Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chapter 31: It Lies Beneath

*Sort of long and I apologize but everything is coming to a head!*

“What the hell was that?” Christina jumped from her bed at the sound of the blast. Sirens wailed in the distance and she turned out the window to take a look. A large deal of fire trucks and police cars had assembled near the quad and around the main entrance to the school. A crowd had gathered nearest they could and she could barely make out a news van doing its best to get front and center of the action.

Thick, black, billowing smoke encompassed the area as a large fire rumbled through the center of the University. Firefighters were doing all they could to control the blaze as police officers and campus security moved to keep the people at bay. “Clear this area!” A policewoman shouted above the roar of the sirens. Flames licked higher and higher up the back wall of the stadium reaching up towards the empty stands and choking out any oxygen around the small rooms.

Another blast rocked the area and people began scattering to get away from falling debris and the heat of the fire. The police cars were moved back another few feet and used as barricades to keep the innocent bystanders out. Christina noticed the area was near where she’d last seen her father and a sudden lump formed in her throat. She felt her heart sink into her stomach and immediately rushed towards her phone.

Dialing his number quickly she waited to hear his voice on the other end telling her he was ok. But there was only the endless ringing of the line until his voicemail picked up. “Hello, you’ve reached Freddy, I’m unable to get to the phone right now but if…

“Come on Daddy!” She growled and tried once more to reach him. Again she hit his voicemail and slapped her hand on her desk in frustration. “Jordan I’m going down there and look for my father. Will you be alright until I get back?” She nodded droopily at Christina and watched her rush from the room.

Firefighters had gotten the small inferno down enough to approach the building. One worker noticed the opened doors of the basement work area and called for assistance. Christina peeked over the throng of people trying to see if she could figure out what was happening. Noticing a few workers heading into the basement she turned her attention towards the crowd and checked over their faces looking for her father.

The firefighters moved through the narrow passage following the thick trail of smoke. “It’s back here,” One announced finding the source of the blaze near a large metal door at the end of the hall. Handing another in her company the bucket of various chemical agents that were triggered to ignite the metal container, the embers were stifled and the fire was finally dying down. “What the…?” Noticing the chain on the door, she pulled out a pair of cutters and watched it slowly slink to the ground unlatching the door.

It opened with a popping sound and another cloud of smoke cascaded through the tiny crack until the hallway was again filled with the choking agent. “Oh my God. Jimmy get in here quick!” The two firefighters checked over the bodies of the fallen men but was unable to find a pulse on any of them. Dropping their heads in sorrow, they grabbed a couple of body bags and began removing the alumni one by one from the building.

Christina tried calling her father again still not spotting him amongst the crowd. Finally she heard his ringtone and immediately glanced in the direction of the sound. Two firemen carried a black body bag out of the building and in the moment she recognized the ringtone coming from the bag time seemed to slow down for her.

She dropped her phone to the ground and rushed through the barricade the police built of yellow caution tape and cars towards the men. Another officer stepped in front of her to try and keep her out but she was moving too fast to hold. Reaching the firemen her shaky hands touched the bag they held and it was lowered slowly to the ground. Christina fell to her knees and undid the zipper holding her breath out of fear of what she would see.

The moment it peeked opened, the charred face of her father came into view and she screamed in pain and fell forward. “NO! DADDY NO!” An officer moved forward and fell to the ground beside her as the firemen continued with his body towards the back of the ambulance. Other officers and firemen quickly cleaned up the scene and cleared the area, driving the dead towards the morgue.

“Hey Sarge, you might want to come and take a look at this,” one of the officers near the last body bag called and waited for the head detective to approach. Opening the zipper wider for the man’s inspection he quickly came to the same conclusion as the previous officer. There was a familiar face staring up at them. A man that had been in the news for a few weeks now concerning a missing person’s and who they believed started the entire campus murders. Skip Larsen lay nearly decapitated on the stretcher in front of them and apparently he’d been dead for quite some time.

Heavy footsteps jogged past his door and Ezra closed it tight watching as many of the resident students of his building rushed out of the back door breaking curfew. “Idiots,” he laughed under his breath. “That thing is still out there.” He moved towards his bed, pulled a picture out from beneath his mattress and sat it on his desk. Sighing as he rubbed his finger over her face he thought back to the first time Rachael actually let him fulfill his fantasies with her body. It was then he decided he’d do as she asked and planted the documents she had him forge into Christina’s student records in the administrations office.

There was a slight feeling of guilt when he did it at first. But with the promise to have his dream girl again he ignored the anxiety wrenching his gut and happily made Christina out to be the psycho Rachael was telling everyone she was. Added to the fact that Kayne had him steal Rachael’s necklace to plant on her person in order to con his way into Christina’s pants, he had every right to feel like the creep people called him.

A smile stretched across his face and he thought about having her body on top of his. Her breasts bounced sensually against her chest and she allowed him to touch and even lick them. And every time she rocked her perfect body on top of him he felt himself float off to heaven on the wings of his blonde Angel. God what he wouldn’t give to have her do that again. Ezra looked down as he felt his body react to the memory and he reached for the items in his bottom drawer. 

Removing a bottle of lotion and a box of Kleenex he quickly lowered his shorts and positioned himself with his back to the door so passersby couldn’t make out what he was doing in the solitude of his room. Instantly feeling the tightness of his flesh he moaned and leaned back as his eyes stayed focused on the smile of the girl in the photograph. “I’d do anything for you,” he groaned as the pressure began building within his lower abdomen from the quick stroking his hand performed against his hard shaft. “Anything Rachael.”

Stroking faster, he became lost in the feelings of his body and the response of his loins. His head fell back and his mouth was agape. Faster and faster he stroked himself feeling his lower body go numb as he reached the verge of his climax. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he moaned obliviously to the sounds of his door opening behind him.

The animal crept slowly towards him raising its hand over its head. It waited until Ezra’s eyes opened and growled once he noticed it standing above him. “Wait, no don’t, NO!” The monster’s claws ripped across his throat, carving deep enough to expose his spine. A trail of blood squirted against the wall and floor and his body jerked once beneath his powerful claws. The beast threw his body to the floor knocking items from his desk in the process and stood over him for a moment. And just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone.

Christina stumbled back towards her dorm, unable to fathom what she had just witnessed and too afraid to even speak it. She entered her room and collapsed to the floor. Jordan pulled up from her bed noticing the sorrow on her face and started towards her. “Chrissy? Chrissy what’s the matter?”

