Friday, October 19, 2012

Chapter 19: Final Exam

“I don’t know Jordan he just looked so serious when he was asking. I mean he said before that he had been hurt by another girl and I could tell he was really scared of it happening again. I just…when I get my hands on that Rachael! Her and Kayne and their lies! And then to think she was trying to ruin his life!”

“Relax, he told you he took care of the drugs right?”

“Yes but it’s just the fact that she would even think to take things that far! And then on top of that to blame me for it and make it seem as though Kayne and I slept together to justify her actions! Man! Remy must have really hated me when he heard that! For him to even believe it for a second...”

“But he didn’t, that’s why he asked you first before jumping to conclusions! If you ask me he was just more pissed off about Rachael and Kayne than anything else. Trust me that man really cares about you. I can tell by the way he looks at you when he thinks no one is noticing.”

“I really hope so,” Christina smiled to herself feeling her heart skip a beat at the thought of her leather clad, tough guy swimmer in a suit for tonight’s party. “So what do you think?”

“Who are you exactly?”

“Bonnie Parker; you know of Bonnie and Clyde?”

“Oh. Then you might need a gun or something to carry. If not for the look then to at least put a nice scare into Rachael. Man I’d love to see her get what’s coming to her!”

“You and me both,” Christina sighed and turned in the mirror.

“Then it’s settled. You hold her down and I’ll pluck every strand of hair from her head one at a time until she’s bald!”

Remington and Donovan knocked once and entered the room watching their girlfriends share a laugh. “We’re not interrupting are we?” Remington asked and moved towards Christina with a smile. Offering her the rose in his hand he pecked her cheek and pulled her into his arms. “You look nice.”

“Mmm and so do you partner in crime,” she wrapped her arms around his neck and stared into his eyes. “That suit fits just like I thought it would; snug and yummy.”

“Yummy? Well you ain’t seen nothing yet, wait until I get out of it.”

“Yeah, I’m waiting on that.” She giggled as his fingers tickled down her sides and she watched Jordan and Donovan give an equally as intimate welcome.

“So are you beauties ready to go?” Donovan asked readjusting his package. “The sooner we get there the quicker I can get out of this getup!”

“You know I don’t remember Peter Pan complaining about his tights.” Jordan hissed and pushed him hard in the chest.

“Yeah and Disney also didn’t show just how much he abused those Lost Boys either. I mean come on, a Man-Child that refuses to grow up hanging around a bunch of orphaned boys pretending to be their role model? That just screams pedophile! I won’t even get into the cute little pixie that he had dosing them with drugs or ‘fairy dust’ that got them all high and ‘floating’!”

The couples arrived to the community building in the center of campus and were awed by the many decorations hanging around the place. Spiderwebs clung to the corners of the doorways and above the stage and buffet. Murderous plots were portrayed of bodies left undiscovered hanging from the ceiling or crawling from graves near the back walls.

Even Pyramidhead and the Bubblehead Nurse of Silent Hill made appearances in their display of a few innocent victims in one of the far sections of the arena. The dance floor had bat lights and disco balls making decorative swirls against the floor and the wallpaper was very Halloween in its black and orange. Olivia took care to add tiny scares and gruesome scenes in nearly every corner of the auditorium. 

Donovan let off a low whistle and wrapped his arm more around Jordan’s waist and took one step forward. “Wow she went a little…”

“Punch?” Olivia asked cheerfully placing a tray in front of the group with a bright smile on her face.

“Thanks,” he smiled in return and raised his glass in her direction. “The place looks amazing! You outdid yourself this year,” he found himself yelling above the music, “Everything looks great!”

“Thanks! Now get your butts out on the floor! The band is only here for the next two hours since no one wanted to pay for them for the whole night! Enjoy!” She skipped off towards another entering couple offering them drinks and a smile and Remington escorted Christina towards Keitano and Paige.

“Hey Buddy!” Keitano smacked Remington’s palm and pulled him in for a Bro Hug. “I did not expect to see you here, and with Chrissy?” he winked in her direction and she felt herself blush for some unknown reason. “You better be treating my boy right!” He pointed energetically at her.

