Monday, October 22, 2012

Chapter 22: Coupling

Christina stirred slightly and felt the side of the bed where Remington should have been. Running her hand along the cool surface of the sheets she frowned and peeked one eye open at a time looking for him. She groaned in frustration and defeat until she spotted him in the corner near the window drawing something. “Hey sleepy head,” he smiled watching her search for him as she finally awoke.

“Mmm there you are.” She turned on her back giving him a better view of her underwear and the erect nipples pushing against the silky material of her bra. Throwing the covers away from her body she turned more to face him and gave her best flirty smile as she admired the half naked man glowing beneath the sunlight.

“Is it too cold in here for you?” He smirked and placed his sketch board down on the sofa cushion beside him. She looked down following his gaze and giggled shaking her head no as he approached her. “Too bad I was gonna offer to help you warm up if you wanted. Maybe it was a dream then? Was it of someone I know?”

The smile he graced her with caused her heart to skip a beat and he reached out to stroke her cheek as he noticed the slight blush that had colored her face. “If my answer is yes do I get a good morning kiss?”

“If your answer is yes you may get a lot more than that,” he winked and rubbed his hand along her side producing a small laugh from her. “My little ticklish Sweetheart. How’s about we spend the morning in bed and you let me discover every spot on your body that gets you to make that sound?”

“Hmm that’s very tempting Remington Cantrell but…”

“But what? It’s Saturday, you don’t have a class and I don’t have practice until this afternoon. That means you’re free and I’m free; there are no valid excuses you can give me for refusing my offer. Unless…”

“Unless what?”

“You’re playing hard to get. Well in that case Christina Samuels, we’ll see who can outlast the other.”

“Wait no that’s not it,” she grunted in desperation. “I wasn’t thinking clearly, really. I have that assignment on my brain and just wanted to get a head start on it.”

“Right. You’ll say anything now. I’m not falling for your tricks my Beautiful Temptress.” He pulled up from the bed and started towards the front rooms.

“Where are you going?”

“Breakfast is ready. I’ve been waiting for you to grace me with your presence so we could eat.”

“Let me guess, more Corn Flakes?”

“Honestly Chrissy I’m a growing boy I need my balanced nutrition. Now come on, if you let it get cold I’m not letting you use my microwave.”

She jumped up from the bed and moved towards the door. The smell of sausage, eggs and toast drifted in a heavenly medley of scents that lured her out of the bedroom. Her stomach flipped a few times and she was hit with a few killer pangs that happily informed her they were ready to enjoy the large omelet breakfast Remington had prepared. “Wow you cooked this?” she asked taking a seat across from him as he poured her an iced latte.

“Yep! I even burned my hand on the pan flipping the omelet like Emeril, don’t ask,” he smiled and silenced her before she could even retort. He slid in across from her and watched as she lifted the fork towards her lips. Taking in a breath she inhaled the medley of aroma from the red peppers and cheese down to the eggs and butter. “Well are you going to try it or harass it all day? I don’t think it needs boogers for more flavor.”

She smiled coyly and slid the portion off smoothly with her lips. Rolling the bite around her mouth for a moment Christina moaned deeply as the many flavors burst on her tongue with a zesty kick that matched its smell. “Oh my God Remington! Where did you learn to cook?”

“Where does any decent chef learn? My Mother of course. She told me that it was an important skill for any man hoping to become a husband some day. She would always say ‘you can’t expect your wife to do all the work Remy’. So trust me I know my way around the kitchen. Ow!” he yelled feeling the tip of her foot kick his shin with force. “What the hell was that for?”

“Corn Flakes! You fed me Corn Flakes when I could have been eating like this!” He yelped again as her foot once more made contact with his leg.

“Chrissy! I couldn’t show you all my tricks in one day! How then would I have gotten you back here?” he tried through laughter as her eyes warned him to keep his mouth shut. He shook his head and turned his attention to the omelet on his plate.

They finished their meals making small conversation as she continuously complimented him on a job well done with breakfast. Remington scooped up her plate and began washing them and Christina moved to his desk looking over the books and papers he had so neatly stacked in their own little places. “Plots, Points and Patterns,” she read from one book that caught her eye. Lifting it off his shelf she noticed the wear along the edges and assessed it must have been one of his favorite reads and thumbed the first few pages. 

Quickly she found it was a book about architecture and one that he had made many notes on. Scribbled in the margins and along the bottoms of the pages were several names and notes about what she believed were other artists and architects though none she’d ever heard of.

“Hey I was reading that!” Christina moaned as Remington snatched the book from her hand and closed it up.