“My Dad! He’s…he was in there,” she wailed against her knees as Jordan held her tight. “He’s dead! My father was killed!” She moaned and sobbed harder thinking about the way his body lay lifeless within that black bag.

“Oh God Chrissy I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” She rocked her friend back and forth and tried settling her nerves.

“It was him! That fucking thing that is stalking the school I know it!”

“Chrissy no you don’t know that. This could have been anything.”

“How can you say that after what happened to Donovan? None of this shit was accidental Jordan! I found something out at the library earlier tonight. Whoever is behind these murders has it out for the football team and seemingly anyone related to the men involved in the scandal from 1991.”

“I don’t understand Christina, what are you talking about?”

“Look!” She jumped up from the floor and pulled Jordan towards the papers lying messily across her desk. “These men were all on the 1991 Cyprus-Gray football team. They were all also Brothers of the fraternity Alpha Sigma Rho. This man,” she pointed towards a picture of Salvatore Pinozzi, “Was killed during Hell Week by his brothers, Tommy Turner, Bobby Moorehead, Skip Larsen, Patrick Dunnigan, Michael Andrews and my dad Freddy Samuels! Tommy was killed earlier this month; they found his body in his bathroom. Skip went missing shortly after his daughter was found dead and the rest were all just killed in that fire across campus!”

Jordan gasped hearing the names of the men on the newspaper clippings and slowly began putting the information together. “Reagan Turner, Rachael Moorehead, Joy Larsen, Kayne Dunnigan, Donovan Andrews and…”

“Christina Samuels,” Christina completed her thought with a heart heavy sigh. “I think it’s after me next.”

“Wait no that doesn’t make sense. Olivia’s dad worked security here and Kendra’s dad is a judge. If this thing is killing members of the football team and their kids then why them?”

Christina moved through the papers quickly looking for any reference of what Jordan was referring to. Stopping on a page dated three days after the hazing incident she released a knowing breath of air. “Here we go, ‘Pictured above: the security guards on duty during the time the hazing is said to have occurred. Ralph Watts, James Smart, Henry Dodgson were reportedly playing a game of poker when young Salvatore Pinozzi was drowning in nearby Crescent Bay’.”

“And does it say anything about the others? The animal’s first victim was a guy named Donald Rocher. He was murdered near a store downtown in the alleyway.”

“Uh here, ‘Most may remember the name of the animal’s first victim Donald Rocher. He, along with a few other citizens, was accused of rape by Pinozzi’s widow shortly after the lawsuit that won her a hefty settlement against Cyprus-Gray’. I spoke with Mrs. Cranston in the library and she said that after the football team was suspended, the University was involved in a major cover up. And thinking about what you said about Dean Myers and having to sit through it firsthand I can assume that President Franklin, Dean Myers, Judge Winslow and Smitty were the ones to handle that.”

“Jesus this is crazy! If what you’re saying is true then that means it only has three left to kill and it may be on its way.” The lights flickered and popped and instantly the entire campus was shrouded in brief darkness.

“Chrissy?” Jordan moaned and held her tighter against her side. “We’d better get to those cops across campus before…” a thunderous growl roared through the empty hallway cutting off her sentence. The girls screamed and jumped. “It’s here!” Not waiting for the beast to come for them, Christina threw a chair through the window above her bed and Jordan helped tie a few of their sheets together.

Moving quickly the girls lowered themselves down the second story of their dorm and jumped the last few feet to the ground. “Let’s get out of here!” The night impeded their vision, darkness had encompassed every corner of the campus and the two moved blindly through sorority row trying to get to the front gates.

Curfew is in effect, the gates have been locked,” the overhead announcement continued playing as they rushed towards the administration center of the campus. “We have to get to the gate!” Jordan screeched.

“Didn’t you hear that thing? It’s locked! We have to find campus security or someone that can…” Another powerful roar echoed against the buildings behind them and they ducked between the dining hall and ran towards the other side of the dormitory. “Jesus that thing is fast. We gotta keep moving! If we stay here it’ll surely find us,” Christina urged and grabbed Jordan’s arm again.

Recognizing the area as the single dorm section of Casper Halls her thoughts quickly turned to Remington and she breathed his name under her breath. It took a second before Jordan realized the same and both rushed forward towards his room. They pounded furiously on his door waiting for him to answer as they stood in the darkened hallway.

Remington poked his head out of the shower and listened again. He wasn’t sure but he thought he heard someone shout his name above the loud spray of water splashing him. “Hello?”

“REMY PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!” The desperation in her voice pulled him promptly from the still spouting shower head and out to his front door. Frantically the two girls bolted into his living quarters breathing heavily as he stared at them. “SHUT THE DOOR!” Christina yelled and threw her body against it. She locked it and slid down the panel to the floor.

Remington turned to her with a concerned look on his face and she explained in a rapid succession of sentences what she and Jordan had experienced within the last few minutes. “It’s out there right now?!”


“Are you hurt?”

“No we’re fine we just…I think it wants to kill me!”

“No, I’m never gonna let that happen,” he breathed against her neck as he held her close. “You’re safe here.”

Listening to his words helped her relax more and she gaze over towards the couple. “Nice butt,” Jordan responded seeing Remington standing nude against Christina in the darkness of his room. 

Remington realized he was still naked and dripping wet from his interrupted shower. With a sheepish grin in her direction he scooped a pair of shorts from his hamper and tossed them on. “I want you two to stay here. I’m gonna go for help.”

“What? You’re not going out there with that thing!”

“Someone has to Chrissy! We can’t stay boarded up in here all night. There’s no telling when those gates will open again and I’m not about to wait for that thing to come in here and hurt you, I won’t.” He kissed her forehead and tossed on a shirt. “Stay here; stay inside with the doors locked. I’ll be back soon I promise.” He slipped out into the hallway and Christina hurriedly locked the door behind him.

“Mmm,” Keitano moaned and sank deeper beneath the waves of the hot tub. Feeling his girlfriend’s mouth wrapped around his cock warmed him hotter than the generous degrees of the water. She smiled to herself seeing him leaning back against the edge and continued bobbing her head in his lap.

“Is this what you do when the world is going to hell?” Rachael’s annoying squeak pulled them both into the present and they looked up to see her angry scowl directed towards them. “The fucking alarm is going off for a reason you know?”

