Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chapter 24: Dirty Tricks

“This is so exciting!” Christina squealed and gathered up her drink and Raisinets. Jordan and Paige shoved a few more drinks, a box of popcorn and two more bags of candy onto her tray as the trio started up the stairs to take their seats. “Whoa ok, I guess we should have got a bigger tray,” she sighed and balanced the items on the small wooden platform as she climbed the steps to the top.

“Oh there’s Remy!” Paige pointed and waved at the swimmer. He smiled and tossed a wave back before blowing a kiss at Christina. She instantly blushed and felt herself melt as his eyes burned through her.

“He looks so damn fine in those trunks. I swear I have to try and restrain myself from rushing down there and tossing his ass to the cement.”

Jordan laughed and shook her head. “You got it bad.”

Swimmers take your places, the announcement blared from the speakers at the top of the bleachers loud enough to vibrate through the metal at their feet. It had been a nice day, in fact one of the best the town had seen with the autumn weather. The air was crisp but not too cold and served well for today’s events. For the middle of fall, the day was much warmer than usual. The slight breeze fanned across the medley of red, yellow and orange leaves on the trees just around the field dropping many to the ground in a dazzling fusion of color.

Cyprus-Gray was competing against the team from Talbert, their arch-rivals. This year the Devils had a trick up their sleeves. After last year’s epic loss they decided to scout for some fresh blood finding it in Marty Keaton. He was set to swim against Remington in the final leg of the competition. Noticing his eyes on him, he stepped towards him with a slick smile on his face. “You checking me out Brother? Don’t worry I promise not to completely decimate you.”

“Please. The day I worry about someone that missteps his streamlines is the day I’m out of the sport. I was just noticing the way you hold your arm up constantly, injure your shoulder? That’s gonna suck for you. I’ve seen quite a few rotator cuff injuries in my time, very hard to recover from.”

“Don’t worry about me I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t perform. You just stick to your lane and worry about seeing that pretty little girl up there on my arm when she finds out she’s dating a loser.” He chuckled lightly at the soured look on Remington’s face and moved back towards his team as the next leg of the race approached.

Remington moved into position preparing himself for the race. Counting down the strokes in his partner’s movement he timed it perfectly to set himself in motion. Marcus shot back from CG’s lane and the moment he reached the outer line Remington dove into the water and started the first of the final laps.

“GO REMY!” Paige, Jordan and Christina chanted from the sidelines as they watched him propel his body through the bright, blue torrent. Every few strokes he lifted his head for a breath pounding his body harder and harder. 

They’re on the final lap! Talbert University has been showing a major improvement since last year’s competition folks. Taking first in the diving competition and second in the women’s category this is definitely going to be a close one.

“Boo!” Amber hissed as she joined the girls in the stands. “I hate that announcer! He had the nerve to say that my tuck wasn’t complete when I was licking my damn knees! I can’t believe the judges called for a replay on that! I deserved to place higher than I did in that damn competition!”

“Aww don’t worry about it Ambs! You did great,” Paige smiled and pulled her friend closer for comfort. “Plus you kicked ass in the women’s race.” She grinned at the medals around her friend’s neck and stole a quick kiss. 

“So just out of my own curiosity you two are dating but you’re also dating KT still?” Jordan asked noticing the exchange between the two.

“I suppose. If you want to get technical you could just say KT has two girlfriends only one of them prefers girls mostly.” Amber’s cheeks turned beet red and she slinked a little in her seat under the scrutiny of their relationship. “It works, no one’s complaining anyway.”

“I doubt KT ever would unless he suddenly developed brain damage,” Christina laughed. “I’m happy for you though as long as you three are happy damn what anyone else thinks.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Amber finally found her voice and turned with a smile at the latest announcement on the final leg of the race.

“COME ON REMY YOU CAN DO THIS!” The girls all got to their feet and watched as Remington’s arms fanned faster through the water cutting a clear path towards the other side of the large Olympic sized pool to victory. After starting with the butterfly leg through his first lap, Remington switched up and began plowing through the current under a breaststroke that allotted him a half-body length lead to Keaton.

It wasn’t long after that his left arm extended and he could see the wall just ahead. With just seconds to victory and the crowd on their feet Remington pushed himself harder showing the audience and Talbert University just why he is Cyprus-Gray’s anchor.

And he’s done it! He’s done it again ladies and gentleman! Remington Cantrell has taken the victory for the men’s 400-meter! Let’s hear a round of applause for our very own Olympic hopeful!

The girls wasted no time rushing down towards the pool to congratulate him amongst the swarm of reporters and flashing lights. He smiled tossed a bouquet of roses into Paige’s arm, scooped Christina up and laid a deep, passionate kiss on her lips for the front of the paper.