“He’s very well taken care of KT!” She smiled and cozied beneath Remington’s arm.

“She’s only saying that now because she doesn’t want a spanking later,” he kissed her forehead and brushed a stray hair from her face. “Unless it’s just a trick and that’s exactly what you’re asking for.”

“I don’t think I’d have to ask if that was my goal Remy. But if that’s all I gotta do to get your hands all over me I might have to rethink my position.”

“Whoa watch her Brother, this one’s a real firecracker! You should see some of the things she does and says in class; a real troublemaker! Always pulling me away from my studies to prank someone. It’s a wonder I get any assignment completed!”

“You never complete an assignment!” Christina yelled in shocked revelation.

“Yes! Exactly my point!” Keitano laughed as Christina smacked his arm.

“I see why you were chopped in the head! Remind me to buy you a drink for that later Paige.”

“Yeah well I wouldn’t go cheering on my actions; I got stabbed in the back for my betrayal,” she groaned and turned to show the knife poking prominently from between her shoulder blades.

“What are you two anyway?”

“Oh! We’re the death of school spirit! Rah-rah!” Paige smiled and did a small cheer. “And let me guess, Bonnie and Clyde? Nicely done. You both look great!”

“Thanks. It had to be a special occasion to get me in a suit.”

“Yeah but you look great in a suit!”

“And I bet you say that to all the most wanted!” He pecked her lips lightly and she sighed against his mouth.

“Excuse me,” Olivia smiled interrupting the canoodling couple. “Uh Remy could you do me a favor please?” she asked pulling him off towards the refreshments. “The ice has run out and I’m heading to the kitchen for more snacks could you drop off at the ice dispenser in the lunch hall and grab some more please?”

“Anything for a Princess, Cinderella,” he bowed and smiled in Christina’s direction. Motioning that he’ll be a minute he slipped from the room and crossed the quad.

“So Chrissy, how long have you been seeing my bestie and why haven’t I known this small yet explosive fact?” Keitano asked sipping from the drink in Paige’s hand and stealing the last of her ice much to her dismay. She pushed away from him and started for the drink table to grab more growling in frustration at the empty bowl.

“More is on the way I promise,” Olivia responded as she placed new sandwiches on the table.

“Uh I don’t know since the start of the semester I guess? He saved my life and thought I should learn how to swim so I’m not so helpless in the water again and things just took off from there.”

“Ah yes! I recall you mentioning your kiss with death but you never said anything about moving those lips to Rem. Just a word of advice, he’s sometimes broody while training because he has lots of testosterone and determination pumping through him 24/7. You have to try and ignore his sometimes erratic behavior and try to be as understanding as possible.”

“Well I haven’t noticed brooding but he did seem in a slight mood the other night but that was because of something that happened with Rachael.”

“And speaking of the devil,” Paige motioned towards the door and the arrival of “Hugh Hefner” and his Playmate of the Month. “How fitting!” She rolled her eyes in disgust watching Rachael hanging off of Kayne’s arm possessively.

“KAYNE! Huge favor please!” Olivia rushed towards him with a box of miscellaneous items. “A few people tripped over these. Some of the art department mistakenly left them lying around. Pauline thought it would be funny to have giant spiders fall from the ceiling as everyone entered and in the middle of making them quickly abandoned the idea for axe murderers. Don’t ask LONG story. Anyway could you pretty please for me take them to the storage unit?”

“Uh, we just got here and you’re already expecting us to…” Rachael started but was quickly interrupted by Kayne.

“Yeah of course,” he responded with a smirk. “I’ll be right back Babe.” He kissed Rachael’s cheek and started off towards the storage room to place the excess decorations out of the way.

“Let me guess, he took you to dinner at Giovanni’s, drinks at Costello’s and dancing at Slick until early morning and then tried taking you to bed?”

“Dinner yes, the rest hell no. I stopped the so-called date before the waiter even filled our drink orders. I was stupid to agree to it in the first place and I wasn’t about to sit and watch him eye everyone in the room thinking he had a chance with me.”

“Smart girl. It’s amazing to me his dick hasn’t turned green with large purple pustules and fallen off the amount of girls he’s fucked at this school.”