“Yeah some kids broke curfew so? What exactly does that have to do with us? We’re still on site. Now why don’t you be a good little pain in the ass and go annoy someone else.” Paige grinned at Keitano and he pulled her up into the water towards his lips.

Rachael huffed and started to say something but stopped herself when Paige turned a deep glower in her direction. Remembering the last time she talked back to the leather clad mechanic and the five inch switchblade that was shoved in her face she held her tongue. “Ok well if you see Kayne tell him I’m looking for him please.”

“Fucking cunt,” she sighed watching her turn and leave. “I really fucking hate that bitch!”

“Hey,” Keitano turned her and pressed her against the warm tile of the Jacuzzi and smiled. “Let it go alright? Don’t let that shit ruin our night.”

“Are you trying to keep me from being pissed off? Mmm is my KT afraid I’ll ride him too hard?”

“Baby I’m the Man of Steel. You can ride me as hard as you’d like and I’ll never break.” He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and Paige wrapped her arms quickly around his neck and gently he began pulling her into the water.

He got her halfway in when Rachael’s screams startled them. Turning in her direction they saw her stumbling behind the dorm and hurried out of the water. Hastily they redressed and rushed towards the girl and soon came face-to-face with the cause of her terror. “Shit! That thing is huge!” Keitano expressed looking at the fabled Cyprus-Gray wolf.

“Holy fuck! They weren’t kidding! This thing…it’s not…human?”

The beast growled towards the three its sharp fangs glistening beneath the glow of the moon. Its red eyes were beady and full of rage as it started forward. “Stay behind me!” Keitano pushed at Paige’s side ensuring she was safely out of harm’s way. 

“Oh my God we’re going to die!” Rachael wailed and took one step back. The clicking of her heels drew the monster’s gaze at her and it growled giving them a full view of the many rows of jagged teeth within its jaw. It charged forward and Keitano jumped towards it. It attempted to sidestep Keitano’s movements but found them unavoidable. Barreling into him, the animal knocked him to the ground and came to a rolling stop just at Paige’s feet. She looked down at the beast and took one step back. It sniffed at her and appeared to not take interest as it adjusted its sights again to Rachael.

“PAIGE! GET AWAY!” Keitano climbed to his feet and rushed again for the hairy creature. Gripping it tightly he was once again tackled to the ground this time landing awkwardly on his leg. The bone snapped back with a loud crunch and he yelled in pain.

“KT!” Paige hurried towards him and the animal jerked back with a glare towards the steadily back peddling Rachael. Another guttural growl rattled within its throat and it charged her pinning her against the tiled ground within its powerful jaws. Blood squirted from an open neck wound and her breath gasped out lightly.

Her eyes hung opened dreamily and tears crept from the corners of her eyes. “Help…me,” she barely eked out as she felt the beast shake her within its claws. The tips of its razor-sharp talons pierced into her flesh and sliced deep beneath her muscle. It inhaled sharply and with what appeared to be a smirk shoved its claws within the soft flesh of her belly and twisted. Another gush of blood spilled quickly to the pavement and she spit up a mouthful as it choked up her throat. “Please.” 

Keitano pushed up trying to get towards her and the animal growled in warning backing him up to Paige. She pulled him deeper against her chest and they watched as the monster wrapped Rachael within its arms and rushed off towards the woods occupying the back end of the dorms. Her scream drifted eerily through the breeze and both hung their heads in mourning.

Keitano looked up at Paige and tried to stand. The pain shot through his entire body and he fell swiftly to the ground, hitting his head against one of the loungers and knocking himself out cold. “KT!” Paige yelled and leaned over her boyfriend listening as his shallow breaths pumped from his lungs.

Minutes ticked by slowly as Christina and Jordan sat on the couch waiting on Remington to return. The waiting and the uncertainty about him caused her more panic than running around the campus from the monster had. She hoped it hadn’t found him, hurt him or left him lying somewhere dying. She shook the thoughts from her head and stood from the couch again. “Back to pacing?” Jordan chewed her lip and watched her roommate’s fear display on her face in a series of wrinkles in her forehead.

“He might be hurt!” she spoke anxiously and rubbed her hand against the back of her neck. 

“What do you want to do? Go back out there? That thing is out there Christina and if you’re right it’s looking for…” the last of her sentence caught in her throat and her eyes widened in terror. Christina turned to see what had cause the reaction from Jordan and screamed as her eyes met the cold, red gaze of the monster just a few feet within the back room.

It had crawled in through an opened window and was tauntingly inching its way towards them. Jordan lifted a large book from the table and threw it at the beast as Christina worked on the door. Finally getting the lock unlatched, the two ran from the room in a flash heading back out into the open night air.

Kayne darted quickly towards a door broken from its hinges panicked and afraid. Looking around he found several windows boarded up and sealed effectively shutting off his escape route. “FUCK!” he growled as he tried each one. At the second window the boards creaked beneath his strain and he pulled the nails away. Dropping the wooden panels to the ground one by one he finally cleared it enough to get to the glass and work on opening the window.

“You found an exit! Great,” Paige exhaled sharply and pulled Keitano towards the rotting wood pallets beside him. “If that thing comes back and finds us we’re done!” Keitano jerked with every tug of his unconscious body unaware of the danger lurking around the corner for he and his girlfriend. Kayne beat at the window until it finally gave and popped open with a whirring snap. Instantly the cool night air filled the small room and he rubbed a hand over his arm as he lifted himself onto the ledge. “Here, help KT out and I’ll…Kayne?” She looked up in time to find him standing outside the basement exit pushing the windows shut behind him. “Wait!” 

The sound of a board thumping against the handles pulled her attention and she rushed forward. He had taken one of the loose nail boards and pressed it beneath the handles on the window locking it tight from the outside. “What the hell are you doing?” She yelled and heard him panting loudly just outside the window. Paige caught a glimpse of his back as he ran towards the woods disappearing quickly on one of the stone walkways. “KAYNE! Get back here and open this thing you son of a bitch! KAYNE!”

The fire exit groaned awake and Remington ducked as he watched it slowly open and shut. The security lights were all blinking and he couldn’t tell if it was someone he knew until he saw the familiar blonde ponytail step into the light. Listening intently he heard another set of footsteps coming from down the hall. “Remy? Man thank God someone else made it out of there have you seen…”

“Shh!” Remington lifted a hand to silence the quarterback as he approached him near the corner. “I think someone is in here.” Quietly the two listened for sounds of movement hearing nothing over the beat of their own hearts. “Ok I think the coast is clear. Have you seen Chrissy?” He had gotten back to his dorm and found it empty. His heart sank into his stomach believing she’d run off and was hurt somewhere and he found himself running around campus trying to find her.

