is.” She turned her head and swept a strand of hair behind her ear hiding her obvious smile at the flattery and caught Jordan’s gaze. “Listen I’m actually glad I caught you there was something I wanted to ask.” 

“You are? Should I be worried?” She leaned against the wall and he followed, moving a little closer as he spoke.

“Not just yet,” he smiled giving her a full view of his pearly whites. “But no uh, there’s a party coming up, well several, but one in particular that kicks off Rush week with a bang. It’s hosted by my Fraternity Alpha Sigma Rho and I was hoping that you would maybe like to accompany me.”

“Well I don’t know Kayne. From the sounds of things I think that I should be worried. I mean I’ve heard about this ‘Bash of all Bashes’ from several people and I’m kind of in the know about how the Brothers of Alpha Sigma Rho party. I’m not sure it’s my scene.”

“Trust me it’s your scene. I’m not gonna lie it can get pretty wild but it’s not ‘Oh my God my llama is on fire in the front lawn’ wild. Besides,” he pushed closer and wrapped a free arm around her waist until he could feel her chest falling and rising against his own. Licking his lips near hers he watched her eyes lazily dart from them and back to his gaze. “You’ll be with me so there’s no reason to worry.”  

She laughed lightly and pushed him away with one hand yet somehow still found herself wrapped up in his arms. “That sounds like all the more reason to worry but yeah, I think I might actually like that.”

“Great!” his face visibly lightened up hearing her accept and he leaned back releasing his grip of her hips. “And trust me, you won’t regret it. The Alphas are number one when it comes to parties! We’ll show you a good time.”

“There you are!” Jordan sighed and stepped into the conversation with an exasperated sigh. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you! You just disappeared.” She glanced at Kayne and he took a swig from the bottle in his hands and stepped back to give her room. “Are you ready to go? I know you said you didn’t want to stay out too long and it is getting pretty late.”

“Uh yeah, sure,” she replied slowly dragging out her words and looked towards the door at Donovan. “I’ll see ya around,” she smiled her goodbye to Kayne as Jordan hooked their arms together and pulled her off towards the door. “What was that about?”

“I thought I saw you give me the sign.”

“The sign? What sign?”

“You know swooping your hair behind your ear and giving me the wink and nod; it was definitely a red flag.”

“What? I didn’t wink or nod!”

“Girl you so did!”

 “Fine whatever,” Christina threw her hands up and smiled. “You win. It’s ok anyway I didn’t want to stay too long; I’d really hate looking like a zombie for class in the morning.”

“Well then you’re welcome. Now let’s hit the road while our bodyguard and escort awaits!” 

“Ready?”Donovan opened the door for the two and walked out into the brisk autumn night behind them.

“BOLIVER SHAGNASTY!” a group of guys yelled as they walked past the janitor dropping bottles, boxes and cups to the ground.

“Fucking ingrates,” Smitty grumbled and drew a swig from the flask on his belt. “Asshole entitled rich bitches and their disrespectful attitudes! I hate Rush week!” He strapped the flask back to his side and grabbed a mop sighing as he noticed the large amount of puke left on the sidewalk by one maybe two students as they passed through here on the way to another party. 

“You just wait! Every one of you bastards will get what’s coming to you.” He stumbled towards the archway and turned the mop into the puke holding back his own urge to vomit at the sight and smell of the large waste. “You just wait.”

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  1. Quite a wild night....and the cleaning man, creepy. I won't fall for it though, I don't think he's the monster.

    1. Yep! They certainly know how to let loose! Haha Boliver is my boyfriend's creation and I promised I'd use his sim (he got at my computer while I was cooking and was so proud of what he did!) But you never know, the janitor could very well be the animal :D

  2. My roommate was looking over my shoulder while I was reading the party scene when Chrissy was on the toilet. He thought I was looking at something perverted. XD

    ANYWAYS loved loved loved it. You write the characters so naturally, I find myself drawing comparisons between Christina and my own friends, and I think we all know a Keitano in some form or another... Although my version throws parties that you would never catch me at (I don't want to get shot). :P

    FINAL COMMENT! These are some of the best dressed students, omigoodness. You're lucky if you catch me in a pair of normal jeans, much less a long-sleeved shirt or with brushed hair!

    Can't wait to see what "Smitty" is really up to... I just KNOW there's more to him than there seems. There HAS to be! :D

    1. HAHA well tell him the perverted stuff comes later (well it does...).

      Thank you! I love knowing they are flowing well I'm trying to keep them true to their bios so eventually we get to see the populars become the standard asses. LOL! I think I'm allergic to bullets too so I completely understand :P

      HA! I didn't bother dressing them that takes too long. Only the main characters get that much attention. Everyone else gets an invite and posed so they can't leave! You should see the line at the bathroom door when I let them go haha but yes I can say that is true they do have some rather expensive tastes which is great since they are at a "prestigious" university. Makes sense for their upbringing anyway :P

      Always the creepy ones that have a back story, but that's so true! He's definitely the type to veer away from when you see him walking down the street!