“Well I guess he’s not a shy one,” someone shouted from the crowd as he finally released his hold on his girlfriend’s back. Christina pulled away feeling the dampness in her shirt and other places his kiss ignited and watched as he and the rest of the team moved off to the locker room to conduct their interviews.

“Now what?” Paige asked dropping onto a bench as the crowd began to disperse the area.

“I don’t know what everyone else is doing but I have news to work on.” Amber spotted Donovan packing up the equipment and waved goodbye as she rushed off towards him.

“Oh well. I guess I’m gonna go hunt down my old man too and see what he’s up to. Anyone need a lift?”

Jordan and Christina both declined the offer and waited on the bench for Remington to finish up so they could leave. “That was a lot of fun!” Christina exclaimed as the trio finally returned to the campus. The sun had just began to set just beyond the mountains and the light peeking above the range cast an almost ethereal glow on the dimming campus and rows of flowers that were proving difficult to wither by the autumn’s weather.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. You were a great cheerleader I could hear you all up in the stands.” He tucked her closer against his body as Jordan walked ahead and opened the door for them to enter the dorm hall.

A small group of students had gathered at the end of their hallway and they quietly pushed through confused about what was going on. “Oh no I hope no one else was hurt,” Christina spoke barely above a whisper as she felt her heart take a sudden drop to the pit of her stomach. Turning another corner they finally laid eyes on the events that drew everyone’s attention.

“Hey! That’s my stuff!” Christina yelled watching a security officer tossing around the items on her desk and another in her closet. “What are you doing!?”

“What I’ve asked them to do,” Dean Myers frowned and stepped around the corner pushing himself into the room behind Jordan, Remington and Christina. “We’ve had a few complaints made against you and your little friend here, Miss Samuels and it is our job to investigate them.”

“Complaints? What complaints?” He ignored her question and continued eyeing the men moving around the room tossing her clothes and papers around chaotically. 

When next they moved to Jordan’s things she made a motion towards the men and Remington grabbed her back into his arms preventing her from making physical contact. “I don’t think you want to do that JB,” he whispered and they watched as the men nearly destroyed her laptop pushing her desk away from the wall.

Remington turned towards the Dean and demanded answers. Grunting at the request of one of his star students he finally showed him the form that had brought the men to their room. “Theft?!” Christina exclaimed reading over the numerous accusations on the form in her hand. “Who said this? We’ve never taken a thing from…” Reading further down she saw the items and the issuing petitioner listed as Rachael Moorehead. “She’s lying! I’ve never even seen her Harry Winston studded necklace or tennis bracelet!”

“Regardless, we must take every complaint of this nature seriously. She’s placed the value of her missing items around $23,000 and anything over $5000 is handled by the authorities Miss Samuels. I’m sorry but this is a matter for the police at this point and they must complete their investigation.”

“This is bullshit! What because her Daddy donated to your stupid school she gets privileges others of us don’t? Some of us don’t feel the need to flaunt who our parents are but if that’s what it takes for fair treatment perhaps I should call mine!”

The Dean’s eyes opened wider as he repeated her last name again in his head. “That won’t be necessary Miss Samuels.” Directing the attention of the officers rifling through the girls’ belongings, Dean Myers apologized for the mess and left following after them towards his office.

Jordan dropped to the floor in disgust looking at her underwear thrown messily throughout the room. “How fucking violating is this? I mean really? Wait until I get my hands on that bitch! I’m not resting until every inch of her beach Barbie tanned ass is black and blue!” 

“I’m sorry about this Chrissy,” Remington knelt down beside her and moved her hair over her shoulder to look into her eyes. “This is all my fault. Had I not gone off on Kayne like I did then…”

“No don’t do that Remy this isn’t your fault. The only one to blame here is that bleach blonde bimbo and her diseased-ridden hound dog and like Jordan said they both need an ass kicking.”

“Yeah well if you haven’t figured it out, I’m good at that too,” he replied with a smirk and started helping the girls tidy up.

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  1. Those two are a fucking pain in the ass in a major way!!!!!!! UGH They are perfectly suited for each other. I hope they die in a very painful way.

    Yay glad the group romance is out. Hey what works for them is no one's business but there own. I hope the acceptance from their little circle helps Amber get more comfy with everything.

    That Dean is a real piece of work!!! UGH hope he fucking dies too.

    1. Wow. Would it disappoint you then if they didn't die at all? Yeah they have about run every last dirty trick (hmm I really didn't mean to do that) in the book.

      It definitely will help Amber. She needed that extra bit of encouragement for sure. And now to have her friends' blessing, she will certainly feel more comfortable.

      LOL! He is just doing his job (finally). How is he to know that there's bad blood there? (I guess from not doing his job)

  2. The only way I can keep off from going off in a rant full of words that would be very nasty, I'm going to have to settle on a small comment.

    Remy kicks ass and that bitch Rachel has to go! SHE HAS TO GO! The Dean is a bitch for even believing that!