“No I was just about to ask you about Rachael.” Remington nodded his head and Kayne frowned releasing an exasperated sigh. “This is crazy man! What the hell was that thing? Did you see it?”

“No I only heard the growls. Whatever it is ain’t human like Donny said.” The lights began to flicker drawing his attention and he rubbed his hand over his eyes removing the perspiration from his brow as he thought. “Ok I’m gonna make a run for it towards the dorms to try and find Christina. You need to get to a phone or anything you can find to call for help and get someone to open the fucking gates again.”

A rumble of footsteps started towards them in the narrow corridor and they immediately stopped moving again. “Oh shit it’s here, it’s here,” Kayne shrieked and looked around nervously.

“Quiet down before it hears us!”

“Oh shit, we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die!”

“Calm down!” Remington nearly shouted as he placed a hand over Kayne’s mouth shutting him up. “Are you trying to get us killed?”

The sounds died down once again and Kayne straightened up and pushed away from the swimmer with an intense glare in his eyes. “You know this monster on campus thing is pretty cool huh? It kind of opens up a lot of…opportunities.”

“Cool? No I don’t think my friends dying is ‘cool’. Why would you say that?”

“Well for one thing a kind of simple accident can be easily explained. Like someone getting rid of their competition.”

Remington stared at him in confusion and took one step back. “What does that mean?”

“Just that…” Kayne charged forward pinning Remington against the wall, his arm cutting off his circulation and Remington did his best to reach for the door handle trying to get it opened. “Only one of us is dying tonight Brother and it’s not going to be me.”

A hard right took Kayne by surprise but he was relentless. Revealing a large knife he concealed beneath his shirt, he grinned sadistically and moved forward. Kicking hard into Remington’s gut he pounded the swimmer back into the wall again knocking the wind out of him momentarily. Seizing the opportunity, Kayne pressed forward once more stabbing the knife he carried into Remington’s abdomen. Blood quickly spilled from the wound and Kayne pulled back to find another soft spot for the blade to go. 

Remington stepped to the side, narrowly avoiding another brutal attack and the knife barely sliced his side, nicking his rib cage. “What the hell is the matter with you?” Remington yelled and wrestled Kayne for the weapon. Their clenched hands hit the overhead lamp breaking the bulb and bathing the area in instant darkness.

Christina and Jordan remained hidden from view as best as they could. They’d tried several times to call out for help on the multiple lines within the building but none seemed to be in working condition. It all seemed hopeless. Trapped behind the University’s metal gates because of curfew, no security guards in sight and a monster on the loose hunting them down. There was no way for them to get out but they made damn sure that nothing could get in to where they hid.

Shuffling noises startled the pair as someone drew upon their location once again. Poking their heads above their hiding places, Jordan made out the familiar silhouettes and rushed towards the barricade to let them inside.

“Paige! KT!” Christina shouted excitedly seeing familiar faces entering through the back door of the student center. “I’m so glad to see you got away from that thing!” She wrapped an arm around Keitano’s waist helping Paige carry him towards a sofa against the back wall and sat him carefully against the pillows.

“Yeah no thanks to Kayne!” Paige breathed heavily with a look of rage glinting in her eyes. “That son of a bitch locked us in the basement below Jansen Hall! We made it in there after that damn thing came after us near the Alpha house. KT got hurt pushing me out of the way of it. The thing turned around, sniffed him and kept going.” He groaned in pain and tried to sit up to find a more comfortable position and ended up hurting himself more. An even louder, shriller yelp escaped his throat and Paige quickly threw her hand over his mouth as they heard approaching footsteps. 

Jordan and Christina stood in front of the couple with their weapons at the ready for whatever was coming through that door. The tension was rising with every moment that passed and the only sound that could be heard was the beating of their hearts within their chests. The doorknob rattled and a weak knock against the wooden barricade made the girls jump with a start. Neither dared move from their positions as they kept their eyes on the front of the room for any signs of movement.

Seconds later the back door burst open once more with a loud clatter and Jordan screamed and turned in the direction. Remington stumbled into the room and fell forward. With his hand clutched tight against his stomach he weakly called for Christina before collapsing completely to the ground. “REMY!” she yelled and rushed towards him dropping her bat to the floor with an echoing clank.

She quickly fell to his side and turned him over to his back. His hands still covered a bloody spot against his belly and she did her best to pull his hands away in order to have a look. “What happened to you?” she begged and noticed the large gash in the center of his abdomen. Blood squirted from the wound and she pressed her hands tight against it to help with clotting.

“Kayne he…stabbed…” he spoke between deep breaths as he tried to keep from allowing his lungs to expand fully and causing himself more pain. “Knife…he went…crazy!”

“Try and save your strength Remy. I’m gonna go and see if I can find something to help patch this up.”

He gripped her arm preventing her from running off and she looked into his eyes. “Don’t…he’s still out there.”

“I have to! Otherwise you could seriously bleed out and who knows how deep that wound goes? You could have severe internal damage Remy! I’m not going to sit here and watch you bleed to death.” Prying his hand from around her arm she leaned forward and pressed their lips together. “I’ll be back soon I promise!”

“Oooh when I get my hands on that asshole!” Jordan growled as she finished boarding the backdoor once more. “First KT and Paige and now you? What is he trying to…” She thought back to his argument with Donovan moments before he was hit by that truck and a sickening feeling dropped her to her knees. Tears poured from her eyes as she called out Donovan’s name. “No! He…he did that! He was there! He was pushing him into the street! He…Kayne killed my Donny!”

Remington groaned and moved closer to her. His hand reached out and Jordan quickly took it holding on to him. He tried to comfort her but he knew he was adding no solace to the pain she was feeling. It was beyond him to help her but he’d hoped that just a small part of this act would help ease the grief just a little.

“Amber was smart getting out of here when she did. If I make it out of here alive I’m going to Vegas!” Keitano groaned before passing out against the sofa cushions. The door creaked open and everyone turned their attention towards Christina as she made her way back inside carrying a large red box.

She sat it beside her boyfriend and immediately went to work patching him up. “I saw Kayne,” she whispered as she finished taping the surgical gauze to Remington’s stomach. He was heading into Alpha Sig carrying something.

