Friday, October 5, 2012

Chapter 05: Brush with Death

“Damn I wish I could have been there to see that,” Jordan sighed as she sat beside Christina on the cold gymnasium floor. “Rachael is a real bitch and I would have LOVED to see her get her ass handed to her!”

“Yeah Chrissy held her own! It was awesome! I thought by the end of it the bitch would have been bald,” Amber laughed. “I was only scared that she was about to swing on me for pulling them apart!”

“Naw, I’d have never hit you,” Christina smiled. “And thank you for that. There’s no telling how far that would have gone otherwise. I spent seventy bucks on that dress only to have her stain it and ruin it forever. I was gonna take every last scent out of her ass if I could have.”

“Well you just better watch your back from now on. If I know Rachael she’ll be looking for revenge and won’t be quiet about how she takes it!” Amber finished stretching and moved towards the diving board. “Alright ladies, I’ll try not to splash you but I warn you, you might want to move back a little. This can get messy.” 

Amber was in the middle of training for the upcoming swim meet. The swim team had great competitors in the surrounding colleges and universities and it was her goal to become the best and make it all the way to the Olympics. As a distraction she invited Jordan and Christina to watch her train and cheer her on. It felt good having someone in her corner and she wanted to show them just what swimming was all about.

Taking position, she jumped once, twice and tucked her arms to her side as she did a back flip takeoff into a pike closed pike and landed perfectly into the water. Heading back up for more she started this one with a double flip into a tuck and positioned herself to cause as minimal a splash as possible. 

“WOO!” Christina and Jordan stood cheering as she entered the water for the third flip. “You look great!”

She swam towards them and pulled herself from the water drying herself on one of the available towels. “I want to perfect three dives for the competition and work on my breast stroke. I cut my time by three seconds last time but I’m aiming for at least 5. Coach said if I hit my goal I can be anchor for the upcoming games again! That would be awesome!” She took a seat beside Christina as she continued drying out her hair.

“Have you talked to Kayne after what happened?” Jordan asked watching Christina’s eyes gloss over with an apparent day dream.

“He’s called but I’ve been avoiding him. I kind of don’t want or need the drama right now. I am trying to keep my head down and make it through these classes. Everything else is only going to sidetrack my end game.”

“Well are you just as pissed at him for having her there? Or are you interested in hearing what he has to say?”

“Yes because she wants Kayne’s dick,” Jordan teased and kicked her leg playfully as she riled Amber up as well.

“Shut up! I do not!” Christina tossed back. “I only said he was cute but he is not my type and I don’t intend on becoming some college conquest either if that’s what he’s thinking! I agreed to ONE date and we went to a party where I got to watch him get drunk and be stupid with the other jocks in the house.”

“I’m gonna go and get changed guys and we can hit up the café for lunch, I’m starving!” Jordan waited until Amber was out of ear shot before making a joke about piss in the pool.

“That’s gross!”

“Well I’m sure Smitty takes care of it anyway. It is his job after all.”

“Smitty? That guy gives me the creeps! Have you noticed how he stares at the girls near Winston Hall? It’s like he is secretly plotting to run in there and rape them all. Makes me wonder how he still has a job here.”

“Because he’s Dean Myers cleanup guy. Anything that happens, ANYTHING and the Dean has him take care of it.”

“Why do I get the feeling you’re talking about more than just spills and trash?”

“Because I am. Come on Chrissy I know you’ve heard the rumors about the missing items from girls’ rooms that have accused someone of rape or the ones that suddenly seem to drop out of classes and leave because of constant harassment? The Dean covers the shit up and makes Smitty do his dirty work to ensure the University’s name isn’t tarnished. He makes everyone that has a complaint out to be some sort of liar so if things ever go to trial he has an out.”

“Are you serious?” The confession gave Christina the chills and she rubbed her hands over her arms to calm her nerves. “That’s crazy!”

“Yeah but you don’t have anything to worry about,” Jordan got to her feet and moved towards the pool. “You have Kayne to take care of you and as the Dean’s golden boy he gets his way.”

“Oh please! I told you I’m not into him like that.”

“No? Then it was some other football jock’s name you were calling out in your sleep last night? Oh Kayne! Yes! Oh Kayne!” Jordan teased, taunting Christina more as she pranced around batting her eyes. “Christina and Kayne are going to have the cutest babies anyone has ever seen. They’ll have Mommy’s big brown eyes and Daddy’s huge obnoxious nose!”

Christina lunged at Jordan but she dodged her attack causing her to fall with a loud splash into the pool. “Ha-ha I was just going to say you needed to cool off Chrissy I was only kidding!”

Splashing around Christina reached for the edge. Her eyes were huge and panicked as she struggled to keep her head above water. “Hel…I can’t…swi…” 

Instantly Jordan moved towards the pool again as panic began filtering through her. “Hold on Christina, I’m gonna get help!” she rushed towards the wall and grabbed one of the lifesaver poles from the wall. “Grab on Chrissy!” Jordan yelled as she tried to stretch the pole as close to her friend as she could.

“I can’t…rea…”

Dropping the pole on the ground Jordan tossed a ring into the water beside her and screamed as she watched Christina struggle endlessly against the water trying to keep herself up. “Hold on Chrissy I’ll go and get some help!” She ran from the room towards the lockers to find Amber or anyone that could help.

