Monday, October 15, 2012

Chapter 15: In Control

**Warning: Sex scene included in this chapter. It is not pertinent to the story, skip it at your leisure!**

“Alright bitches listen up! Freshman hazing has been a long standing tradition in Kappa Delta Pi. And although some of you have long since run past the expiration date,” she sneered in Christina’s direction. “We’ve decided to give you a shot anyway.”

“I thought hazing was against the University’s policies,” Ayesha commented and Kendra hurried towards her.

“So what you’re saying is you don’t want a shot at being a Kappa because you’re scared of breaking a few rules to get there? We’re looking for the best and brightest and the most committed girls to become our sisters! If you, if any of you don’t believe you have what it takes, there’s the door!”

The group stiffened up and Kendra moved back towards a desk grabbing a Sharpie from the small pen holder in the corner. She handed one to her blonde cohort and smiled as the two circled around the cluster of pledges analyzing them. “This is the Round-up!” Rachael announced “What happens is you ladies are going to be judged on what you most need to work on and how well you go about fixing your problem areas. Once your sisters have gone over in detail where your body should be corrected, you will be passed around to a few of our Alpha brothers and they will tell you what they think you should do to fix it.”

“Hold on,” Madison stepped out of the group and shyly looked towards Rachael. “This isn’t right! How exactly does this help with team building or solidarity as you claim?”

“Simple. It shows trust on your end. You trust your Sisters to help you be your best, dress your best…look your best. We’re just helping you figure out how to do that. You wouldn’t want us to let you go off with a boy and get into an intimate situation that would embarrass you right? And with such a ghostly pale body and frumpy underwear as is your current condition you’d scar someone for sure!” 

Madison nodded and stepped back in line. “Alright enough chatter! Get ready to be judged!” Kendra held out the marker in her hand and the girls each moved one by one in front of her and waited for the circling to begin.

After marking them over their backs and fronts and intimate places, the door to the Kappa house opened and Kayne along with two of his friends walked in with smiles on their faces. “Looks like we have our work cut out for us boys,” he announced looking over the girls. “I tell you what; we should break them up into groups. You, you and you go with Brad,” he pointed towards Madison, Monika and Marley. “You, you and you are with my boy Mark here,” he pointed to Monika, Ayesha and Jamie.

He stepped towards Christina and smiled seeing her in her bra and panties and rubbed his hand over the coarse hairs of his face. “And I’ll take Chrissy, Jordan and the other one,” he pointed at Quinn. “Let’s get started!”

Brad scanned over Madison’s pale body and made a rude comment about the sagging of her ass and the pale glow of her body. She shifted uncomfortably under his scrutiny and it only made him dig in deeper. “This isn’t right! None of this!” Madison whined again. He smacked his hand over her right ass cheek and she shrieked. “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“You really don’t have what it takes. Too bad too, you could have been a real hottie. Your ass isn’t that bad; I’d have loved to give you a bump.” He smirked at her red face and moved on to the next girl in line.

“You know what? She’s right and you’ll all pay for this! I’ll see to it that every one of you pays! Mark my words!” Jamie joined in and rushed from the room.

“Well then, one down, eight sluts remaining; unless another of you wants to pussy out? This is the big leagues bitches, time to pull on your big girl panties and toughen up!” Kendra mocked. “Next!”

Rachael laughed as the last of the pledges exited the front door and she pulled Kayne into the living room dropping herself into his lap. “Mmm that was fun! Did you see the look on that one girl’s face when you asked her how the other cows feel about her stealing their chew? Classic!”

“Yeah, you have some real barkers this year. Too bad to my Brothers and I love deflowering your Sisters. Though I’m sure they’ll still get their kicks, it won’t be nearly as fun as last year. I do see some real sluts in a few of them though. Especially that Erin chick. I’d love to feel her lips wrapped around my dick.”

“As if I’d let that happen! When are you going to learn the only girl you’ll ever need is sitting right here?” She slowly untied her dress watching his eyes follow her fingers for every button undone. She giggled and tossed her hair over her shoulders as he leaned forward kissing her exposed chest and licking down to her black lace bra. “If it’s a blowjob you need, it’s a blowjob you’ll get.”

She pulled herself out of his lap and he stood in front of her as she worked on getting his pants down. “You are my favorite Rachael you know that.” He pulled her head back looking into her eyes and leaned over for a kiss.

“And I can be your only again Kayne Baby, we can make this work. I know how to please you and you know how to please me. It can be just like it was before; you’ll see.” After successfully freeing him of his jeans, she pushed him into the couch cushions and moved the table back to crawl comfortably between his legs.