“Where did this case come from?” Jordan asked rummaging through the first aid kit. Her hand hit against something metal and she pulled out a large handgun and quickly sat it to the ground.

“It was in the back of the student union,” Christina responded wide-eyed as she looked at the weapon.

“Perfect.” Remington wasted no time grabbing the gun. He struggled to get to his feet and Christina helped pull him up from the ground. “I’m gonna take care of that son of a bitch once and for all.”

“Wait! You’re not going to kill him!” Christina exclaimed chasing after Remington as he started towards the door.

“Watch me! That asshole stabbed me and left me to die and did the same to Keitano! And after what he did to you I should have removed his head a long time ago! This ends tonight Chrissy! I am not waiting around a second longer to see what else he has in store!” Charging forward, he rushed towards Fraternity Row and up the walkway of the Alpha House. Jordan and Christina were right behind him as he trudged up the stairs and entered without knocking. 

The trio quickly found Kayne in the kitchen with his back to the door. He was hovering over someone and appeared to be crying. It took only a moment for their eyes to adjust and recognize the apparent dead body of Rachael. “I found her near Ventnor Hall. She wasn’t moving and there was blood everywhere! That thing did this! I shouldn’t have left her.” he sobbed and brushed her hair back. Remington aimed the gun towards the quarterback and waited for him to turn around.

The clicking of the hammer drew his gaze and he turned to find the barrel of the glock aimed right at his head. “What the hell are you…?”

“You stabbed me, you locked Keitano and  Paige in a basement and you tried to rape Christina! Don’t you even THINK about asking me what this is about, you know damn well!”

Kayne laughed wickedly and shook his head at the swimmer. “You won’t shoot me! You don’t have the fucking stones for that man! I tell you what, put the gun down and I won’t make you watch me take your little hottie before I slide my knife into her gut as well.”

Christina’s hand slid over the stiff muscles of Remington’s shoulders but his attention never faltered from Kayne’s. She swallowed hard; the situation was growing increasingly tense by the second. A part of her hoped that Kayne was right, that Remington couldn’t and wouldn’t shoot him. She didn’t know what type of reaction that would cause her to have or what he would become after taking a life. But there was another voice niggling at the back of her mind. Some sinister part of her psyche wanted her boyfriend to shoot the little prick and save the world the hassle of the asshole jock. Yet still, it wasn’t something she could watch. “Remy,” she sighed against his neck.

Slowly he lowered the weapon and took one step back. He looked at her and a slow forming smile grew upon his lips. Never before had he felt so strongly about someone. She had the power to dissolve his anger and make everything better with just that one smile. Wordlessly he nodded and coaxed himself to drop the gun.

But before his fingers released the metal object from his hand Kayne charged forward. Tackling the swimmer to the ground the two wrestled for the weapon trying to take control of it and use it before the other had the chance. A look of pure rage was on Kayne’s face as he choked and beat the life out of Remington. His fist smacked hard against the man’s stomach and instantly Remington let go the grip he held the gun with. 

Kayne wasted no time scooping it up and stepping back from him. With an evil smile on his face he looked down at the injured Olympic hopeful and cocked the hammer. “Let me show you how a real man handles things!” Remington closed his eyes tight as Kayne squeezed the trigger. A loud bang erupted in the room and everything went black. There was complete silence throughout Alpha Sigma until Christina’s scream echoed through the halls.

The End

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Ok, you got me...on with the show:

“Well?” Christina smiled anxiously waiting to hear the news on his condition. Remington scooped her into his arms and pressed his lips against her.

“Clean bill of health…minus the knife wound,” he laughed. “The doctor said I shouldn’t over extend my abdomen for a while until it heals but it was nowhere near as deep as previously thought. Within a few weeks it should be completely healed.”

“And what about you?” Paige questioned looking towards her boyfriend and the cast that was now molded around his leg.

“Well I won’t be running for a few months but it was a clean break and it’s been reset. I’ll be fine.” He pulled her into his lap and she quickly took the opportunity to steal a kiss. 

“So now what?” Jordan asked watching the couples sharing their happy news. Remington sighed heavy and wrapped his arms around both her and Christina.

With a bright smile and a quick nod in Keitano’s direction he suggested an idea the tattooed one spoke about the previously.“How about a trip to Vegas?” 

Without another word the group piled into Keitano’s Challenger and started towards the west coast. After driving for a few hours and making it across state lines and into Kansas, Remington pulled off the highway and started towards a small town.

“We need gas,” he moaned and stopped at a station a few miles up the road. He got out and stretched his legs as Christina hurried inside to pay. Turning the pump on automatically he entered into the store and rushed towards the bathroom to relieve himself. 

The sound of the incessant ringing phone pulled her awake and she rolled over noting the time. Groggily she said her hello into the receiver and instantly perked up hearing the voice. “It’s done, they’re all dead.” The words echoed in her ear and she sighed a relieved breath and held the phone tighter against her skin. “They all got what was coming to them and no one will ever be able to tie us to this, I made sure of that.

“Even with this Ezra kid? He was never a part of this!”

He made himself a part of this when he tried to hurt me. Did you really expect that I would let him go? He was dangerous. Anyone that allows themselves to be used the way he was can always be a threat. No, he had to die.

“And what about the girl?”

Remington glanced over in the direction of Keitano’s car and smiled. Paige was lying in his lap in the backseat caressing his face and ensuring him everything would be alright now. Jordan had finally stopped crying and was passed out beside them and at last was able to rest. And then there was Christina. She was pacing outside the passenger door waiting on him to finish his phone call and smiled towards him as she noticed him looking at her. “I can’t hurt her Mom. I love her. I only had to scare her a little. I remembered a little too late that she was still in my room and could find that book again with our old identities in it.”

You know had you let her drown you would never have had the opportunity to get to know her.

“I know and it might have been easier that way because breaking my rules and getting close to the victims made it harder to do what I had to.”

I know and it’s why I had to take matters into my own hands a few times like the hotel when you overslept because of this girl. And that boy you grew close to. I could have seriously hurt myself had I not gotten out of that truck when I did!

“I know and I’m sorry ok? I tried to stay as secluded as possible. Besides I thought you wanted them all to endure the same pain. And after using the last of the insurance money you had from Dad’s death to get her out here on scholarship I just figured you’d want her to live long enough to suffer.”

