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Christina Samuels arrives to Cyprus-Gray amid controversy and tries to settle in to her new life within the University's community. But something ominous is lurking in the background. Some unforeseen danger that loomed in unrest waiting for its chance at revenge.

Christina makes it to her first class and is introduced to a new friend, Keitano Tanaka. He decides to make it his mission to show her the ropes and keep her from being so bored in class and invites her to a party he's throwing. The Animal claims another victim!

Keitano's party kicks off Rush week with a bang for Christina and Jordan. And while Jordan cozies up with her boyfriend Donovan, Kayne takes the opportunity to get a little closer to Christina and invite her to his frat party where he promises she'll have a great time.

Kayne and Christina makes it to the Alpha Sigma Rho party where Christina meets his ex girlfriend Rachael. She learns first hand why everyone hates the entitled princess and doesn't hold back her claws as a line is drawn and the two have an all out battle, the first of the war.

Christina and Jordan head to the pool with Amber to watch her prepare for her upcoming swim meet. After perfecting a few dives, she heads off to the locker room to change so they can hit the dining hall for lunch. But trouble strikes when during a little teasing Christina falls into the pool but luckily someone was there to save her.

Christina hunts down the person she believes rescued her from a certain death and in the process learns a little about the mystery man. Remington invites her out on Saturday to try and help her get over her fear of water and learn how to swim.

We finally put a face to the name Ezra Miller and Christina starts to wonder about the rumors floating around her lab partner and how much is true. With the date with Remington looming closeby, Christina asks Jordan to take her shopping so she can find a decent swimwear that will leave the hottie speechless.

Remington takes Christina on a date to the hot springs grotto and teaches her a thing or two about swimming. The animal strikes again this time a security officer on campus and leaves without a trace. Kayne sees Remy and Chrissy out together and begins to plot.

Christina goes before the Student Activities Committee in hopes of getting approval to start her own dance team and teach a few recreational classes. While there she learns that Rachael acts on the committee as student liaison and holds a deciding vote on the future of her dreams.

Kayne takes Christina to Giovanni's for dinner where she learns the truth behind his advances. As she's preparing to leave, she runs into Remington who quickly expresses his displeasure. The animal claims another victim.

Christina goes after Remington to explain herself and apologize for what he saw at the restaurant with Kayne. He explains to her that the reason he exploded was because he felt history was repeating when he saw her with Kayne.

Rachael makes noise about how Christina got into Cyprus-gray and Remington receives a warning about Christina and asks her bluntly how she became a part of Cyprus-Gray. Christina asks Remington to accompany her to the Halloween party.

Donovan has a close call with the Animal while at the press room. Professor Steward is caught in a compromising situation and meets with an old student of his who has an unfortunate accident during his relaxation.

During a lunch date Christina is recognized as the daughter of Cyprus-Gray's 1991 Wide Receiver. After lunch Jordan and Christina head over to Kappa Delta Pi to place their bid as pledges. Upon arrival, they are met with a very familiar face. Keitano, Paige and Amber get closer as friends.

The Kappa Delta Pi's have a roundup and force the pledges to strip in front of Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity Brothers to be judged. Freddy reflects on his time at Cyprus-Gray and fears for his daughter's safety at his Alma Mater.

Kappa Delta Pi's host a car wash to raise money and the pledges are in competition to see who can earn the most. Dean Myers makes arrangements for the upcoming Alumni Celebration and Remington and Kayne butt heads.

Freddy Samuels gets an informative phone call from an old friend and learns some shocking revelation. The dance team rehearses for the upcoming football game. Rachael gets Ezra to do her dirty work and some of it may cost Remington a great deal.

Ezra has a change in heart and let's Remington know about Rachael's plans. Remington uses his wit and finds the drugs in her room and gets rid of them. The dance team opens for the football team and Jordan and Donovan discuss the animal as they encountered it.

Olivia's Halloween Party is underway and everyone is having a great time...everyone except Rachael. Coming with Kayne she thought they would have fun but he has his sights set on someone else. Professor Steward comes face to face with a monster!

Ezra awakens to what he believes was a dream only to find his dream girl is actually still in his bed. The Dean learns of Professor Steward's death and quickly thinks up how to spin it. Jordan has her Orchestral debut at the Wyndham but disaster strikes and one unlucky student becomes another animal victim.

The campus learns of Kendra's death but many mistake her identity for that of Christina. Donovan shares his beliefs with his friends concerning the true reality behind the monster stalking the campus. The animal claims another life.

Stressed from all that is going on at school, Remington, Chrissy, Jordan and Donovan head out to the bowling alley to blow off some steam. While enjoying their night out, Dean Myers makes the announcement that the entire campus is having a curfew.

Kayne confronts Ezra about the things he does for Rachael and learns a piece of helpful information that may get him to what he wants most. Keitano and Paige discuss their relationship with Amber. And a very interesting phone call is received.

Remington and Amber have their swim meets and bring home the gold for their individual competitions. But bad news strikes when Jordan and Christina return home to find Dean Myers has allowed security officers to search their rooms.

Kayne makes a move on Chrissy and tries to take what he's wanted from her. Luckily Keitano reached her in time and prevented him from harming her. After trying to report the incident to the Dean they learn just how unhelpful he can really be.

Hell Week has arrived and the sorority goes on a panty raid. Christina confronts Rachael and she and Jordan have a discussion about the future of their bid. Boliver and Dean Myers discuss the Judge's death and one of them has a run-in with the animal.

The sorority pledges are dumped in the middle of the woods for another hell week challenge and the animal makes its presence felt within the administration level of Cyprus-Gray when it exposes of President Andre Coleman and Dean Myers.

The pledges are on their last night in the woods when terror strikes. After being chased through the woods by an unknown assailant, one of the girls gets a message from someone back at Campus that the animal is on the prowl and looking for one of them.

Donovan, Chrissy and Jordan decide enough is enough and try to figure out who is behind the killings. First stop: father of victim #8 James Smart, Olivia's dad. Only problem is they may be too late. The animal claims the life of someone close to the group.

Chrissy's dad as well as a few other parents make the trip for the Alumni celebrations. Although the celebrations have a darker undertone considering the many lives lost. Freddy and Christina have a heart-to-heart and she learns the deadly secret the town has kept under wraps for two decades.

Christina learns the sad truth behind the fate of her father and is left to face the wrath of the animal alone. She explains her findings to Jordan and before she can finish, they are both accosted by the monster stalking Cyprus-Gray. Finally on its last victims, the animal makes short work of a few more students and all is revealed!