“Gross, that was certainly a visual I didn’t want or need! Thanks KT.” Christina finished her drink and placed the glass on the table behind Keitano. “I’m gonna find the little girls room before I implode,” she giggled and started off towards the back door.

Professor Steward sat grading the last of the first quarter exams listening to his radio pump jazz through his office. Disappointment was not the correct word to use to describe the mood he was in as he looked over the many incorrect or incomplete answers from his students. It was as if he was standing in front of the class for purely entertainment purposes; they weren’t learning a thing! “Idiots! The whole lot of them!” he groaned and took a sip of the liquid in the mug in front of him.

The lights in his office flickered once before burning out and a loud crash from the adjoining room pulled his attention from the papers in front of him. “Hello?” Randall stood from his desk and peered through the frosted glass of his office door. A dark shadow moved within his vision and he hurried towards the exit. “Who is that? Who’s there?” Trying the light switch he found the lights in the building must all be on the same circuit.

He reached into his pocket for his lighter but couldn’t locate it. Another movement close by brought him to the center of the room and he squinted as he could barely make out a figure standing beside the door. “Who is that? Who are you looking for?” he asked, his patience quickly growing thin.” Look, you’re not supposed to be in here!”

“Stay right there, I’m calling campus security!” He turned to the desk beside him and reached for the phone. But before his hands could connect to the first button, he felt a warm fluid oozing down his neck and drip onto the desk in front of him. Reaching up he dabbed his fingers in the substance and realized it was blood pouring from his neck. Coughing once caused more emerged from his lips in thick streams. His hands immediately came up in defense but another swipe from the Animal’s claws exposed the heart beating within his chest and his limp body fell to the floor with a silent thud.

“Did I miss anything?” Remington asked pulling Christina against his body.

“Just time you could have spent with me out on the dance floor!” she sighed and smiled turning to face him.

“Well let me make that up to you now.” Kissing her lightly on the back of her hand, Remington quickly guided his date towards the dance floor.

“Are we going to dance tonight or are you just going to spend your time checking out whores?” Rachael growled at Kayne turning his attention away from one of the pledges from her house.

He sighed and rubbed a hand over his face at the annoying grating of her voice. “Look, I brought you here because usually you’re a cool chick to hang around but the way you’ve been in my ear all damn night is beginning to really grind my nerves. No I’m not dancing with you, can’t you see I’m talking to someone?” he asked pointing towards Erin who shrunk beneath the many eyes now beaming in their direction at the sound of raised voices.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to Kayne Dunnigan! You’re just trying to take that bitch to bed because you’re interested in ‘her lips around your dick’! If you think for one second I’m just going to stand here and let you play me for a fool you’re crazy! Now we came here together and I’ll be damned if I let you leave with someone else!”

“You know what Rach, being with you had to be the biggest mistake of my life, YOU ARE NOT MY WIFE! And if you don’t want to stand here and watch go to the other side of the room, I don’t fucking care! Just get the hell OUT OF MY FACE!” he took Erin’s arm tight in his hand and pulled her away from the bitchy blonde towards the wall and restarted his conversation with her.

Rachael looked in the direction of the stares and yelled for them to mind their business before heading towards the bar. Finding a large selection of prepared drinks, she immediately began downing them one after the other. After a few large gulps within minutes of her discovery, an entire tray had been demolished. Hiccupping as she felt the slow burn of the rum and gin mixtures slip down her throat she immediately began feeling its effects and moved towards the back of the table slumping against the wall.

Looking towards her date she sighed in anger and drank a little more from her new best friend as she began plotting. Noticing the desperate situation, Ezra headed over and stopped right in front of her blocking her view somewhat. Sidestepping him to regain his vision she huffed audibly at him and tipped her glass to her lips. “You know that’s no good right now Rachael.”