Trying as hard as she could Christina couldn’t get a good grip and her strength started waning as her lungs burned within her ribs. With one last breath exhaling rapidly from her mouth, Christina disappeared beneath the chlorine hell. Her eyes blinked shut as she slowly sank to the bottom of the pool. Darkness encased her in a watery shell and everything became dull. Suddenly a large black shape jumped into the water behind her. She felt arms wrap around her body and begin tugging her towards the surface. 

Carrying her as quickly as he could, he laid her onto the wooden bench against the wall and began administering CPR until finally her eyes fluttered open. A deep, masculine scent filled her nostrils and she imagined herself wrapped in her favorite blanket from childhood that held her father’s fragrance. Christina peered into the icy, cool gaze of the bluest eyes she’d ever seen and just like that, they were gone.

“Chrissy! Chrissy!” Jordan shouted as she ran closer towards her friend. “Hey! Are you ok? Just try and relax. Amber is getting help.” She stroked her hand through her friends’ hair trying to keep her calm. Moments later the swim coach, nurse and Dean were rushing in beside Amber stopping next to her to check and make sure she was alright.

After examining her for any signs of concussion or trauma and clearing her, the staff excused themselves to begin working on damage control. It would be a disaster for the upcoming meet if word hit the media and they had to shut the pool down because of it. Dean Myers was already contemplating a cover story just as Jordan was talking about earlier.

Christina pulled herself to a seated position and drop her elbows to her knees supporting her dizzy head. “Who was the guy?” Christina asked once they were alone again.

“What guy?”

“The one that saved me. The one that pulled me from the water.”

“Christina I didn’t see anyone. I ran to get help before you drowned and when I got back here I found you here on the bench a safe distance away from the water.”

“Someone pulled me out of it. I don’t know where he went though.”

“Well we’ll figure that out later. I’m sorry ok? I didn’t know you couldn’t swim! I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“It’s ok, I’m alright.” She smiled and looked towards the top bleachers and doors. “Whoever it was I’d really like to thank him.”


  1. What??? Why the hell would he just leave like that??? Why not stay? Make sure she was ok? What is wrong with him? But awww he saved her. My Remy a hero. :) She really needs to find him and thank him, then knock him upside his head for running off.

    Its good to see them all getting close. That is some crazy stuff about the Dean. What the hell? Covering up rapes, harassment, and theft. How has he been able to keep it quiet. And what does he have on Smitty to make he do all that?

    1. LOL perhaps he's a little shy? He saw that she was awake and fine and figured he should make his exit before he had to answer a million questions. But no worries, he won't get away that easily! She will definitely have to hunt his ass down!

      You are asking the right questions already, I like that :D Dean Myers is the kind of guy who's all about politics and what looks good for his position in office. Since it is an elected position he wants to ensure he keeps it and does what he has to in order to maintain an appearance of solace...unfortunately for students that is a very bad thing!

  2. That tease of unfair! Glad we got to see him though! He could save me!

    I'm with Christina. Who needs the drama? I'd stay away too. I like how the three of them seem to have gotten close. Yes, let's all sit around the pool and talk about stomping blonde bitches!

    1. Aww :P Yeah he really ran off too quickly for her tastes too. I promise more Remy very soon (C6 is his intro chapter).

      Haha yeah they are really all banded together with the "we hate Rachael" group. I'm sure there are plenty of those around campus considering she breeds hate and contempt wherever she goes!

  3. I don't really have anymore to add, other than, this was a bit more on the cat fight. I also like how you took the angled pictures. I just love how you do that. I try but everytime I do it looks odd. Oh well another great chapter.

    1. Haha the girls all want to see Rachael get hers. Yeah I know what you mean by weird. I have a lot of them I never use because I don't like the way they look lol. So the point in taking them? None. :P Thank you!

  4. It seems to me that this little school has a lot of hidden secrets.
    The janitor guy was really unnerving so I can understand where the stories came from. I hope he's just really an unhappy guy and not a complete monster. Or maybe he is the monster.

    Poor Christina. She needs to learn to swim. Maybe her blue-eyed angel will teach her ^_^

    1. Very right you are :) The Dean as well as those he employs does a lot in order to keep certain facts hidden. There's also a secret that even the town has kept for a few decades. One that is about to slowly unravel. Lol Smitty is a bit of a creep and scary but as someone stated, Dean Myers must have something on him for him to stick around. He might have something on everyone!

      Oooh someone's peeking into the future :D

  5. I can't add anymore than one the comments above already said. As usual, you did a great job with this chapter (specifically the camera angles. They were really good!)

    1. Thank you Jim :) I really appreciate that! I'm always a little "meh" with shots because I see all these angled shots and such people do and they look fantastic. Like Rated said you're always more critical of your own work so hearing that really makes it worth trying :)

  6. Hmmmm things at this place keep getting stranger and stranger, I'm beginning to think that the monster killer is just a little part of how weird this place is!.....edenz~

    1. LOL! The added strangeness is fun! The animal does just add to the creepy appeal to the school. Dean Myers and Smitty add a whole new level too!