Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chapter 21: Breaking Curfew

“It’s happened again!” She heard the whispers as she started down the hallway. Watching the tense and frightened faces of the students as she passed, Christina became very nervous herself and hurried towards the Quad.

Exiting the back doors of the University she spotted Jordan near the fountain snuggling with Donovan. The two didn’t appear as cozy and comfortable as they were when she’d spotted them that morning. Jordan’s face was stretched and appeared morose and Donovan was comforting her. Then again what happened to her last night was enough to make anyone fearful and worried. Hurrying forward Christina sat her books to the table beside them and dropped into one of the opened seats. “Chrissy! I’m so happy you’re ok! You…you are ok right?”

“Of course I am why wouldn’t I be? Hey do you know what’s going on here? Why all the secretive whispers and stares?”

“Dean Myers just announced your untimely demise.”

“He did what!?” Christina leaned forward realizing why everyone was looking at her as though they’d seen a ghost. “Why would he do that?”

“There was another body found this morning and police identified her as you. Apparently she was wearing your rhinestone jacket. And I was starting to believe it because I’ve been calling you all morning with no response. I’ve been kicking myself for staying at Donny’s and leaving you alone in our room!”

“I had class JB, I couldn’t answer my phone I’m sorry. But I’m obviously fine.” Christina thought back to the last time she’d seen her black and silver jacket and chewed on her bottom lip. “Kendra! She asked to borrow it for a date last weekend remember? She never actually returned it come to think of it. Oh my God! What happened to her?”

Donovan glanced at Jordan and back to Christina deciding it best to have her informed he slid away from Jordan slightly and sighed. “You know about this ‘monster’ that’s stalking the campus right?” She nodded and he leaned forward more to keep his voice low so others nearby couldn’t hear. “The police in cahoots with the Dean have been telling everyone this thing killing people is an animal stalking the streets of Emerald Cove.”

“And you don’t think it is?” Jordan looked up at her and nodded negatively.

“Chrissy, how many animals do you know can walk into buildings and lock doors and pile furniture in front of them to make sure you can’t escape?” He asked his voice rising just a little.

“Or for that matter what about what happened last night? Do you really think an animal would have gone unnoticed in that crowded theater long enough to sever cables and drop a huge pillar to the stage?” Jordan added.

“So then what is it?”

“I think it’s someone who attends Cyprus-Gray or used to. Think about it, the person or ‘animal’ seems to have a huge vendetta against its students and faculty look at the people who died! All have had some connection to the school and were either on campus or just leaving the campus when they were killed. Though with Kendra, I don’t know. It tried to take out Jordan last night at the theater and failed and since Kendra lived so close to downtown I guess it decided to make a visit to her place on its way back to wherever.”

“This doesn’t make any sense, why would someone want to kill you or Jordan? You guys have never done anything to harm anyone!”

“I don’t know Chrissy but the fact of the matter is someone has it out for CG and last night, Kendra made victim number eight.”

“Eight? I thought…”

“It was also in the papers today,” Jordan started quietly. “A student found Professor Steward’s body. Police said it appeared he had been mauled to death.”

“Chrissy!” Remington ran forward and caught her in his arms and held her tight against his chest. “Thank God it wasn’t true.” His lips crushed hers with passion and she felt his tongue brush against hers before he pulled away with a worried smile. “I was just heading to your dorm. Dean Myers…”

“I heard, I’m officially dead; well as far as the campus goes. I only hope he hasn’t called my parents and told them that. Oh God my parents!” She suddenly thought about her Mother and Father hastily packing their bags to hop onto the first flight out after getting the news she was dead. “I have to call them.”

Stepping aside she pulled out her cell phone and quickly punched in the number to her father. He answered after one ring and she was happy to hear the tone of his voice wasn’t one of alarm. “How’s the school treating Daddy’s little girl?” He asked after she told him she was only calling to say hello.

“Not bad. I’m doing well in all of my classes so far. I’ll just be happy when this semester is over.”

Well take it from someone who’s been there Chrissy, your major is no joke but it’s well worth it and rewarding. Listen Sweetie, your mother and I are heading out to breakfast with a friend of ours and she’s already giving me that look. I’m so happy to hear from you and I’ll call you later tonight ok?”

“Ok Daddy, I love you,” she hung up after hearing her Mother yell the sentiment in return and took Remington’s hand back towards the table with Jordan and Donovan.

“I really think we should get to the bottom of what’s going on,” Donovan sighed in frustration as he thought about the near misses both he and Jordan had within days of each other. “There’s no telling when that creep will strike again or who is next on his list.”

“His? You’re talking like this thing is human,” Remington’s brow raised in curiosity. “I thought they said it was some animal mauling people. From what I hear Professor Steward’s body was all sorts of mangled. What kind of person could do that?”

“Trust me with the right drugs in his system, a man can do anything. I’m more convinced than ever this killer is human and I won’t rest until I know me and Jordan are safe are you with me?”

“Of course. I can’t tell you how it felt hearing Chrissy had been killed,” he smiled at her and squeezed her tighter in his lap. “Anything you need just let me know.”