“You don’t have to apologize. You weren’t born an animal it’s just what they made you. And I didn’t raise you to be a hateful beast. Making friends is part of who we are as people. I would have never wanted you to become a shut-in. You used your head and I know how tough things have been these last few years. We tried so hard to keep to ourselves and live a normal life. I thought the past was long over until I saw that man near Macy’s. All those horrible memories came flooding back at once. And then to know that you were cursed forever by those monsters!”

There are no regrets Mom. I’d kill them all again if it meant buying back a piece of your soul. They should have been punished for what they did to you and Dad. But that’s all behind us now.”

Noticing a picture of her beloved on her dresser she smiled and placed her hand over her heart feeling the locket he’d given her the night he found out he was to be a Dad. “Your father would be very proud of you Remy,” she sighed into the phone. He could hear the sadness in her voice and it instantly filled him with sorrow.

“With Kayne as the fall guy his death won’t be looked into too deeply considering everything the town has gone through. I made sure nothing could come back on us.” His job was done, his family had been avenged and all he could think about now was leaving with the girl of his dreams and locking out the painful memories of his past. “What are you going to do now?” he asked and played with the loose change in his pocket. 

“Until we find that damn mechanic it’ll never be over for me. His face still haunts my nightmares. But for now I suppose there’s nothing left for me. Your father can rest in peace now and I guess I can retire from teaching. I can claim that the trauma of everything pushed me out of the love of it,” Professor Langston laughed and tossed her hair over her shoulder as she stood and paced the small area in front of her bed. “I love you Son. No matter what happens from this point on always remember that.”

“I will Mom, try and take care of yourself and I’ll see you in a little while.” He disconnected the line scooped up a few drinks from the freezer, paid and headed back out to the pump.

“We ready to go?” he smiled and hopped back behind the wheel. Remington pulled Christina into his arms, kissed her sweetly on the lips and started up the engine. “Las Vegas here we come!”

**Author's note: Thank you all for joining me along for the ride! Happy Halloween!

P.S. If you pulled the scroll bar to the end of the screen, you missed some highly intelligent babbling! (I wasn't that intelligent!) :)**


  1. wow that was great!!!!! :( so sad it is over. Remy, sexy sexy Remy was the beast. I suspected him but I didn't want to believe it was him.

    That was crazy that the professor was his mom. never made that connection. well done Ms. Lee. So glad Rach was killed and Kayne too. That no good fucking bastard left Paige and KT and stabbed my Remy. UGH. I don't mind him being the beast and avenging what happened to his family. That college and town did some fucked up shit to them.

    I do hate that they killed the children of the parents involved but I get it. Eye for an eye since Remy was an innocent child when they unleashed those hounds on him.

    Aww he loved Chrissy and couldn't kill her. And that book, the one he wouldn't let her read understand now. Still sad about Donny.

    That was great. I loved it.

    Well done!!!!!

    1. Yes :D the first choice is always the best, Columbo taught me that. I wanted to make it obvious but also toss in suspicions too :) It is sad it's come to an end though.

      Well happy to know SOME things were still a surprise :D LOL! I figured most would sympathize with Remington and Amanda having learned what they lived through. She was fine and ready to "forgive and forget" but that kind of pain is something hard to overcome and seeing one of her attackers brought back old memories. Kayne yeah, he should have died worse but...Remy couldn't very well kill him as he had the others in front of Jordan and Chrissy!

      Exactly. His father never got to watch him grow old and have kids and they felt it was only just that they take out their legacy too. BUT they didn't kill ALL the kids, just the college level ones. It was mentioned Kayne had a younger sibling :)

      Yep! She was too close to the secrets so he had to keep her away from it. Donny yeah :( Remy couldn't do it so Mom had to.

      Thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


  2. I loved this story, and I'm sooooooooooooooooo happy that the meanines got what they had coming to them.

    1. Thank you Pinky! They all got what was coming to them in the end. Only one that seemingly got away was the mechanic Lou...for now anyway :) I have a feeling Remy and Amanda will find him.

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT! Who's bad?! ME!!

    I have to say that I am shocked though! Kayne was a dick like I knew he would be but damn, Prof Langston? DAMN! Watching Rachel die was the best! I am curious though, will Chrissy ever find out it was Remy that killed her Dad?

    That was awesome!!!

    1. LOL! Yes! You were adamant about his guilt from the start. Was fun watching everyone flip flop though, I think it all worked out according to plan!

      WOOT! I love "shocked"! Professor Langston was cold but hid it well. She even encouraged her students to discuss the issue in class! It is an interesting predicament and one I'm sure would have very bad consequences if revealed. We just gotta hope that if she does they can work through it. Remy does care for her and it would be bad if the animal's heart is broken again.

      Thank you for that :D

  4. That was awesome... and I knew it! I knew it I knew it I knew it!

    Also: This chapter contained some full frontal Ezra, some full frontal Remy (always a treat), and quite a bit of Keitano. I approve more than I should. >.>

    Hope your Halloween was fun! I know mine was. And it wasn't just because of the happy ending... ;)

    1. Thank you! LOL! Yes :D I loved seeing people guessing the animal. Though no one wanted to believe it.

      Ha! I was told that if I ended this story WITHOUT some full frontal Remy I had better look forward to a visit from an unhappy camper (and that's putting it mildly) *glares at Jazen*. Glad it was appreciated too :) Even Jordan got herself a nice little show too haha though it is quite hard not to stare at the animal's monster :D

      I enjoyed my Halloween. I've been working on a porn mag of sorts...yes always in the gutter with me but so happy I don't live here alone :P Nice to know you enjoyed your Halloween as well!

  5. C'était une histoire captivante. Pendant ma lecture, mon coeur, mon cerveau ont subi plusieurs changements : Joie, Colère, Peur, Tristesse, Hilarité, Angoisse et finalement encore de la Joie.

    Même si l'Animal n'était pas Evan. Je ne voulais pas penser qu'il puisse s'agir de Remy et je n'aurai pas supporter devoir le haïr.
    Mais tu as fait un excellent job en rendant sa folie meurtrière plus humaine.

    Et tu sais quoi, tu as réussi à ce que je prenne pitié pour Rachael, lorsque qu'elle dit "Please", j'ai eu mal au coeur, je pense que c'est la première fois de sa vie qu'elle a été sincère.
    Kayne, en toutes circonstances, était un Connard.
    Je me sens encore triste pour Donny et Jordan. Remy aurait dû l'épargner comme il a épargné Chrissy.

