Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chapter 25: The Chemistry Between Us

**Warning: Attempted rape scene.**

“Chrissy,” Kayne called as he watched her rush off towards her dorm. “Chrissy wait up.” Stopping her just between the dining hall and bookstore he waited until a throng of students filed into the eatery before beginning again. “I heard about what happened with you and Rachael. I just wanted to say I’m sorry things went that far. I’ve tried talking to her but she’s on this power trip that just…I don’t know. I’ve never seen her like this before.”

“You know what she did?” He nodded and sighed in resolve. “That bitch is messing with my reputation and my credibility with the Dean! What is she up to now? It can’t still be because of you! After everything that’s happened why can’t she just let things go?” Another group of errant passersby glanced in their direction and Kayne pulled Christina off to the side to afford more privacy.

“I don’t know, I’ve asked her the same thing. The necklace she’s accused you of taking is still in her possession. I told her if the Dean catches her in a lie that it will hurt more than anything but she loves that damn chain she’s not thinking straight. I even asked her to just drop the charges before things get too serious but she’s not listening.”

“Wait a minute so you saw the necklace with her after she made the complaint?” Christina asked feeling a small glimmer of hope that her situation could turn around before it got too bad. “Well that’s good! You can go to the Dean with what you know and get him to talk to the police!”

“I…don’t know Chrissy. If Rachael knew I even talked to you about it she’d probably just think up some other way to hurt you.”

“Yeah as if trying to poison Remington wasn’t enough for her! I don’t get what her problem is. But please you have to do this for me Kayne. If you tell Dean Myers what you saw I’m sure he’d believe you.”

“I could do that for you Chrissy I guess.” She smiled and took a breath of relief that was very short-lived. “The question is what are you going to do for me?” 

The grin on his face made her take a step back and she bumped into the wall just behind her. “No, I don’t think so,” she replied angrily realizing his pitch. “This is just one big game to you and that blonde whore you’re seeing isn’t? What makes you think you can just play with people’s lives like this?”

“Chrissy it doesn’t have to be that big of an issue really. You give me what I want,” he smirked and twirled one of her curls within his thumb and index finger. “And I’ll give you what you want. It works out well for the both of us and your swim boy will never have to know…unless you want him to.”

“Look I said NO Kayne now back off!”

“Listen you little slut! I’ve been nothing but nice to you this entire time and this is how you repay me? I took you to Giovanni’s for a fucking five course meal now I am getting what I deserve or taking it one way or the other! You decide!” Kayne had her successfully pinned against the brick wall of the bookstore a good distance out of sight from passing students.

His arm was cutting off her air supply and slowly she was losing consciousness. Christina kicked at him, thinking back to her martial arts training. She was trying to reach a pressure point within his body; some major nerve that would back him off of her long enough to get the hell out of there.

She tried throwing her knee into his groin but her legs were spread too wide making it impossible for her to gain the leverage she needed. Her right arm was stuck behind her back and he held her left above her head. Watching the light in her eyes slowly dim, Kayne smiled and leaned forward. Christina was able to get her arm free but he caught it and moved it above her with the other. “Not so fast beautiful.” Shifting his weight, he reached between her opened legs and ripped away her panties.

“Kayne, please, STOP!” she tried begging but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she felt his fingers curl around her sex and slip between her thighs. She closed her eyes tight allowing a few more tears to fall.

This can’t be happening, she thought to herself. Scolding herself for ever agreeing to the second date she tried again to get her leg around and push him off but he was much stronger than she. His hard body felt like an unmovable force. His athletic build seemed engineered to take what he wanted and he made sure she knew he was not going to be gentle about it either. 

Suddenly she felt him back away and heard the sounds of a struggle. Opening her eyes again she saw Kayne on the ground beneath Keitano. He was pummeling his fists into the jock as hard as he could surprising him with his agility. Kayne pulled himself up only to be met with another quick right that sent him flying back to the ground.

Keitano rushed forward falling on top of him but Kayne quickly pushed at the tattooed man knocking him back and immediately followed with a knee to Keitano’s ribs. He fell over in pain holding his abdomen as Kayne kicked him once more and Keitano wailed in pain.

Christina hurried towards the two and grabbed the quarterback by his hair violently pulling him away from her friend. Raking at his face and eyes she clawed his cheek and instantly blood pooled below his eye. “You fucking bitch!” he growled and raised his fist to strike her. 