“I better get running. I have to grab some books from the library before they close for my research paper in Professor Tucker’s class. Will I see you later?” Christina asked sliding from Remington’s lap.

“Um I have a late practice; we have a competition coming up soon and Coach Campbell is really on our asses to perform. But as soon as I get a break in my schedule it’s all yours I promise!”

Christina hurried towards the campus library and immediately to the nonfiction and business sections. Professor Tucker assigned her the topic of new business venture and capital for her end of term plan speech. Christina knew if she wanted to make a presentation worthy of an A she needed to seek out as much information as possible though the idea of cheating and asking her dad wasn’t too far from thought. 

She gathered up a number of books, found a quiet corner at a table near the back and started reading and flagging pertinent information. Spending hours on the topic of venture she was sure she’d found enough data to accurately relay the facts. Pulling her eyes from the page she blinked hard trying to water down the stinging she felt in her retinas from the constant staring and stretched to get her aching muscles moving once more.

The library is closing in five minutes, the announcement caught her by surprise and she looked up towards the clock and noticed how late it actually was. “Shit! Curfew!” Gathering up her belongings Christina hurried from the building and ran across campus as quickly as she could.

“Hey wait!” She yelled and rushed towards the doors just as Olivia was locking them. “Olivia?”

“Sorry Chrissy, you’re late for curfew and rules are rules. This door cannot be opened again until 7am.”

“Where am I going to sleep tonight?”

“I don’t know,” Olivia shrugged callously. “You should have thought about that before breaking curfew.”

“Oh come on I am two minutes late!”

“Late is late, Chrissy really I’m sorry I can’t let you in. If I let you break the rules what’s to stop the next person from trying the same thing? You can take your issue up with the Student Liaison’s office. They may be able to provide you with a room for the night.”

“Everything is closed Olivia! I can’t stay out here especially with that killer stalking the campus.”

“Even more reason you should remember to be on time. Now really you should hurry to the office. There’s usually a few laggers there that can help with late night students.” She turned and hurried up the hallway leaving Christina standing out in the cold.

Shrugging her shoulders for warmth, Christina grabbed up her bag and checked the time on the clock tower. “Two minutes, really?” She stomped away from the door trying to figure out where she would sleep tonight. Texting Jordan to let her know what happened produced a smile on her face when she got a return message.


“Remington,” she whispered inaudibly and rushed towards his room. She knocked once after letting herself in through the dorm’s double doors and smiled brightly as he opened and ushered her in. After getting her settled with a shower and late night snack he watched her grab his favorite pillow, fluff it a few times and get comfortable within his bed.

“You know there should be a policy against this sort of thing!” she grunted as he joined her in the warmth of his covers.

“The curfews are in place for a reason Chrissy. Parents send their children here with the expectation that they’ll be safe. They place monitors like Olivia in the dorms to ensure those security measures are being enforced. I wouldn’t worry about it though. You’ll always have a place to crash here with me.”

“Aww,” she sighed and kissed his jaw. “Thanks Remy.”

“Trust me this is my pleasure. After that scare today I really wanted to spend some time with you but practice kind of put a stop to that. Incidentally did you try the back door?” he asked brushing his hand through Christina’s hair as she started drifting off.

“Back door?” she barely lifted her head from his arm and he continued soothingly rocking her to sleep.

“Mmhmm. The campus security has a small safety measure with all the dorms. The backdoors are on separate timers than the front and remain open an extra two hours past curfew. It’s monitored though so they can see when someone comes and goes.”

“Oh, no. I didn’t try that. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time. It was just scary being locked out after all these murders,” she sighed breathily before finally finding rest. Remington laughed lightly at the small sounds escaping her throat as she lay against him.

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of you; I promise.” He loved watching her sleep and felt a kind of solace he never thought possible having her in his arms. Leaning forward he placed a single kiss on her forehead and turned off the light. “Goodnight Christina.”

Olivia stalked the hallways ensuring every dorm room had been locked tight and her hallways were secured. She hated having to turn Christina away after everything that happened but officially there was nothing really she could do. Her job was to maintain her dorm and through the drunken collegians, late night parties and irate students she has been able to keep everyone inside safe.

Reaching the end of the hall she pulled out her key preparing to turn in when something caught her attention. The hallway was always eerily quiet at night to the point she usually found herself double checking everything. But tonight there was a funny scratching sound coming just from the other side of her door. Reaching slowly for the handle, she began to turn it. But the door pulled open quickly to her surprise and she was standing face to face with a large, red-eyed beast. Olivia tried to scream but it seemed her fear crippled the sound.

Not wasting time the animal gripped the blonde co-ed by her throat and slowly strode towards the window on the end of the hall. Smiling wickedly at the panic painted vividly across her face it tossed her through the pane glass frame and watched her swift descent down the triple story building.

Olivia landed with a sickening thud, her neck snapping instantly as her head bobbed off the ground hard. A massive blood pool had formed around her broken body, her spine twisted in an unnatural position. And slowly her eyes closed as the last breath in her lungs floated gently across her lips.

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  1. Wow they thought it was Chrissy. Hope someone informs the Dean that it was in fact Kendra. I agree with Jordan and Donny, they need to find out what's going on because the Dean is more concerned with keeping the school out of the press instead of protecting the students.

