Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chapter 04: Life of the Party

Screams erupted from the dark corridor beside Bentley Hall and Christina covered her ears to ignore them once again. Finally sick of the constant noise she stood from her bed to shut the window. “I mean seriously don’t they know that SOME of us are trying to study?”

“Relax Chrissy you just got here there’s no need to go balls to the wall crazy with work!”

“Yeah? Tell that to Professor Steward. He has us working on a dissertation as well as a live organic project that he wants perfected for fifty and twenty percent of our grade!  It’s madness I tell you!”

“See and that’s why I use ‘’ it tells you all you need to know about the teacher BEFORE you enter their classroom! Saved me tons of headaches if you can believe it.”

“Great! Now you tell me.”

“Well,” Jordan smiled sitting up and staring in Christina’s direction. “If it’s that bad why not just withdraw?”

“Because a ‘W’ looks just as bad on my transcript as an ‘F’ as far as Bowyer’s medical school is concerned. They don’t want quitters,” she sighed dejectedly and shut her book with a grunt. “I’ll just have to tough it out.”

The music went up another tick until the walls were banging and she could feel the bass beneath her feet. Christina stomped her foot into the floor a few times and released an irritated yell. Jordan laughed and pulled up from her bed to shut the door. “You really should look into a new extracurricular activity girl. Only a week in and you’re already stressed out!”

“Chrissy! Chrissy! Hey, wait up,” Kayne yelled as he ran across the Quad towards the lockers. “Geez do you run track or something?” he asked out of breath as he leaned against the locker beside her.

“What? No. I just don’t want to be late for class.”

“Oh yeah, you have Professor Screwhard.”


“Nothing. Look uh, the party, tonight. I just wanted to make sure you were still in? Come on, you don’t want to make me look bad showing up dateless do you?”

She laughed and shook her head no. “Of course not, I’ll be there. And should I bring an extra change of clothes?” Curiously Kayne’s eyes went up and he started undressing her with his eyes as he thought over the proposal. “I mean for the Keg War. I hear it can get pretty messy.”

“Haha the Keg War! Honestly I didn’t think you were that kind of girl.”

“And what kind of girl is that?”

“You know the ones that get drunk or pretend to get drunk and makes a complete ass of herself. Those are usually the ones involved in the War. The girls that want to show off their goods in wet t-shirts or go a few rounds in Naked Twister. You seemed more civil than that.”

“Yes, I definitely am. I don’t think I’ll be participating in that if that’s the case.”

“Well it originally started as a gag between houses, Alpha Sigma versus Gamma Omicron but turned into something much, much more twisted. Though I won’t deny it gets wild and I do enjoy it myself.” This time it was Christina’s eyes that undressed him as she thought about the topless jock standing in a spray of beer foam and water soaked from head to toe. “Anyway, I won’t keep you. I’ll drop by your room at six ok? We can head over there together.”

“Sounds great.”

“Perfect,” he smiled showing off his brilliant whites once more. “I’ll see you then.” Christina turned and started for the class and Kayne watched her ass wiggle beneath the tight blue jeans she wore before sauntering off to the first class on his morning schedule as well.

Christina sat through another boring lecture and painfully tried ignoring Keitano’s crude remarks every time the Professor said something so she didn’t blurt out laughing in the middle of it. He was, as promised, a great distraction from the tedium and she appreciated him being there for her and keeping her from suffering in silence.

“Are you going to the Alpha Sig party tonight?” she asked and packed her book into her bag as class was dismissed.

“Uh…frat boys…yeah, not really my scene.”

“But it’s a party; I thought…”

“You thought what? The crazy, tattooed Asian guy loved partying senselessly no matter the occasion? Yeah, no, that’s not me. I have standards Chrissy and frat parties rank pretty low on my totem pole,” he smirked.

“Ok, I won’t even ask.” They started out of the room and he stopped and turned his head around the corner with a smile. Christina moved in the direction and giggled noticing what caught his eye. “How long have you two been together?”

“Two and a half very awesome years, I just wish I’d met her sooner.” She noticed them near the fountain and quickly started in their direction with a smile for her boyfriend and a wave at Christina.

“Hey, hey! Class go well?” she tossed her arms around Keitano’s neck and pulled him into a kiss.

“It went as well as Organic Chemistry could I suppose. Chrissy though was thoroughly entertained, I saw to that.”

“My K.T, always so helpful!” she laughed. 

“Yeah it’s just not enough for me. That class sucks. I seriously think it’s draining my life! I looked into that dance class that I signed up for and just like Jordan said the teacher is dated and so are her dances. Now I’m stuck with an open schedule and practicing my moves in the confines of my dorm room.”

“You dance?” Paige asked turning to face her.

“Yep! Going on twelve years now. My dad thought it would help bring balance to his clumsy child. I’ve been in love with it from the first day!”

“That’s awesome! What kinds of stuff are you into?”

