Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chapter 23: Green-Eyed Monster

“There he is, the man of the hour!” A deep voice growled in the darkness that encased the hallway as Ezra hurried to his room.

“K-K-Kayne?” he shrunk in fear as the football player inched closer to where he stood. Gripping him by the collar he tossed the kid against the wall. A pair of students walked out from their room heading down to the recreation center of the dorm and Kayne growled pushing Ezra towards his.

Once inside he again took the scared man by the collar and pinned him in place. “What did you do with Rachael the night of the dance?”

“W-w-what do you mean?” he asked nervously as beads of sweat began forming on his forehead dripping silently down his cheek. “I t-t-took her home and that was it.”

“Yeah? Then why isn’t she returning any of my phone calls? What did you say to her huh? That I wasn’t the man for her? That she shouldn’t waste her time on me? ANSWER ME!” he yelled loudly in his ear causing Ezra to jump and shrink more. 

“No! I didn’t, I’d never say anything like that. Why would she listen to me anyway? She’s in love with you Kayne and I’m just a nobody. Believe me, I walked her to her place and that was it.”

Nodding his head Kayne released the hold he had on the man’s shirt and slowly backed away from him to allow him room to move away. “Fine. But since you seem to like sticking your nose in places it doesn’t belong you’re going to help me.”

“Help you with what?”

“We’ll get to that. First, I want you to tell me what Rachael’s up to. And if you lie to me I’m gonna enjoy pounding your face in again, freak.” Kayne stepped forward and watched as Ezra went over the proposal in his head. Inching a few paces closer caused Ezra to break and he told Kayne what he wanted to hear. “Remy? Why the hell does she care how he performs in a competition? Is she fucking him?”

“No, she just wanted to hurt him because of what he did to you and the fact that he’s with Christina. She’s jealous that you’re so into her and wanted to make her suffer.”

“Really?” Kayne smirked and rubbed his hand through the scruffiness of his beard and thought about how he could use this to his advantage. “I think this might be just what I needed to get at that fucking grape smuggler once and for all.” A light came on behind his eyes and Ezra swallowed in fear. He’d seen that look on Rachael’s face one too many times to know it never leads anywhere pretty. “Listen up freak here is what I want you to do.”

“This sucks,” Amber moaned and tossed another shirt to the hamper as she went through her closet trying to find something to wear for the upcoming Daily Gazette announcement. “I mean what exactly do they hope to accomplish by locking everyone inside by 6? From what I understand Olivia was LOCKED inside the dorm hall and tossed from a third story window. How is locking us in here going to keep us safe?”

“Well at least you can get out when you want, press pass and all. I’ve been contemplating going over to KT’s for a little bit just to have my freedoms back. This is ridiculous. I mean who goes to sleep at 6? What are we in prison?” Paige laughed as she read the last message from her boyfriend in their private chat room and turned on her camera. “Keitano says hello Amber.” 

She turned to find his face on the small screen and waved. “How is it in the free world?”

Well I don’t know. According to the Dean I’m in more danger of being attacked by some creature or person labeled ‘The Cyprus-Gray Wolf’ because I stay off campus. But I have an arsenal in my bedroom, whoever or whatever it is better be scared of me!”

“An arsenal?” Amber frowned and finally settled on a pleated gray wool skirt and blouse. “You’d better be careful with that. Most accidents happen at home.”

“When he says arsenal Amber he means the empty glock beneath his mattress. The gun store won’t sell him any ammo because of what happened last New Years’ so I think he’s pretty safe.”

You know if you ladies want to come and crash at my place I have a fridge full of beer and arms full of warmth.” Even through the dull glow of the monitor Keitano could notice the blush on Amber’s face and laughed. “She’s so cute when she does that.”

“I gotta go. Dean Myers wants us to address the students again and the police are doing a round of interrogations to find out if anyone here knows anything. I can’t believe how crazy this is getting. First they say it’s an animal but now apparently it’s just some crazed psychopath.”

“Be careful out there Amber. Call or text me when you get to the Press Room.”