    Olivia really what the fuck was that???? There is a fucking killer on the loose if ever there was a time to maybe bend the rules it was now. 2 minutes, really. If something had happened to Chrissy over her wanting to be a stickler for the rules she would have felt like shit. But guess it was a good thing Chrissy wasn't there.

    All the following of the rules didn't do Olivia any good. She fell pray to the animal.

    So I guess Remy knew about the back door because he's been at the school? It's great his dorm doesn't have a curfew and she had a place to stay.

    1. Yeah the police either didn't know her father or were doing some really crap work. It'll all get cleared up though before Christina's parents hop on a plane and come looking for her. Very true and maybe with Donny's media leads he can get into places easier to help them find answers!

      Haha yeah. Well like Remy said parents depend on the rules being enforced to keep their babies safe when they are away at school! Nope she wasn't there...or was she? O.o Either way Olivia met the monster she cared nothing about when Chrissy mentioned it was out there.

      Well Christina was a little pissed about being locked out...then again the others might have been as well O.o

      Yeah he's been there since his freshman year. He gets some nice privileges being a swim champ and bringing home the gold. Lucky for Christina!

  2. Guess Olivia should have let Chrissy in after all.

    I'm bothered by the fact that the Dean seems to be more interested in keeping this thing undercover and identifying the wrong people! Good thing it didn't get back to Chrissy's parents. Can you imagine what that kind of call must feel like?

    I've been cursing my whole way through this so I won't go in on Olivia and that bitch move she pulled.

    I love Remy so I don't want to think badly about him but how did he know about the back door? Quietly observing? Yes, that's it. He just noticed one day.

    1. LOL! Yep! She won't live to learn from that mistake unfortunately.

      Dean is such a pompous ass and he's just getting started! Absolutely! They would have been up in arms over that and there would have been NO WAY Dean Myers could cover that up!

      LOL! What? Sorry :P Yeah she was too much about rules and regulations and it ended up getting her killed.

      Aww :) Yeah Remy just knows some things about the campus such in the way Rachael can access student records. Perhaps he was locked out when he first got there (since only freshman dorms have this curfew) and figured it out when he had to sneak back in.

  3. No one even thought that Kendra's death was a mistaken identity death? She was wearing Christina's jacket. Maybe that person/animal was really after Christina. And I can't believe Olivia locked her out, but then with what happened to Olivia, Christina might be a lot safer with Remington. I don't think he is on the hit list. But then she's sleeping and making little sounds through her throat? Like growls? ... hmmm suspiciouser and suspiciouser....

    Great update. :)

    1. Lovely! I was wondering if someone would pick up on that :) Though I couldn't get the jacket pictured during Kendra's death scenes (EA clothing assignments what they are and all) she was indeed mentioned as putting that jacket on before she was attacked. It could very well have been a case of mistaken identity on the animal's part BUT if it is killing with a purpose, would it make that kind of mistake? :D

      Olivia did a horrible thing and paid dearly for it. Believing she was in the right ended up costing her her life! And I agree, she felt tons better being with Remington anyway :) Haha yeah she was making tiny little growls and sighs. Remy thought it was cute but I love your interpretation :)

  4. They always get black people confused! Kendra doesn't even look like Chrissy! ...Of course, she probably didn't look like ANYTHING after what the Animal did to her... :P

    Olivia, if you'd only let Chrissy inside... Then karma wouldn't have killed you. But maybe somebody heard the glass shatter? In any case, they'll definitely see the body in the morning. :O

    WHO'S NEXT!!!???

    1. HAHA true! :P They took her ID from the jacket she was wearing. They didn't take the time to really ID her though which could have easily been resolved through dental records had they bothered.

      Karma...that's nothing to play with! Too bad for Olivia. Oh yeah there's no denying this body! She's on display for the entire dorm if they were to look out their windows.

      :D Who indeed?

  5. I can't believe... I simply CANNOT believe the school has that rule. I guess I went to a very lenient college. To lock her out with a killer on the loose! Oh but then the info Remy knew... and the promise to protect... hm

    1. Yeah that is crazy! She is out there with a killer on the loose and the dorms curfew won't allow for the doors to opened. Olivia could have bent the rules this one time but now I guess that doesn't matter :P Remy doesn't want to see anything happen to Chrissy so he made her a promise though we could just chalk up his knowledge to the length of time he has been at the school...unless...

  6. I bet Remy, Jordan and everyone was just sick to their stomach thinking it was Chrissy!

    I understand Olivias' position but still...think I personally would have allowed for just this one time..2 minutes... She may have gotten locked out of the dorm...the upshot a night spent with Remy, much better deal if you ask me=b...edenz~

    1. Definitely! The Dean really jumped the gun on that one but luckily Chrissy called her folks before he could.

      Olivia yeah she was pretty stuck on the rules. While it's easy to understand, she has a whole building of people to look after. The fact that Chrissy was standing right there and she had JUST locked it means she could have bent her rule just this once. It caught up to her in the end though. Being with Remy though was definitely a MUCH better outcome!