  3. That was a crazy party. I love KT's intro he's funny. As you can see we have drinking to my right, dancing to my left and sex all around us. Please, choose an activity and let the fun begin! He's gonna be a fun one to have around. :D

    Kayne making his move. Wonder how that will go.

    Mr. Shagnasty the grumpy maintenance worker. That threat at the end sounds bad. What does he mean by that?????

    1. LOL yes he is a very interesting person and a great friend to have for sure! His parties were supposedly "calm" but we see what his version of "calm" truly is!

      He is never one to let an opportunity slip past him for sure!

      Boliver Shagnasty has seen his share of "rich bitches" and is tired of them. He may have plans to get rid of them but he certainly is fed up for sure!

  4. That promise at the end...remind me to be nice to every janitor from this point on!

    Christina was like a shiny object in from of a bunch of babies. She went from one hand to another. The first guy was cool until he suggested they go somewhere else. That is always a turn off for me. Parties where sex is the big thing are a turn off period.

    Kayne rubs me the wrong way for some reason so I'm glad Jordan showed up when she did. I hope Chrissy finds something more important to do like scratch her ass.

    1. HAHAHA most definitely! Especially the ones with a key to your room O.o

      Same for her! He was fine up until that point. Then he even offered her "something to help her relax" code for "drug you up, knock you out and have my way with you". Then there's no telling who else will have their turn while you're out! I couldn't agree more! They are pretty damn scary. Except toy parties...every girl should have at least one of those in their lifetime (guys too!)

      Kayne is a bit of a playboy and as Paige tried to warn her his ex is still his booty call so she'd better be wary. HAHAHAHAHAHA well she has a pretty big ass so she might have to take a month off from college to make sure she gets it all!

  5. You just had to put a creepy janitor at the end didn't you? And really what would a horror story be without a huge college party. Awesome just awesome. I love all the shots with them holding a bottle of beer, those are great. Have you tried the typsy turvy OMSP? I believe next to the posemaker and OMSP, this is by far the best to use. Like I said, I love, love this story and just awesome.

    1. Who? Smitty? Aww he's just so cuddly though! If you like the kill-you-in-your-sleep type. Ah man! The party scenes are killer! HAHA I think I wanted to kill every single one of them after I had to go through those huge scenes 5 or 6 times throughout this story! But yes, I couldn't agree more, it's not college without a party or 8!

      Yep! I love that and the resizing OMSPs they are all just fantabulous! The tipsy came in handy for when they are holding books and the resizers for the extra large CC to scale it down to "normal" size.

      Thank you :)

  6. Chrissy is so relatable, it's hard not to love her! :} I'm really glad she didn't make off with that skeeze and I'm particularly hopeful that things go well for her at the next big (or bigger rather) party.

    1. Thank you :) She wasn't interested in becoming his hit it and quit it especially with drugs involved. Christina is trying to keep her head down and make her dreams come true but as is true in real life, there's always someone out to stop you.

  7. I'm nervously happy about her accepting Kayne's invite. :) *bites nails and smiles*

    Hm, that janitor... nah, I don't think he is.

    1. LOL I love the way you said that "nervously happy" it's perfect. While one of the hottest jocks in school asked her out is reason to be happy, the fact that Paige warned her of his ex is reason to be nervous!

      No? :D He does have a certain...animal like way about him O.o

  8. “Trust me it’s your scene. I’m not gonna lie it can get pretty wild but it’s not ‘Oh my God my llama is on fire in the front lawn’ wild." <---- I laughed my azz off when I read this. :D
    So is Smitty the one going around killing people? Seems to easy for it to be him?
    Evan was hot but I Christina was smart to get away from him. Plus he was a drug dealer on top of that. All bad, but in all honestly, I probably would have hit that. O_o
    Excited to see what happens next! :D

    1. LOL thank you :D I think she might find his description inaccurate when she arrives though...maybe not :P

      Hmm could be that easy but it could be a little more involved. All a matter of getting the facts and pasting them together :)

      Very true. He was cute but he was offering something she wasn't into at all. It's kewl of him to just shrug and let her be instead of trying to pressure her into it. She wasn't about to lose herself in a new situation and definitely was not into the drug scene! HAHAHA I wouldn't have teased you the next day either :P As long as you didn't use his stimulation!

      Thank you! :)

  9. One things for sure, Chrissy will have no lack of suiters to choose from!@

    I'm hoping the janitor was just ranting in general, he doesn't seem quite like the kind who would turn into a killer, then again, one never knows.....edenz~

    1. Though one is better than the other she'd better be able to keep her head on straight and survive her classes first!

      Very true! Anyone could be the world's most dangerous person and if pushed too much Smitty could do some pretty nasty things! He does have a key to every room on campus!