    1. LOL! Well I'll take that :D

      Remy had a great meet and hated coming back to find his girl's place being ransacked. He even pulled the "You know me" on the Dean to get answers AND helped them clean, so sweet of him.

      Dean Myers is taking care of his students, he's supposed to right? :D

  3. “Well I guess he’s not a shy one,” someone shouted from the crowd as he finally released his hold on his girlfriend’s back. Christina pulled away feeling the dampness in her shirt and other places his kiss ignited and watched as he and the rest of the team moved off to the locker room to conduct their interviews.

    *initiate gay porn scene*

    COUGH COUGH Back to reading. COUGH COUGH

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA Interesting! I actually scraped a locker room scene (don't hurt me) because I thought it didn't really have a meaning to it.

  4. Yay for Remy winning! Show that whipper-snapper what for! :D

    ...Not sure where that came from.

    What the heck!? Who would ever believe that Jordan and Chrissy would steal anything from anyone? Oh right, that good-for-nothing Dean. I'm glad he finally realized who Chrissy was - I hate that she had to resort to that, but hey, this was a desperate situation.

    LOL, they went through Jordan's underwear. Hopefully nothing's missing. XD


    1. HAHA! Yeah Remington noticed his opponent's weakness and used it to his advantage.

      Tis ok...I actually think that about half of what you say :D

      Dean Myers *ducks behind couch* Yeah he really didn't care to read much into it. He heard the price, heard the last name and immediately went to work on making her happy. Very true! She'd have never pulled that "My Daddy is..." unless it was necessary.

      HA! They'd see the steam blow from her ears a mile before she made it through their door! She'd be out for blood then. It's bad enough they even touched her stuff!

      I KNOW! I've fallen in love with them and don't want to see it go. I never reuse sims but have been really thinking about it for a new story in this case...

    2. Ha! That wouldn't be until next Halloween though (and by Halloween I do mean the entire month of October).

      No I was thinking about a few for a new story. I told ya about it...just not that part :D if it ever gets off the ground two of this story's cast members will be its stars!

  5. Very exciting swim race and all the craziness that went on in the stands. :) I hope Remington has not gained a new enemy.

    I was really worried there seeing the police at the girls' dorm. If someone was dead inside, it would have been bad. Rachael making these false accusations is horrible. Isn't there a punishment for crying wolf. Like Death? hahaha

    1. Thank you :) I think he and Marty have a healthy competition which should only occur during swim season.

      LOL! That's a pretty harsh punishment but perhaps there is something that can be done to her...if they are false that is ;) If someone had been killed inside of their room that would have been VERY bad but they'd have moved down the suspects list with everyone perhaps?

  6. All caught up. Yay!
    First of all I've never liked Marty Keaton! So glad Remy schooled his ass in the pool. Talking much sh*t with his premade azz! Lol.

    I'm so sick and tired of Rachel and Kayne. Haha Kayne would totally freak out if he knew that Ezra, the spineless nerd, has a bigger package than him and had Rachel wanting more. Roflmao. Gosh their pathetic. Ezra really needs to stand up to these two! I'm glad he told Remy about the whole steroid scheme but he really needs to stand up for himself more. Granted he probably wouldn't get any from Rachel anymore, or any girl for that matter but oh well. He's ruining lives here!

    I'm really anticipating finding out who these two are that are behind the killings and why. They were wronged in a big way and want revenge big time. I wonder if Remy's in on this? He was acting really suspicious about that book a few chapters back. O_o

    Please post another soon! :D

    1. HAHA! Yeah that'll learn him. I usually delete annoying sims like that too but I needed some bodies and wasn't about to make them for a few scenes :P (he comes back a few times, once as a cop - then in tonight's episode).

      That would seriously kick his macho ass! He wouldn't know what to think then and probably just kick his ass for that too! Rachael and Kayne are meant for each other though, no one else could stand to be with them. So evil and conniving! Yeah he is very, very meek and spineless and it sucks because he knows what he's doing is wrong and yet he still goes around causing so much chaos for that girl.

      The animal and its partner are very much making up for wrongs in their lives! Remy has his suspicious moments for sure. It will be interesting to see when everything is played out just how guilty everyone seemed at various times as well :D

      I shall and thank you for reading :)

  7. Chrissy actually broke out the "throwing parent names around", as she should have!
    I hope this stops at least the Dean from jumping everytime Rachael hollers...@#$%%^&* Rachael.

    Remy is so sweet helping them clean up=-)...edenz

    1. Chrissy needed to use it there! It was obvious the Dean was working for Rachael because of who her parents are and Chrissy needed him to know that she has connections too! He hopefully has learned but...there's only so much he will do for a doctor over a district attorney :)

      Yeah it's great he stuck around to help with the mess they made. Plus he feels partially responsible.