Kayne pulled off his shirt and took a seat in front of his ex watching her tease him with the strap of her bra. “Leave it on for now,” he ordered. He sat up a little and gave her a long kiss as her hand closed hard around his cock and he groaned his pleasure against her mouth.

He leaned back watching his ex-girlfriend lick her way up his thigh towards his crotch. She smiled seductively and reached out to take hold of his shaft again and with a small degree of pressure began sliding her hand up and down his girth. Kayne moaned and dropped his head into the cushions as Rachael’s mouth covered his sac while continuing to jerk him harder and faster.

Leaning forward she sucked him into her mouth and he instantly hissed in pleasure feeling the warmth of her lips engulf his aching cock. Slowly she worked him deeper and deeper down her throat and he slid forward placing his hand on the back of her head to assist her. “Mmm that’s it Rach, just like that Baby.”

A soft thud pounded against the glass pane beside them and Rachael looked up pulling herself free of his grip. Kayne looked down at her displeased and tried pushing her head back into his lap. “Kayne wait, something’s out there,” Rachael cautioned and pushed away from him again. Wiping her lip she moved towards the window to peek out.

“See anything?” She shook her head no but kept looking just the same. “Then get your ass back over here and finish me off Babe, I have practice in the morning I can’t be up too late,” he moaned and repositioned himself on the sofa.

Rachael smiled and bounced back towards him before diving into his lap and sitting herself on top of his throbbing cock. “Mmm yeah Baby, that’s it; show Daddy how you like it.” He smacked his hand over her ass and watched her bite her lip as she rocked faster on top of him. He helped her, guiding her deeper onto his dick and thrust upwards each time her hips moved off his lap. It wasn’t long before he was grunting with the action and she was drawing him closer to his finish.

She called his name as she felt his sticky fluid erupting between her thighs and rocked harder enjoying the new heat soaking her body. Another thud hit the window but this time louder and she turned with a start. “Ok I definitely heard that!” she whined. Kayne peered towards the window and groaned. 

Pushing Rachael off of him he pulled on his clothes, finished zipping himself up and moved towards the window. Starting for the door, Rachael grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Wait! What if it’s that thing that’s been killing people?”

“Well then it’s about to meet its maker tonight.” He moved again for the door and again she pulled him back before he could walk outside.

“And what if it eats you too?!”

He sighed his frustration, stepped into the kitchen and grabbed a pool stick from the wall. “There, are you happy now? Can I go?” Rolling his eyes at the irritating blonde Kayne started out the door slowly. His eyes darted back and forth across the lawn before he stepped completely out into the darkness of the Kappa Delta’s backyard. 

“If there’s anybody out here, you better prepare for a fucking ass whooping!” he yelled and moved closer towards the pool.

Rachael stood watching him from the safety of the living room. A breeze hit her from behind and she turned in the direction to look. “Hello? Is anyone in here?” Grabbing a vase from the table she moved towards the other door and peered out the small window. The sound of the patio door slamming behind her jolted her upright and she did all she could to keep from screaming.

“There was nothing out there,” he sighed pulling the vase from her hand and sitting it on the table. “You are starting to get too damn paranoid Rach.” He threw the pool stick to the floor and grabbed his coat. “I gotta run Babe. Coach is on our ass about this next game and I have to be at my peak.” She quickly kissed him before he moved away and he sighed. “I’ll see ya.”

Jordan and Christina made it to the house bright and early to finish the list they’d been given from Kendra. The floors and windows were their house chore and they needed to be spotless if they wanted their invites. Rachael stretched and started out to the living room. Spying the two preparing to leave she called to them stopping them in their tracks.

“Well if it isn’t my two favorite pledges! I see you’ve finished waxing the floors, that’s great because I have just the job for you! It seems that my dearest and most loving boyfriend Kayne is quite a messy lover. Well last night he and I we’re getting reacquainted in the den and wouldn’t you know it? He went and made a mess all over the couch and the floor. CLEAN IT UP!” she ordered, threw her hair over her shoulder and started up the stairs. “And don’t take too long ladies. There’s plenty more where that came from! My Kayne just can’t get enough of me.” She laughed wickedly and they heard her bedroom door close at the top of the stairs.

“That fucking bitch!” Jordan started for the staircase and Christina quickly pulled her back.

“No, don’t. That’s what she’s waiting for; any excuse to revoke our bid and kick us from the house.” She grabbed a mop and bucket and started for the den.

“You’re not seriously about to mop up after that two dollar Barbie wanna-be are you?”

“No. But if she loves her Kayne’s juice so much I figured we could mix her up a nice little beverage. She does still take a mixer to the pool with her when she tans right?”