“Oh I’ll be alright. This is a reporter’s dream right? Can you imagine starting a career on such an exciting case?” Realizing she sounded callous about the murdered students of Cyprus-Gray she turned with an apology to both Keitano and Paige. “I’ll see you.” Quickly she pecked Paige’s cheek and hurried off across campus to meet up with Donovan and prepare the next live feed for the Dean.

“So how is she handling the attention of...us?”

“Actually she mentioned earlier that as long as she has us she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks!”

“Awesome. Now let’s see how long that lasts,” Keitano smiled and thought about the overly blushing redhead.

What’s that noise?” A gravelly voice crackled over the receiver. Ignoring the question and opting to close the window to her study instead she sighed heavily and tried to drown out the sound of her neighbors out in the front driveway.

“Don’t worry about that, stay focused! We’re starting to warrant unwanted attention from the local authorities. I told you not to do anything that would raise suspicions! You were only supposed to use your other skills and dispose of these nuisances.”

I know but sometimes it couldn’t be helped. What can I say I got a little eager, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry won’t back the police down now! You better hope we can finish this before anything more happens that draws them to us. That nosey little reporter and her fucking camera boy are already starting to piece things together! They are telling the entire student body they don’t believe these are pure animal attacks.”

I know I just saw her on TV. But she’s not a part of this. What do you want me to do?”

“I don’t know. Something ANYTHING to discredit her if she goes off running her mouth more! That goes for all of them! She’s getting too close and I won’t let them hurt either of us anymore than they already have! These rich assholes believe they can get away with murder...well now the tables are turned! But still we must practice caution. They cannot found out about you or me!”

I know, I know I’ll take care of things I promise. I’ve already in fact put some parts in motion. Very soon they’ll get a nasty little wake up call.

“Good! That’s what I like to hear.”

I just got the next set of pictures. They are pretty interesting but you can’t expect Dean Myers is going to do anything about it. He’s all about the cover ups as we’ve seen from anything that happens at CG. This isn’t going to get us what we want. The last set to the Professor barely even turned his head!”

“It doesn’t matter, he’ll squirm and right now that’s enough to watch before they all get their justly punishments. I want them all writhing in agony and even the smallest thing I can do to make that happen I’m all for. Send the shots to the media; let’s see him cover that up.”

Perhaps we should have done that for Professor Steward. I believe Moorehead made her last name famous and snuck them from his office.

“That doesn’t matter. The pain on his face was all the reward I needed. I bet he never expected to see your face or hear those words again. The pictures from the paper were incredible, lots of blood.”

Trust me; I made sure he suffered for what he did to you. He was one of my favorites; much like the first.”

“I could tell. Where are we on the plan?”

Everything is moving along fine.”

“And the others? You can’t make any more mistakes like the theater.”

I’m on top of it. They’ll all get what they deserve.”   

“Good! No one will survive this! I want them all dead.”

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  1. Ok the suspense is killing me now! Kayne...

    Those blue eyes look so familiar. Someone related to Remy? He's my dream lover! He can't be in on whatever's happening!

    I wish Ezra would just go off on all of them and stab Kayne in the stomach. Wishful thinking? I hope not!

    1. Kayne...yeah. He's plotting badness but we can always assume it's for either Chrissy or Remy :(

      Aww Well if it makes you feel better, he's not the only one with blue eyes!

      Ezra seems like the type to snap like that for real! I'm surprised he hasn't yet lol!

  2. Oh my goodness. Ezra. You stupid little bitch, guess who hates you again? JUST LEARN TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    Amber + Paige + KT = Love. :) It didn't occur to me that this would look good in the future, but I guess a murder case would do wonders for a budding reporter.

    That woman at the end... have we seen her!? Do we already know who the attackers are!? I knew it was more than one person, BTW! But I never thought it would be a boss-lackey sort of deal. :o

    1. Wow! Yeah...Ezra's a weak, weak man. I think he needs to find a very good hiding place and pray he's safe from your wrath!