Keitano caught his arm before he completed his swing and tossed him to the ground once more. This time not letting up with the number of punches he threw at the jock, he pounded fist after fist into his face and watched his head bounce off the ground. Gripping him tightly by the collar his hand made unrelenting contact with Kayne’s jaw. “Hey break it up!” A man standing near the bookstore finally saw the commotion and came rushing over.

Where were you earlier? Christina thought as she tapped Keitano on the shoulder and pulled him away from Kayne. “Please can you just get me out of here?”

With one last punch to the eye, Keitano backed away from the beaten player and took Christina’s hand. Leading her towards his flame orange Dodge Challenger he drove away from the heart of the University towards the dorms. “Where were you headed?”

“To Remy,” she replied quietly and watched as he pulled into his parking lot. Without a word she entered into the building with Keitano close behind and knocked on Remington’s door. Seeing her standing in the hall through his peephole he smiled and quickly tossed on a pair of pants noticing she wasn’t alone.

“Hey Chris…” The moment the door sprang open Christina threw her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. Tears immediately reemerged from her eyes and she shuddered against his chest as she let go a torrent of pain. “Baby what’s wrong?” he asked closing her up in his arms and guiding her to his couch. 

Pushing her to the cushions he knelt down in front of her and tried to calm her sobbing enough to talk. She sniffled, wiped her tears away slightly with the back of her hand and began recalling the events as they took place. Once she got up to the part about Kayne nearly forcing himself on her Remington’s head started spinning and he was seeing red.

Keitano filled in the blanks where he was involved stating emphatically the amount of times he hit Kayne. Pain and anger both still present on his face as he remembered the way Kayne was pushing himself on her. He was happy he got there when he did, things could have been much worse for Christina otherwise. 

“I’m gonna fucking kill him!” he yelled and jumped up from beside her. Starting for the door, Keitano pushed him back and quickly tried to talk him down.

“We need to report him, let the Dean take care of this.”

“No fuck that! This son of a bitch has been at her since day one and for him to try some shit like this, I’m gonna rip his fucking head off!”

“Rem! Seriously, you kick his ass and then what? He still gets away for what he nearly did! Think about Christina. Do you really think she wants to keep walking around this campus and seeing his face everywhere she goes?”

Finding himself unable to argue with his friend’s logic he hurried to his bedroom and tossed on a shirt. Keitano drove them over to Dean Myers office just as he was closing up for the night. “What are you three doing here? Curfew was over an hour ago.”

“We’re here to file a complaint against one of your students,” Remington replied with force. Dean Myers sighed and unlocked his office door to escort the students inside. Dropping his briefcase near the door, he motioned for Sarah to give him a moment and she left for her own office.

“What is it then?” he asked as he slipped behind his desk. 

Remington looked down at Christina as she sat in front of the Dean twiddling her fingers not sure of how to start. He rubbed her shoulders and her gaze immediately went to his and he nodded with a smile giving her the courage she needed to speak. “I was on my way to my dorm when Kayne stopped me near the bookstore. He said he wanted to talk about what happened with Rachael but quickly into the conversation he made it obvious what his intentions were.”

She looked up again at Remington as she felt the tickle in her throat. Instantly fresh tears began to fall as she described for Dean Myers what took place when she refused Kayne’s advances. Once she was done he sat up in his chair with a straight face that swiftly turned down into a grimace. “Oh I see.”

“You see? You see what?” Remington growled defensively hearing the lighthearted tone in the Dean’s voice.

“I can’t say this is a surprise Miss Samuels, disappointing yes, but not a surprise. After our last encounter I took the opportunity to look into your records. I found quite a few disturbing pieces of information about you regarding your last school and the reason you actually transferred here.  You seem to have a problem with the truth now don’t you?”

“What are you talking about? I’m not lying! He tried to rape me!”

“Right, as you claim. And tell me Miss Samuels did you immediately seek campus security or some other form of administration to talk to?”

“No I went to see Remy and…”

“And why was he your first stop? If you were as traumatized by this as you’re making out to be, what exactly drove you to see Mr. Cantrell before someone who could possibly substantiate your accusation?”