“Who the fuck asked you Creep?” she turned the bottle to her lips once more and pointed at Kayne. “Look at him! All happy and smiling as he tries to lay his best lines on her for a quick bang then it’s back to good old dependable Rachael. ‘Are you into fast? I have a Camaro and I can see you in it topless; the car not you…unless you’re into that.’ Or ‘First, I'd like to kiss you passionately on the lips, then, I'll move up to your belly button’. Or ‘If I were to ask you for sex, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?’ And my personal favorite ‘Hey Babe I’m Irish, wanna get lucky?’ Pfft! Please. He has an average sized dick and a lame ass technique in bed. She’d be lucky if he got her off before he oozed all over himself and started snoring loud enough to wake the dead!”

“Um I can take you home if you want,” Ezra shouted just barely over the music hearing the way Rachael began slurring her words and doing her best to hide her tears.

“Do I look like I want to go anywhere with you?” she growled and glared in the direction of Kayne still flirting shamelessly with Erin. She turned the bottle in her hand up to her lips once more swallowing large gulps of the alcohol before Ezra removed the nearly empty container from her grasp.

“Yes actually you do. I think you should try and sleep it off and maybe the cool air outside will help sober you a little on the way.” He dropped the bottle to the table and offered her his arm. She reached out to take it looking one last time in Kayne’s direction before stumbling once in her heels on the way out the door.

“Fine, lead the way.”

The crisp autumn weather hit them instantly the moment they exited the double doors towards the dorms. Nipping at her exposed flesh, Rachael shrugged and rubbed her hands over her arms as Ezra moved closer towards her. “Would you like my jacket?” He made a motion to remove it from his shoulders for her.

“No, keep that thing away from me. Even if I’m freezing I still have my style!” He groaned at the bitterness in her tone and tried to ignore her attitude as best he could. He had been used to it after all; it shouldn’t be something that he lets affect him now. The sky seemed to darken as they moved into the gates of Landon Walk with a steady beat to the Kappa house.

She noticed a few students giggling and pointing in her direction as they neared the front porch and the few Sisters that hadn’t attended the party were visible through the windows from the walkway. “I don’t wanna be here.”

“Uh but it’s your home.”

“You don’t think I know that? If I wanted to be home I’d have brought myself here! Take me some place else!”

With a sigh he pointed up the walkway and Rachael pouted and quickly stomped in the direction of his aim. Shaking his head once, Ezra started after her and considered abandoning her on the side of the road and taking himself back to his dorm alone. He offered her a safe journey to her room not to open himself to more of her verbal abuse. Noticing the sexy swing in her hips, he found his eyes were a permanent fixture to the area just above her thighs and licked his tongue over his lips thinking about kissing her there. Gazing up at the star ladened sky, he tried to refocus his train of thought but instead began making constellations in the form of Rachael’s very shapely ass.

“We’re at my room,” he blew out a heavy breath realizing they were just outside his dorm. “Do you want to come inside?” Rachael shrugged and he opened the door to let her in. They bumped into a few drunken students heading out to the back courtyard and making loud, riotous noises as they exited.

Ezra unlocked his door and smiled as Rachael crashed in his bed. He shut the door as other partiers moved about the hall heading down towards the after party at Alpha Sig. “You want me to grab you some water or something?” he asked nervously taking a seat beside her on the bed. Just as he’d hoped the walk back in the crisp air had sobered her up a little but the fact that she agreed to come up to his room told him she must still be feeling the tequila’s effects somewhat. Rachael nodded her head no slowly and leaned back into his pillows, her eyes narrowly opened as she motioned him closer.

He shook her off but she grabbed his collar and yanked him forward. Ezra’s body fell against hers and his groin had an instant reaction as he felt the warmth emanating from between her supple thighs. He moaned and tried thinking of something else but as she moved beneath him he could smell the soft, feminine scent of her skin and it only made things worse. “I don’t think we should do this you’re not yourself.”

“Then who am I?” she sighed and pressed her lips into the crook of his neck. Ezra moaned and felt the slimy sheen of sweat on his palms as he reached down to touch her hair. “Come on Ezzie, you can’t tell me you haven’t dreamt of this moment. You can’t say you don’t want me, I can feel just how much you do.” She bucked her hips against him eliciting a tender moan to roll off his tongue as she rubbed against his aching hard on. 