      Yeah, they are very into one another, another... :) Yep! And Amber is thinking in terms of Scream's Gail Weathers! That's a pretty bad thing to admit to on her part.

      Perhaps we have? Makes you wanna go back and check huh? Huh? HUH? Yep! You correctly surmised that there was indeed a few people involved in this "animal" attack. It might not be boss/lackey. Just a very...invested person :D (using a different adjective probably would have given it away for sure!)

    2. Excuse me while I go reread this entire story to see if I can find this one woman. Thank you, Daijah. XD

    3. LOL! Sorry :P Just 8 more days though and all shall be revealed :)

  3. OH SHIT!!!! So it is more than one!!!! So whatever happened in 91 has someone pissed. WOW this is getting deep. Poor Amber she's innocent but drawing attention to herself. :( Sadness. Please don't let something happen to her or Donny. So at the concert was the person really after Olivia and not Jordan???? Interesting. Man on man. I gotta know.

    Kayne you no good son of a bitch stay the fuck away from my Remy!!!!! UGH you are wondering why Rach won't return your calls and think it's Ezra's fault?? So full of yourself OMG you walking douche bag. You ditched her for another girl. Told her to fuck off and you wonder why she won't talk to you????

    DJ any harm to Remy at the hands of those two is strictly FORBIDDEN!!!!!! Ezra you grew a pair once, come on you can do it again.

    Who else is on the list??? Damn it why is tomorrow so far away?????

    1. Yes :D Someone (or someones) are looking for revenge and they aren't being quiet about who they are targeting anymore! Amber is a sweetheart and hates the idea of the attention but at the same time she wants to be able to feel comfortable around KT and Paige. My lips are sealed :D That is an interesting conclusion though...very interesting :)

      Kayne...always thinking. He wants to be top dog no matter the cost! Yeah...he saw them leave that night from the dance and it got him thinking that he may have said something to his dependable girl...he no likey that! He would never think he's to blame though! LOL Like he hasn't said worse! He dumped her on grad night via text message while at a strip club with friends (it's all in his bio) HAHA

      Ezra's a pushover. He had temporary courage. Maybe, MAYBE he can find it again but that's doubtful.

      LOL! Yeah it's always a day away! (I giggled :P)

  4. Ezra is an idiot. With all the brains he has, he really is rather stupid. Now he has both Rachael and Kayne forcing him to do things for them. He is just as bad and sleazy as they are. yuck.

    The girls maybe should get over to Keitano's place, for their safety and all. Yep. ;)

    glimpses of the person behind the deeds, or some of the deeds.... hmmm....

    1. Definitely! Ezra's the kind of guy that's book smarts but socially inadequate and lacks good morals and common sense. He sees how he hurts the people Rachael makes him go after yet he allows her to use him in that fashion just the same.

      Hahaha yeah that's exactly how KT feels! He will definitely "protect" his beauties!

      The one possibly controlling the animal...that is if the animal can be controlled! :)

  5. Oh shit, Kayne what are you up to?

    I'm intrigued to find out more. When is this woman gonna ask the monster to kill someone and he/she not want to comply? Somehow I get the feeling there's a strong possibility of that.

    1. We'll see very soon and of course it's not pretty :(

      Ah! They are both into this revenge scheme. Neither are very happy with the treatment they received and the way things happened that reshaped their lives. And now they are very into getting even with the people they believe are responsible.

  6. Poor Ezra, he can't win for losing, wonder what Kaynes gonna have him doing?

    So someone was trying to kill Jordan, I don't understand, they really have done nothing to anyone, I went back through trying to find something, anything that was done to someone but if there was i've completely missed it, can't wait to find out who it is and who done what to who...edenz~

    1. Nope! And now Ezra is getting it from both ends :(

      Motive has not yet been made clear but the Animal is after people involved with the school and it seems that everyone that has died might be connected though that is unclear at this point too. If someone was after Jordan then it is perhaps something in her background that was causing the problems and made her a target...we shall see :D