Jordan’s eyes grew brighter and a sinister smile stretched across her face. “I knew we were born sisters!” she laughed and rushed after Christina.

“Think she’ll notice?” Christina asked squeezing the mop water into the ice bin for cubing.

“Naw. She’s probably sucked down enough of his bodily fluid her body starves itself for it.”

“Come on, we should hurry and finish before little Miss Princess finds us and gives us more shit to do.”

The flames licked higher in the fireplace and Freddy sat back watching the embers flicker and burn out as they reached the top of the furnace. He sighed heavily and drew a deep swig from the Bourbon that sat on the table beside his arm. Leaning forward he dropped his head into his hands as a million thoughts circled around his head.

The smell of liquor and pipe smoke filled the room as Ursula entered her husband’s study. She smiled seeing their old yearbook sitting out beside their wedding album and moved closer to where he sat. “Reminiscing?” her voice broke him from reverie and he turned to look at her with a smile.

“I was; I was thinking about Christina and how she’s now walking in our footsteps out there in Emerald Cove.”

“Yes, she called this morning and said she was joining my old Sorority. She sounded really excited about it. I hope she has just as much fun with her Sisters as I had with mine.” She leaned forward and took a seat in Freddy’s lap as she thought about their daughter with a smile informing him of dinner.

“I’m sure she will. After all, college is about making memories right?”

“In speaking of which a letter came for you today from the University. They are doing a Founders Ball of some kind and are trying to gather as many Alumni as they can and since you were one of their star players for their first and only undefeated season…”

“They are looking for handouts because our daughter attends now and they expect we’ll be more willing to donate our hard earned money. Don’t let them fool you with that Blue and Silver Pride; it’s always about money.”

She laughed and kissed his cheek. “Don’t let the food get cold Sweetie.”

“I’ll be there in a minute.” Ursula turned and exited the room and Freddy took one last look at the page. It was a shot of him and his old team gathered around for the group photo. Everyone was happy and smiling but deep down he knew better. Deep down he could still feel the pain of being around all of those cheerful faces. There was danger lurking within those smiles and he feared his daughter may discover the truth of that in the most horrifying way.

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  1. Is joining a sorority really that important? I can't see myself dealing with that shit! Not one bit! No fucking way! That blonde bitch I swear...her parents are spawn of the devil! I hope she gets what coming to her soon.

    Kayne is a huge douche nugget! Trying to get with Chrissy yet he still leads dumbass on! UGH! He makes me sick and so does she!

    I'm curious now. Are the children of Freddy's old team now going to school with Chrissy? History repeating itself? Someone is the offspring of the original animal and turning certain people or a revenge plot?

    1. For Christina it is. She's following her father's footsteps and becoming a doctor and attending their Alma Mater and now she wants to walk in her Mom's as well. I know I wouldn't put up with it either. Especially dealing with someone like Rachael. She can go kick rocks!

      Kayne haha yeah he has a very huge ego and it doesn't help that people like Rachael feed into it. Chrissy is lucky she backed away when she did...though she has a pretty decent head on her shoulders I doubt it would have gone very far.

      Interesting ideas you're working on. You may be on to something for sure. Freddy just knows that the town and the school house a very dangerous secret that he thinks may harm his daughter if she's not careful.

  2. Ok what??? Deep down he could still feel the pain of being around all of those cheerful faces. There was danger lurking within those smiles and he feared his daughter may discover the truth of that in the most horrifying way. What the heck does that mean??? If he knew there was danger how could he send his daughter there? I don't understand he doesn't seem to be all that happy about his him at college. Something is up with that. And it's something that either his wife is unaware of or doesn't think is an issue.

    Those sorority girls are something else. No way would I got through that. That 'sisterhood' is not worth it.

    Tell me again what is so appealing about Kayne? Rach has some issues if she is working so hard to keep him. I mean did she even get anything out of that sex other than getting messy?

    1. oh just read Qui's comment. Good question. Are those victims his old teammates and their kids? Hmmmm, thinking, thinking.

    2. Ominous much? Yeah he sees evil when he looks through his yearbook sadly. He sees a lot of pain and a lot of secrets that he have haunted his sleep and waking hours. Hmm maybe he didn't send her there; perhaps something else drew her in :D He could have very easily refused to let her go there but she still went anyway. A little reminder, they moved to Washington, Emerald Cove is on the east coast!

      Yes they are. They are very much a pain to have to deal with and aren't going to take it easy on the pledges. Poor Chrissy has no idea she doesn't have to go through any of this. Then again Jordan would have to so she may continue just to be with her friend.