“You’re drunk and I don’t want to take advantage of you Rachael, please.” He successfully freed himself from her grip and slid off the bed starting towards the other side of the room. She gave chase, pushing him to the bed against the wall and dropping herself into his lap.

“So you’re saying that you want me to stop? Hmm? You don’t want me to kiss you here?” she asked pressing her lips against his cheek. “Or here?” her mouth moved down to his jaw slowly sliding her lip along his skin and closing with a wet pop. “Or here?” He sighed heavily feeling her warm breath on his neck once more and tried with every ounce of strength he had left to not say no to her first question.

Swallowing hard, he closed his hand over her hips as she began peppering kisses over his throat and slowly undoing the buttons on his shirt. “Rachael?” he shrieked, his voice breaking up like a virginal prepubescent. “Uh I don’t think you want to do this.”

“That’s where you’re wrong Ezzie!” Taking his hand she guided it between the crevice of her thighs until his fingers slipped against the wetness of her pussy and he gasped. “I want it and I know you do.” She licked his cheek and her face immediately turned up into a grimace. “Maybe you should get that disgusting crap off your face first though.”

“Yeah, yeah sure!” He pulled himself from beneath her and ran towards the bathroom, tripping over a few books as he moved. Staring at his reflection in the mirror, Ezra shook his head in disbelief and quickly reached for a rag. Dragging it across his face her cleaned the green paint off himself and poured a capful of mouthwash between his lips to gargle. Pinching his arm once to ensure he wasn’t dreaming he reached for the door and started back out towards his bedroom.

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  1. LOL Ezra is gonna get lucky with a drunk Rach. Her ass is so stupid!!!! Kayne treats her like shit and yet she still takes it out on the women. UGH!!!! She so annoyingly stupid.

    So the good Professor was killed. Interesting. Wonder what the his agenda is??? I don't think its random.

    The party looked great. Olivia needed to have more help sending Remy and Kayne off to run errands. Seemed a little suspicious with the timing.

    1. Yeah Rachael is either completely clueless or very conniving or both. For her to allow someone to treat her that way simply because she wants what he possesses for her future is beyond dumb.

      Professor Steward. He had a specific role and failed so he had to go :D

      Suspicious...yes...Olivia had her dance committee acting as servers and such so they weren't able to take off. She asked Remy and Kayne because she knew they'd be eager to assist :D

  2. I think it was cute the way off of them coupled. Even though I hate Kayne that was an awesome idea.

    Rachel is a perfect example of these chicks that marry stars. They know they're going to cheat but as long as they have the title they could care less. If she knows he can't keep his dick to himself, why stay? Oh yeah, cause you can just get even by screwing Ezra.

    I feel bad for him because at the end, she's using him.

    Olivia seems suspicious to me. Why in the hell did she ask those two to do things like there weren't other guys? I was looking at them both trying to figure out which one looked like they turned into a beast and killed the Prof. I have no idea who it is.

    1. HAHA thank you! Yeah he made a great "playboy magnet". And I think he takes that role a little too seriously.

      Yes! That is her exactly. She knows he's going to hound dog her but cares less. She is running the girls away so he doesn't take one of them as his wife. She needs to know her future is set. After that he can have whoever he wants. LOL! And yes that plus she's no stranger to a few of the other guys around campus. Like Jordan said in C16 the soccer team, football team, lacrosse team, swim team...they can't kill her because she'd be easily missed by too many guys :P

      Oh yeah. He is still being played and she's toying with his weakness. He won't care because now he can have her and now she's ensuring her will is obeyed!

      LOL Olivia :D She was hoping for some big, brawny, manly men to help! But's curious why those two of the other partygoers! Hmm maybe it was the other one that went missing? Then again it could have been Olivia herself!

  3. When you got Remy, Kayne, and Chrissy to go to different places alone, I could've sworn SOMEBODY was going to die, but I didn't think it'd be a professor! Bravo on a gruesome, bloody death. :D

    And what the fuck Ezra. Just what. The. Fuck. You dumbass, you're going to catch something. Like Ultra-Crabs. XD

    Also, just going to use the google account thing because of the Halloween Collabo, so yeah. :P

    1. Hahaha the suspicious exits are usually key in horrors right? And anyone that says "I'll be right back" as Scream has taught us is a rule! Thank you :D

      OOOOH! That sounds just horrible! YUCK! If he does though it'll be his happiest day ha. Ew :P

      I was about to ask. I thought your name had changed.