“Hip-hop, tap, jazz, ballet; but I love learning new stuff!”

“Killer! You know I dance too,” Paige smiled and moved her hips.

“Yeah you should see her in bed,” Keitano added with a smirk.

“Hey!” she smacked his arms and leaned into the kiss he placed on her cheek.

“Notice she didn’t deny it. I gotta run, have another professor to torture, I’ll catch you ladies later.” Christina laughed at their final exchange and watched him flip around the corner.

“What kind of dancing do you do?”

“Breaking. I LOVE street style stuff you know, tutting, toprock, footwork, floor rocks, freezing and suicides. Anything in the hip-hop roots I’m down for. Maybe we can get together sometime and do it up! I’ll get you out of the confines of your dorm room sometime.”

“That would be great! I think my mirror would appreciate the vacation!”

“Well alright! I’ll hit you up later for now I gotta jet. Tell Jordan I said I’ll drop her notes off later tonight.”

“Knock, knock,” Christina smiled as she noticed Kayne waiting at the door for her. “Are you ready?”

“Yes. Coming Jordan?”

“Not tonight, Donny should be here soon. We’re going to do some coupling,” she grinned mischievously and waved. “You have fun and Kayne you’d better be on your best behavior.”

“Aren’t I always?” he smirked and wrapped an arm around Christina’s waist as they started for the stairs.

 “Left hand on red!” the moderator yelled and watched as a blonde fell forward. He cheered as she pulled off her top and tossed it towards him for the misstep and placed her hand on red as she was instructed.

“Wow,” Christina hissed, “You weren’t kidding about naked twister huh?”

“I wasn’t kidding about a lot of things,” he grinned and tucked his arm deeper around her waist as he led her towards the main room. “I’ll grab us some drink alright?” he pecked Christina’s cheek and started towards the bar. 

“KAYNE!” he heard someone shout his name and greeted them with a fist bump and hug. Christina stood against the wall watching the dancers and numerous drinking games being played around the room and smiled to herself. Half naked men and women cluttered the room as well as bottles, pizza boxes and clothing from various party goers. It was a sight to see and she understood what Keitano meant by not his scene. While his party was every bit as fun, it didn’t get this out of hand.

She spotted Amber from across the room and waved warmly at her. Noticing Kayne become preoccupied with one of his ‘Brothers’, Christina decided to find the kitchen and make herself less of a wall flower and pour her own drink. Pulling a bottle from the cooler beside the fridge she searched the sink for a bottle opener as the music made the dishes clatter around her.

“Well, well if it isn’t little Miss Man Stealer.”

“Excuse me?” Christina turned in the direction of the voice and frowned towards a blonde standing in the doorway of the kitchen. “Do I know you?”

“You should considering you came here with my boyfriend you slut!”

“Ah you must be Rachael, I’ve heard about you. Now first of all I didn’t steal anyone’s man. Secondly, if he was your boyfriend at some point, he isn’t now and he seems very content with upgrading to a newer, classier breed of women. For obvious reasons.”

“Please? Like this bitch could ever replace me? At least I have the decency to not shop at the Wal-Mart or wear something with a huge stain on the front of it! Looks like someone’s been bobbing on a cock and forgot how to clean up after herself.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my dress and unlike you I don’t let guys use my mouth as a toilet!” Angrily Rachael grabbed a glass off the counter and tossed it onto Christina soaking her in a puke green liquid staining her fuchsia silk dress.

“There, that looks much better.”

“YOU BITCH!” Christina charged for her and grabbed a handful of her hair.

The fight echoed over into the living room and onlookers watched the girls go at it, ripping and tearing handfuls of hair from one another. Christina’s dress was ruined and she was going to see to it that Rachael’s was as well as she began pulling her through the spilled liquid. Tearing at the fabric, she ripped a large hole into the shoulder and yanked until the satin straps had torn off her top.

Amber and Kayne both rushed in and while he scooped up his ex-girlfriend and held her at bay, Amber got Christina off of Rachael and pulled her towards the exit. “Let me go!” she yelled and bounced within the redhead’s hands trying to get back to her target.

“Chrissy calm down, really! You shouldn’t let that bitch get to you like this! It’s what gives her the power she thinks she has!” Finally getting the message through, Christina calmed down a little and Amber brushed the hair from her face with a concerned look on hers. “Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

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  1. Maybe because I'm a "no bullshit" person but I do not like Kayne. I would not go out with him again or have anything other than friendly conversation. It says "ex" when he grabs her but still, who wants to have to deal with a female that doesn't get the picture?

    Maybe Chrissy and Paige can start their own dance team? A real dance team!

    1. Christina would be hard pressed to find a reason to have conversation with him again so he'd have to really try and show he's sorry before she gives it a try >:) He says "ex" but Paige referred to her as his "booty call" so he is still very much with her in a way. And it's because of that she thinks she needs to fight any girl that looks his way. She's a little attached...