“I don’t know, I wasn’t thinking! K.T. asked where I wanted to go and I asked him to take me to Remy’s. Why is that even important right now? I was nearly raped on campus by one of your students! I thought it was your job to investigate every complaint!”

“Ah and there it is. You know I anticipated an act of retribution from you Miss Samuels when you read the complainant on the previous incident. However I never would have imagined this. You would go so far as to accuse our star athlete of rape just to get back at Miss Moorehead’s accusation of theft? That’s a bit petty don’t you think?”

“I’m not making anything up to get back at her! Kayne Dunnigan tried to force himself on me because I refused his advances!”

“Dean,” Keitano interrupted trying to shed more light on the situation. “I was there and I can back up everything Chrissy is saying. When I arrived I found Kayne forcing her legs apart with his hand covering her mouth to muffle her screams! Clearly it was a struggle and she did everything she could to make him stop.”

“Keitano Tanaka isn’t it?” Dean Myers asked turning his attention to the tattooed Asian seated beside Christina. “I’ve heard quite a bit about you as well son and your very vivid imagination when it comes to class assignments. It seems you enjoy telling jokes in class and disrupting the learning process of those around you. Now clearly I can see you and Miss Samuels have a kinship of sorts it would certainly be simple enough for her to convince you to go along with this little charade of hers. And given the way you Miss Samuels is dressed...”

“You son of a bitch! Are you seriously about to sit there and try to make excuses for that asshole’s actions?” Remington was quickly losing his patience with every derogatory and apathetic reply from the head administrator’s mouth. “Even if you don’t want to believe what they are saying you are looking at them like criminals before you even heard a word come out of their mouths! The bookstore has video much like a great deal of this campus! If you want to know whether or not they are telling the truth why don’t you take a look at them before you go calling a rape victim a liar you sick asshole!”

“Watch it Mr. Cantrell. Regardless of who you are or what you bring to this school you are not above the law here. In this office, in this school I will be respected!” He looked down momentarily and pressed the button on his intercom. Breathing in a deep breath he called for his secretary. “Sarah? Do me a favor and get Mr. Dunnigan summoned to my office at once please.”

He’s already here,” she replied and instructed him to enter.

“Good, we can get to the bottom of this right now.”

Kayne stepped into the office, his eye blackening from his scuffle with Keitano and moved beside him at the Dean’s beckoning. “Mr. Dunnigan, so glad you could join us. Are you aware of the accusation this young lady is alleging?”

“No sir I am not. I was actually here to file a complaint.”

“A complaint? Concerning what happened to your eye?”

“Yes sir. I was coming out of the bookstore and spotted Christina. I pulled her over to the side because I wanted to apologize for everything that has happened to her on account of me. Next thing I know I’m being pulled into a chokehold from behind by Keitano and tossed to the ground. By the time I can figure out what’s what, they both are gone.”

“He’s lying!” Christina shrieked.

“Even so he is the only one I see with visible injuries.”

“And I suppose I did this to myself?” Christina placed her arms on the desk showing the bruises Kayne caused as he held her up against the brick wall. “And the scratches to my thigh, what am I some emotionally wrecked girl who likes to beat herself?”

“You probably are. The way you threw yourself at me and then at Remington screams desperation. You probably have some serious Daddy issues and you’re just really hoping a man in the position for wealth and fame can take care of you.”

“I’m gonna break you in half you motherfucker!” Remington started for him and the Dean quickly ended it before he could make contact with the quarterback in his presence.

“I think I’ve seen just about enough of this. Now I will review the video as you mentioned Mr. Cantrell and we will go from there. For now I have taken record of both of your complaints and will investigate them thoroughly. You’re all dismissed.” 

Dean Myers watched as the students exited and reached for his phone quickly punching in a number. “Smitty it’s Howard, we have another one. Yes I know you’re already home but this one is of utmost importance. The video recordings outside the bookstore, I need them destroyed immediately. I can’t have another rape complaint especially with these murders taken place around campus. People will believe I’ve lost control of the school and come next election I will be voted out.”

“Handle this for me Smitty and I will see to it that you get a nice bonus come Christmas. Oh also be sure and get rid of that other complaint as well. Now that Miss Samuels is making herself out to be some sort of victim we no longer need to worry about discrediting her as far as the theft is concerned. If the local authorities want to take her in then that is their decision. You’re a good man Smitty, I know I can count on you to do what is necessary. Have a good night.”