  4. and he goes back in to find her passed out in her own puke...all over his bed. That would be perfect.

    I LOVED all the crap Rach said at the party about Kayne and his lines. My favorite was the Irish/lucky one.

    I'm really glad Remy and Chrissy didn't have a fight at the game.

    Um, speaking of Remy. He looked smoking hot in that suit. *wipes drool off of lower lip* hm yeah what was I saying? Oh. Remy. Mhm. *stares off into space*

    Nope, sorry. I'm no good to anyone now. *leaves for fantasyland and I don't mean Disney*

    1. Aww his night would be ruined then...maybe not O.o

      LOL! Thank you! She was drunk and it's funny hearing her talk about him like that and yet STILL she pursues him!

      Remy is a very respectable guy. He'd rather talk things through than make accusations and hurt someone. Chrissy is very lucky to have someone like that in her life.

      Haha! A man in a suit is always a yummy, delicious sight. And he definitely pulled that off! Makes you forget he went as one of America's most wanted from that time period. It's probably why the real Bonnie Parker went along with his adventures too!

      Lol! Well I hope you enjoy yourself :D

  5. What did Remington see in Rachel's closet to make him think that Christina had sexual relations with Kayne? I really thought that his questions were going to be a bit more serious than that. Surely he knows she wouldn't. But I guess he really does not know Christina too well, they really sort of just met.

    The costume party was very fun looking. I hope that the choice of outfit does not indicate who is next. Bye bye professor. But Keitano and Paige had sharp objects embedded in their bodies.... ugh... *LOL*

    I don't think Ezra is being smart, for all of his geniusness. heh... Bad move, but I guess he feels obligated to take care of her for some odd reason. Just because she did favours for him? Well, I hope he gets what he wants without a few tag-along surprises from Rachel via Kayne.

    Very fun. I was really worried that something would happen to Remington or between Remington and Kayne when they were both sent away. But then, someone did die while they were away. It's Remington isn't it? He is back to close a grudge of a parent or something.

    1. Both Kayne and Ezra implied it and it made Remy curious to the point of asking. Plus he was saying he tried putting it all together himself and nothing was making sense to him. Why would Rachael be so adamant about harming her if she hadn't slept with Kayne? So he decided to ask and he believed what Christina had to say. Exactly. While he does trust her and want to believe she'd never hurt her, he's been there before and the idea of it happening again bothers him.

      Thank you! It was fun to do (minus the few crashes) but finally got enough sims in costumes as background fodder. HAHA yeah that is interesting. Not sure if it's any indication though. Professor Steward on the other hand had to meet his maker.

      Ezra is a lovesick fool and want to be Rachael's night in shining armor. Unlike the others, he's still a teen (though a man at 19). And he is very easily manipulated because no one has ever given him attention like Rachael has. Even though she's using him he lets her because other than that the only contact he gets are spitballs in his hair or obscenities lodged at him. Rachael would never want ANYONE to know what they did!

      Thank you! Yeah their disappearances from the party were very suspicious! Luckily though neither were hurt. Or unluckily in Kayne's case? Oooh, interesting theory :) The animal definitely has an axe to grind and its victims are targeted specifically!

  6. Hmmmm, not sure it has anything to do with it but Remy and Kayne were both "gone" when professor Steward was killed, coincidence?

    Poor Ezra, if he does get some from hagatha he may regret it for the rest of his life. She and Kayne prolly both have every std known to man....edenz~

    1. Ah you're forgetting Christina's little bathroom break too. Perhaps it is a coincidence or perhaps someone did the deed? :D

      HAHAHA Hagatha? HAHAHAHA I love that LOL! Ezra is in for a treat for sure! First comes the itching, then comes the infestation, then comes the bugs...oh man that's just so gross to even think about. She probably does have her share of STDs!