    Malgré tout c'est une fin heureuse. J'espère qu'il y aura une suite avec Remy, Lou et le frère de Kayne.


    This was a fascinating story. During my reading, my heart and my brain have known a lot of changes : Happiness, Angry, Fear, Sadness, Hilarity, Anxiety and finally again Happiness.

    Even if the Animal wasn't Evan, i wouldn't think it was Remy because i couldn't stand to hate him.
    But you did an excellent job to make his crazyness murder more human.

    You know what you succeed to make me feel sorry for Rachaeal when she said "Please", my heart bleed a very little because i thought it was the first time in her life she was sincere.
    Kayne, in all circumstances, was an asshole. I have no regret for him.
    I again feel sad for Donny and Jordan. Remy should have spared him like he spared Chrissy.

    Nevertheless it's a Happy ending. I hope there will be continued with Remy, Lou and Kayne's bro.

    1. Merci :) ça me fait sourire sachant que j'étais en mesure de transmettre les personnages et l'intrigue de telle manière qu'il a causé des émotions différentes en vous!

      Evan s'est avéré être quelqu'un qui n'était en fait pas un mauvais bougre, malgré sa première apparition. Remy étant l'animal avait beaucoup de raisons différentes et des émotions. C'est génial vous le faites remarquer qu'il était toujours l'homme derrière ses actions parce que je pense qu'il était motivé par cet instinct de l'homme de faire ce qu'il a fait. Et même si il a tué d'innombrables personnes, il était encore un homme très charmant et sympathique qui est un trait remarquable.

      Aww je suis d'accord aussi. Pour une fois dans sa vie triste, elle était en fait sincère, trop mauvais, il était juste avant d'être tuée! Kayne ne pourra jamais être autre chose. Il est né d'un homme qui a prêché gagner par l'agression et l'a utilisée tous les jours pour obtenir ce qu'il voulait. Il méritait une mort bien pire cependant. Jordanie et Donny sont une triste cependant. Remy a essayé d'épargner Donny, il a occupé de le tuer et c'est pourquoi sa mère l'ai finalement fait.

      Merci :) il pourrait y avoir d'autres à venir ...


      Thank you :) It makes me smile knowing that I was able to convey the characters and plot in such a way it caused different emotions in you! Glad the final one was happy though.

      Evan turned out to be someone that was actually not such a bad guy despite his first appearance. Remy being the animal had a lot of different reasons and emotions. It's great you point out that he was still human behind his actions because I think that he was motivated by that human instinct to do what he did. And even though he murdered countless people, he was still a very charming and sympathetic man which is a remarkable trait.

      Aww I agree too. For once in her sad life she was actually sincere; too bad it was just before she was killed! Kayne could never be anything different. He was born to a man that preached winning through aggression and used that everyday to get what he wanted. He deserved a much worse death though. Jordan and Donny were a sad one though. Remy tried to spare Donny, he held off on killing him and that's why his Mother finally did it.

      Thank you :) there might be more to come...

  6. Fantastic story. I loved every moment of it.
    So get this aired on TV and hurry with the sequel! They all have a part 2.

    1. Thank you! Ha if only right? One of those "made for tv" movies you see on Lifetime or something (even though the lead role is male...I think there's are always women considering it's the woman's network). :D

  7. Yupp, I knew it! I guess the raw steak stays and I made a good choice on the flea-powder.

    The shocker wasn't Remy!! PROF LANGSTON IS HIS MOTHER???????? The family was at CG all this time and no one knew! That's some good shite right there...
    It's actually bad of you to give us halloween candy on the last day- Full frontal Ezra (nerd's got package) and full frontal Remy (I admired it last night too, the thought of measuring even came up... next time!)

    Oh well, I loved the story!!!!!! and my absolute favorite characters are still alive. I'm gay for Paige!(it just kinda dawned on me...) You were right! A lot can happen in one chapter. Both Kayne and Rach! You go evil Murderess!!!

    Hot beastly sex with Remy!!!!
    Excuse me, I have some tummy-rubbing to do!
    *dash* *puff of smoke* *heavy breathing* *moan* *REMY* (AND REPEAT...)

    1. HAHA! Yes! Let's hope he's not a shaggy old mutt though and won't leave a trail of fur piled up on your new furniture :P

      Lol! Thank you :) She disguised herself well and was watching all of the action unfold and every reaction from the students and staff. They needed that ear to the ground and she served her part well.

      Aww but you're SUPPOSED to get candy treats on Halloween! And yes Ezra certainly was packing! Now we know why Rachael was slobbering like a fool for more! He was MUCH larger than her Kayne. Measuring? Ha! Qui said it almost touched his knee! (And of course that's not erect right now too!)

      Thank you :) They had no involvement in the crimes that befell the Pinozzi family and got to live. Ha! Well Paige and Remy will have a place in a future story I'm planning. /bow thank you, thank you I do what I can for the kiddies! :D

      HAHAHAHA well I hope you enjoy yourself! Sounds like you had a great Halloween too :) Remington certainly did!

    2. Oh, I was on the right side too with the -not joining frat- Father loser-son star swimmer! Ooooooooh, yeah, I'm good! >_>

      Remy and Paige in new story!! Is that Remy and Paige or REMYANDPAIGE??? If it is the latter, let them have kids! I'm DYING to see that awesome mix of DNA!!

      Keep the stories coming DJ! Put your gift of chatty-Katie to good use!
      Thanks Daijah!!

    3. Yep! Those were all of his reasons haha great job :) He had a grudge against those assholes and the school in general for robbing his family of everything!

      It's Remy and Paige lol when I did the garage scene I noticed how much they resembled one another and thought hmm brother/sister so I am making them *surprise, surprise* a pair of twins serial killers (it's called Secrets Kill). It's still in the planning stage though but I've made up the blog and such: not sure when it'll come to fruition but keeping my options open :)

      HAHA! Thank you for that! I try! You know my fingers/lips won't stop until I'm cold in the ground!

    4. Yeah, I fell for that too, I was like! Dude, aren't they secretly twins. The shot where she's leaning om him.... Yeah!!

      Secrets kill, yes, been there! Have you checked your followers page yet! ;) I'm quicker than you think...

    5. Yes! That one! They looked so close and friendly just seemed like they wanted to be related so I helped them out :P

      Ha! Just saw that...damn LOL there's nothing even on that blog yet! You are quick :D That's why the followers didn't come up for me at first too on the dashboard.