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  1. Ok this is just plain pissing me off!!!! That Dean is a no good ass wipe. Why are they trying to discredit Chrissy anyway? Doesn't matter he is really going to cover this up. Another rape complaint????

    WTH????? UGH I thought Rach and Kayne were bad (and they are) but this Dean. Please, please, please say he dies.

    1. O.o um...I um...yes

      Dean Myers is major scum. He handles things horribly and only to protect his ass. It's sad that there is someone in the school like that but that's their reality unfortunately. They needed to discredit her because she was going to call her Dad about the false accusations of theft and the illegal search of her dorm. Saying she's a liar works in their favor. Like Jordan said back in chapter 5, that's how he does things. Yeah apparently there are some crimes that go unnoticed thanks to Myers.

      You think the Dean is worse? Yeah I agree with that 100%. He's hurting more than just Chrissy. His actions determine life for every student on that campus :(

  2. What the F*** is that Dean's problem? I really really hope that Christina gives her father a phone call. She has a witness to back up her story, and proof. God that B****** needs to die. I will repeat, what the H*** is his problem? No I have a better idea, the truth needs to come out and he needs to be alives to feel the fall out. Yes that would be much better. He has now made it to the top of my list of those I can't stand.

    1. Dean is arrogant and ignorant. She would be too afraid of telling this sort of thing to her Dad. It took a little for her to want to tell the Dean but she had Remy at her side. Yep! And the Dean is very unwilling to believe either of them :( Ooh yeah that would be MUCH better than death...but there's something about that town that might prevent that from happening :( Higher than Kayne and Rachael? I think alot of people are about to start plotting his death!

  3. There isn't enough deep breaths in the world to calm me down right now! WTF!!!!!! The Dean must go! MUST GO! I want him dead just as much as I want to see Kayne split open from his chin to his balls! I am so fucking pissed off that I can't...I just can't!

    1. Chin to balls? Wow that sounds awfully painful. I fear that if the Dean were to die his death would not be nearly as painful as one would want. Only a slow and torturous murder would befit such a man...

  4. What. The. Fuck. >:(

    Everything about this chapter made me angry except when Keitano (and to an extent, Chrissy) made Kayne look like a bitch! That was sweet, very short-lived revenge. :P

    BUT THAT DEAN. He must die. Immediately. As in, revise this chapter and end it with his death. As well as Kayne's and Rachael's, for that matter. You know what? Kill Smitty too. Don't know what he did, but I'm seeing red.


    1. I think I'm going on perma-vacation!

      Chrissy was able to get a few licks in and I'm sure that made her feel a little better. Keitano though was VERY happy giving it to the asshole jock.

      LOL I bet if he lived I'd have so many death threats and laced cookies sent my way...HAHA Smitty? Well yeah he helps the Dean cover this stuff up so yeah I can understand that one too.

      Yeah sadly :(

  5. No. Fucking. Way.

    I can think of a few assholes the monster needs to kill.

    Sorry for so short. I get quiet when I'm really really pissed.

    1. :(

      The Animal certainly needs to go on a hunt pretty soon. But who it comes for may still lie undetermined. So many creeps, so little time.

      I understand :)

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    1. They could quite possibly but I'm not so sure how either one would feel about murder...unless they were sneaky about it. He has stepped WAY over the line though and it's only a matter of time before someone seriously hurts him...maybe there's a window he can be tossed out of.

      KT was a lifesaver! It's very fortunate that he was in the area because even as close to the bookstore as they were no one heard or saw a thing! (Or tried to ignore it.)

      That evidence would help them tremendously against the Dean's allegations and show his corruption! They would be able to take his job and maybe even throw his ass in jail too! That is a very sad thing.

      What's worse is that isn't just something found in fictional writing either :( That type of thing does lead to vigilantes because the wronged parties feel it's up to them to get the justice they deserve! And that is the underlying theme of the whole thing! Yeah no one would give it a second thought to have his blood on their hands. He deserves whatever happens to him after everything he's done to so many people!

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    1. Dean is very much out for himself and what he can save face on. It's a sad and despicable truth that he would cover up a rape or potential rape so that it didn't look bad on him :(

      HAHA that sounds awfully painful! LOL!