      That would most certainly give them the extracurricular they are both looking for :) Stay tuned!

  2. She is a feisty girl. Every school has one real youknowwhat. I was actually surprised Kayne went to pull off the ex and not his date, but I guess no one else would want to touch the ex. A party to remember :) Loved the twister *LOL*

    1. Christina wasn't about to let that violation stand! She was looking to make a mop of Rachael. You're right though there is always one of those around :( Kayne was very much interested in keeping Rachael back not thinking about Christina in that moment. He didn't even bother to go after her when she left with Amber. Haha yes the twister was fun! Like Jill said it had to be used :P

  3. Wow..yeah so Rachael is a first class bitch!!!! Seriously your boyfriend. If he was that he wouldn't have asked another girl to the party. Chrissy needs to run and never look back. She don't need that kind of non-baby momma drama LOL

    Glad Amber was there to calm her down although she seemed out of place. I didn't peg her for the frat boy party type.

    Oh and with KT in class I don't see Chrissy getting a lot of work done.

    1. LOL! Well at least you're giving her *some* class :D That's what Chrissy thought too! Rachael wasn't hearing that though. HAHAHA she really doesn't want to have to deal with the blonde bomber and her "boyfriend". She only wants to enjoy her experience at her parents' Alma Mater and get her degree.

      Yeah Amber is trying to come out of her shell as Paige has helped her a great deal learn herself and be comfortable with who she is. In all honesty she decided she wanted to party and came so I used her in the shot :P she wasn't even redressed from her previous appearance in the story lol

      Nope! His job is to keep her entertained and he does it very well! They aren't paying a bit of attention to the lesson at all!

  4. Naked Twister, You just had to do it didn't you? I knew there would be a catfight. Meow!! I find it funny that Kayne is in the middle or will be. Fishy there? Not sure yet. I will just keep reading. This is very interesting.

    1. LOL yes of course I did! You took the challenge and I wasn't about to let your work go to waste :D Yep! It's inevitable when there's a chick like Rachael involved. She's out to make everyone's life a living hell. She's sure to be a pain! Thank you :D

  5. oh no! bitch ruined the party! She shoulda yanked out more hair. Now she's all up in Kayne's arms and stuff and taking advantage and probably pouting and milking it for all its worth and she still has too much hair on her head and and and

    1. LOL! She was definitely trying to make her bald! She really should have scratched up that precious little face of hers! See if that would have made her look better. She will certainly use this to her advantage though as far as Kayne is concerned.

  6. 1. I spy Daniel Pleasant (and possibly Mary-Sue) :D
    2. Kayne seems... I actually don't know how Kayne seems. I want to dislike him, but I don't.
    3. When Rachel tossed that green shit on Chrissy, I was really really hoping she Chrissy would kill the bitch. As in, kill her DEAD. XD

    Awesome update, gott go read 5 now! :)

    1. *ignore that 'she' before Chrissy...

    2. HA! Yes :D I invited them to a "party" then posed them when they arrived. Little did they know they'd have to be in college and "do work" teehee! Makes me laugh thinking about their pain :D

      Kayne's character is a little on the half decent side right now. You're still a little unsure of whether or not he's good or bad. Sure he's a playboy but he did invite Chrissy in earnest and will make an effort to make up for it. He's character will reveal what side of the fence he is on though soon enough.

      Chrissy was prepared to string her ass up for sure! She wanted to hear her screaming for mercy and still tried to get at her when Amber came to break them up! You just wait...Rachael still has a lot more "bitch" in her to show!

      Thank you :D and I shall pretend I never saw it!

  7. Haha! That Rachel got what she deserved. It was funny seeing Chrissy pull her hair. Lol.
    I have to agree with Qui about Kayne. Like, I want to like him but I think he's still boning Rachel. Why else would she go bat shit crazy about Chrissy?
    Loved naked twister! Too funny :D
    On to next chap..

    1. LOL! She was going for the gold! Rachael deserves that and then some thinking she can just push someone around. Maybe she's not used to people fighting back but Chrissy wasn't having it! He does still find himself visiting his ex on nights he can't get with someone else though he states he hasn't in a while...if you can believe that O.o Rachael is a pretty in pink princess living off of her Daddy's money and believes she can get whatever she wants whenever she wants from whomever she wants! She ran into a blockade in the form of Christina and was doing what she needed in order to get her gone quickly!

  8. Well, that didn't go well/sigh. they should have let Chrissy keep going, looks like she was getting the better of Rachael and by the looks of it she needed it.

    Ohhhh not safe for little girls to walk home by them selves with a not so nice guy/killer walking around!.....edenz~

    1. I agree! Rachael really needs to be put in her place and the way she treats people...she had to expect at some point someone would want to kick her ass!

      Definitely not! But at least they have each other here :) Unlike poor Reagan!