      Because he has the skills of a pro football star and Rachael sees dollar signs when she looks at him. Once she gets his ring on her finger she would care less about his hookups because if something happened half his shit would be hers :P And no...the sex was all Kayne's pleasure. Like Jordan has joked before Rachael spreads her legs for half the campus anyway so she is getting pleasure somewhere herself :)

    3. Ah Qui's comment yes...interesting wasn't it? Think Meeks, think :) You've solved my mysteries before you may be able to do it again!

  3. Those girls should all leave. The things they are being made to do are artocious. I cannot imagine that any of them with a boyfriend would find that boyfriend very happy about the examination. How horrible. I can sort of see why they may want to get in and change things, but how many tried and just succumbed to the peer pressure. Christina's Dad's closing thoughts are rather scary. It almost seems that the entire town is made up of monsters. Maybe it was just the team, maybe it was like a ritual of some sort that they took too far. I'll shush now since my imagination is running far far away with my reasonable self. ^_^ I am just blurting. Good night!

    1. I would too! Jamie was the smart one. She got out while the getting was good lol she was not about to deal with that crap! Yep! I know if I had a BF doing anything like this to get in a frat I'd cut it off while he was sleeping! Straight Lorena Bobbitt his junk :P Freddy's thinking about the last years he spent on the east coast and in that school and knows how the politics work for it. He definitely doesn't want to see his daughter subjected to that or the townsfolk. He does see monsters when he sees the town and there is of course a reason for that. Aww but your imagination is posting interesting comments :P Sweet dreams!

  4. I'm sorry, but no matter how badly I wanted something, you would NOT catch me cleaning up anybody's man-juices, not even to prank that bitch. Sorry, but that's just gross. :P

    That bump in the night probably didn't scare Kayne because he has no reason to be afraid of his accomplice! That scene also made me kind of pity Rachael... she thrives on attention, and if she were to ever lose Kayne, she'd basically have NO friends. I don't think Kendra actually is her friend, but I could be wrong.

    So Chrissy's parents might be on campus for an Alumni Ball? That'll be interesting.

    1. LOL! Yeah it was very disgusting. If it makes you feel better it was mostly dirty mop water :D

      LOL!!!!! I love how you said that HAHAHAHA If it was his accomplice he should be pissed...he or she almost prevented him from getting his rocks off! HOW RUDE! Aww that is sad! I never thought of it that way. But she does bring this all on herself for sure. If she wasn't such a complete bitch to people they might want to be around her a little more. You're right about that. Kendra isn't very close to Rachael and mostly only tolerates her when she has to (Sorority stuff). Otherwise she'd probably be Jordan or Chrissy's bestie!

      Oh yeah :) Very interesting!

  5. okay... I LOVE what they did about Rachael asking them to clean up her mess. That hazing ritual was a crock of shit. When I saw Kayne walk in I just about spit coffee everywhere! I wanted to jam my thumbs in his eyes! Okay, yeah, that's a little violent and maybe I've had too much coffee lol!

    Alright well, gee, I wonder why Daddy would be so worried about what Chrissy's up to?

    1. Haha it was sick but it was a nice slice of revenge for them for sure :) Yeah I think they were going a little too far with that but that's only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. LOL! Well maybe a *tad* violent but if it works I ain't gon' knock it! Jam away!

      He knows things about that school and that town that scare him. The things people do and the amount of secrets lying just beneath the surface.

  6. I swear Kayne and Rachael deserve each other, both of em I would'nt piss on if they were on fire, ugh.
    The hazing was just ridiculous, Rachael would do anything to make herself look good, better than everyone else, even if it's degrading all of those around her.
    Well well, there's some news. Apparently her dad knows something, and by the sounds of it he knows about maybe whatever is killing people, and if it's been going on that long then i'm betting a lot of other people know about it too.
    Interesting turn, going to read more now...edenz~

    1. HAHAHA Yikes! That's completely understandable though. They are both very despicable people and are only out to hurt everyone around them sadly.

      Rachael believes that embarrassing someone and degrading them makes her feel better and it's sad but she likes tormenting them too. It would be a great day to see the tables turned!

      Freddy definitely knows something. It's why he tried to keep his daughter from attending that school but she was determined to follow in her parents' footsteps. It can only be bad but like you said, others must know as well :)

  7. I just started reading this tonight and I told myself I would stop at chapter 10 and go to bed, I lied. This is really getting good! Oh how I wished the killer was out there and took out Kayne and Rachael together. Can't wait to read the rest of this :)

    1. I love hearing that it sucked you in like that! Kayne and Rachael are very hated throughout the story and yeah it would have been the perfect time for the Animal to come and take them both out right there! Two for the price of one :P

      Thank you for reading :)