    6. Are you kidding? It has an "about"!
      And now knowing the twins are Remy and Paige "Jericho & Jensen" I wish I could follow again... ;)

    7. Haha well I guess I stand corrected! :) I have the first chapter's all a matter of deciding where the story will go at this stage. Should be fun! While they retain some of their previous traits and such for the most part it's hopefully going to be able to stand alone.

    8. I get you on that! Same here with my next story! No blog yet, but I do have the prologue, and the end written, so yeah...
      We'll just have to see how it goes won't we? :)

      (enough spamming this page- we have chatrooms for that LOL - Over & out *Buzz*)

    9. :O new story?? You're just gonna leave it at that! I see...**puts on super stalker shoes and goes to work**

      Haha true enough :)

  8. \o/ yay I guessed right!
    Sequel w the dude haunting her nightmares?

    Still, he killed her dad if I'm not mistaken. Gr.

    1. Woot! Great job :) I think a sequel might be interesting. I'd have to really think on a plot for it though of course.

      Yes he did murder her father. That would definitely be something hard to get over if she ever learned the truth.

      Thank you for reading!

  9. I knew it! I knew it was Remy the whole entire time. Remember, I kept saying it's Remy, he's hiding something! Ll.
    So now we know who was behind the whole stereo in the bathtub thing, and the mysterious car that killed poor Donovan.
    I hope she can at least find some peace now. It's time for Remy to move on and try to have a normal life, if that's possible.

    So how did Remy get cursed to turn into thes "animal" I must have missed that part. Looking forward, will he tell Chrissy about it. It's obvious he can control himself in this form so she shouldn't be in any danger from him.
    So, so glad to see Rachel dead! And Kayne. WTF was the thinking? He was way WORSE than the animal. A completely horrible person but you never said if he got shot or not. Is he dead, is hea alive. I assume he's dead. :P

    Sorry it took so long to comment but life's been a bitch lately.

    1. Haha yeah :D I loved watching people second guess themselves though. It was a lot of fun.

      Mom had to take care of a few things because Remy found himself in a Catch-22 damned if he did, damned if he didn't where Donny was concerned :(

      They will be able to hopefully have some moments of solace for sure. The only one that got away was the mechanic Lou, for now.

      He was attacked by a pack of feral dogs as a child. It's the story the librarian tells Chrissy when she went to do some research. He was mauled to within an inch of his life but survived miraculously and became the monster. He does indeed have control over it so everyone is safe around him. As we can tell he was very sorry for what he did to Keitano and didn't want to hurt him. He warned him to stay back while he took care of Rachael.

      Yeah Kayne was a major ass from start to end and yes he was shot and is dead :) I'm sure Remy would have LOVED for him to suffer more but there were too many witnesses.

      It's ok. I do hope you find a moment of peace though! Stress is a killer!


    Wow, Daij this was an amazing read. I can't believe I didn't realize that it was even being written in October. Oblivious me is oblivious. :) But I'm glad I got around to reading it.

    Have I mentioned I love Remy? Me thinks he should make a comeback somewhere....hmm perhaps as a wild wolf in AM? You know, maybe with a different name and whatnot...but I mean...fucking Remy, man.

    1. Just read the previous comments about having Remy make a comeback in Secrets Kill. And I just added it to my blogger reading list. :D REMY FOR PRESIDENT. But my idea still stands on having him join AM as well. I've decided that there is no such thing as too much Remy.

    2. HAHAHA Yep! You were right! It's always the hot ones with the problems huh? :P

      Thank you Birdi!! Yep! I had to do something for my most favorite time of the year. And now you see one of the MANY reasons my attention wanes sometimes on AM sadly. I have too much going on in my head. I'm very happy to know you enjoyed it though :)

      Remy had a lot of positive feedback that he did in fact deserve his own story. Hmm never thought of the wolf aspect for AM (weird since well...they are wolves lol) that's interesting!

      Lol! But he had a good reason right? :P

    3. Remy being a killer seems to work well for him, let's see how he handles serial killing for fun! Well ok that seems a little strange...maybe a lot strange :D Woot! He'd get my vote too! I may have to consider the AM thing though. I think he'd make a great addition to the savage clan!

      Thank you for adding the story :)

  11. The that's it part was cute=b.

    Remy always told Chrissy that he'd never let anything happen to her, and he meant it, after all, it was he who controlled the beast=-).He was going to drown her hmmmm, ended up teaching her to swim, kind of ironic heh.

    His mom got her revenge, sounds like there may be 1 more killing to come though, the mechanic.

    Rachael bit it woot! and Kayne, well, he did'nt do the killings but got pegged for them and in my mind that's good enough. For all the lies and deceiving he's done over the years. Yea, suitable punishment.

    Still don't understand why he had to kill Donny=/.

    And no one is none the wiser to him, but for sure, Chrissy will never ever have to worry about anyone hurting her=)....edenz

    1. Very true :) Remy wouldn't harm her even though her father had a hand in what happened to his family. He fell in love with her and couldn't see it through. The drowning at the beginning was an accident but he did see that had he just let her die then his Mom would have gotten her full revenge (minus of course the mechanic who got away).

      LOL! Yep both weren't able to escape with their lives though it's a shame Kayne suffered the least. LOL yep! Remy gets away scot-free and Kayne's death gave him an easy out. Win/Win.

      His Mom killed Donny because he was unable to do it. Donny was a reporter (or photojournalist) and was getting to close to the truth. And while Remy didn't want to kill him, he had to go before he exposed them. Mom couldn't let him live.

      Haha yep anyone who tries to cross Chrissy had better think twice! She's sleeping with an Animal :D

      Thank you for reading!

  12. Okay I said I wouldn't comment anymore until I finished reading it (that was hard!) I have to say I am shocked, I did not expect Remy. I read some comments of people saying he was suspicious but still I wouldn't allow myself to think that. I can see why he did what he did but I wished his mom spared Donny's life :( anyways besides that I wasn't sad to see anyone else go. This was truly a great story and I enjoyed reading every bit of it.

    1. Yay! I'm happy to see you made it through :D Remy was a very loveable character and even in the end his actions were pretty justifiable. What he and his Mom went through was very crazy and the mentality of that town needed a nice slap to the face. It would have been nice in the end if Donny could have been spared :( Remy couldn't bring himself to do it so it had to be her. And he made sure the others didn't see harm, well, Christina. Thank you very much for reading it and I'm really, truly glad you enjoyed it :)