“Yeah I know. You didn’t come over here to read Chrissy,” he sighed abruptly and placed the book back in its position on his shelf. “I spoke to Jordan this morning, she called your phone. She wanted to know if you and I would be interested in going with her and Donny to the Galaxy Bowling & Arcade tonight.”

“That sounds like fun! What did you tell her?”

“That you may have trouble walking later and may not be able to bowl.” He laughed at the embarrassed look on her face and shook his head no. “I’m kidding Chrissy! I told her I have practice at two this afternoon and won’t be able to do anything until about seven. She said that was fine so it’s a date.” He glanced at the clock on his wall and started back towards his bedroom to find something to wear. “You’re more than welcome to stay here if you want I’m gonna start getting ready to head out.”

Her eyes lingered on the sketch board sitting on the table near the window and she smiled as she finally made out the image on the canvas. When she didn’t say anything he looked up and found her gaze. Watching her closely as she started for it, Remington leaned against the wall waiting to hear her reaction to the page. But an expressive “Wow!” was all she could manage. “You have a lot of talents Remy!”

“I try to be well rounded. But you looked so beautiful lying there this morning I couldn’t resist. I’d love to do more if you’re a willing subject.”

“To be forever captured within your eye?” She turned the sketch board around exaggerating her point. “YES! I am a VERY willing subject! This is absolutely brilliant! I’ve never felt more beautiful before.” Christina replaced the board to the sofa and tossed on her clothes as Remington slipped on his last boot. 

“Good. I’ll have to get my living room set up and we can work out of there.” He escorted her out of his dorm and promising to meet her at her place by 7:15 with a kiss on her cheek. He started down to the pool and Christina headed off to her dorm.

“What do you think red or black?” Jordan asked holding up two different dresses for Christina’s opinion. She had been combing through her closet for practically two hours and had still not settled on anything she wanted to wear.

“You’re wearing a dress to go bowling in?” Christina’s brow rose curiously as peeked over her shoulder at Jordan modeling the items for comparison. “What’s wrong with what you’re wearing?”

“Donovan’s seen it already and this is for him. He likes seeing me bending over in short skirts. He says it makes my ass look firmer.”

“Um…we’re talking about your boyfriend of what? Three years now? Hasn’t that man seen you in and OUT of everything? Besides I don’t think he’d appreciate you showing the world his ass.”

“Yeah you’re right there will be tons of other people there. I’d hate to slip a shot of my V to the whole world.” She smiled at Christina’s frown and placed her dresses back in the closet. “I guess I’ll just go with what I have on. I called Amber she said she won’t be able to make it out but I’m not sure about KT or Paige though.”

“Paige is busy which means that KT is also.” Christina closed down her laptop and turned to face Jordan. “I bumped into her earlier as she was coming from the track she seemed hesitant at first not sure if she already had plans or not but she declined the offer.”

“Well this should be fun anyway. Just a heads up though Donny’s real competitive when it comes to bowling and he can be a little overbearing.”

“Oh yeah? And with Remington the ‘testosterone fueled athlete’ in tow this should be a very interesting night.”

“Let’s make this interesting,” Donovan smiled crossing his arms into his chest. “$A 100 bet for let’s say the first to 500 combined between pairs. How’s that sound?”

Remington thought for a moment watching the competitiveness within his opponent’s gaze and nodded. “You’re on!”

“And it begins,” Jordan looked towards Christina with a sigh. “I hate when he gets like this. If he loses that means our sex chat will be all about how he could have improved his game. Though on the plus side sex is a great confidence builder for him and I can usually keep him distracted long enough until I feel about ready to pass out.”

“Yes well I hope that doesn’t rub off on Remy.”

“Oh no it’ll be fine. I suck at this game something horrible! Donny’s been trying to teach me but damn if any of it sticks.” She leaned closer and whispered out of range of Donovan, “Plus it’s fun sometimes watching him rage. Watch I’ll show you what I mean when it’s my turn.”

Donovan stepped up to the line as Remington took a seat between the two girls with a smile in Christina’s direction. “Alright watch the master at work!” Pacing one step forward, one back, two steps forward and two back Donovan worked on finding the time to release his pitch.

“Who are you Fred Flintstone? Throw the damn ball!” Remington growled causing Donovan to lose his place and start again. Finally finding the perfect position to lay his pitch, he lowered it to the lane with a spin that had the ball moving quickly up the waxed wood.

“Stee-rike!” He yelled before the ball touched the pins and as if on command all ten hit the ground with a clink scattering in various positions. “Yeah! Who’s the man?” he grunted and pounded his fist into his chest. “Get ready to come off that cash Rem!”

Remington rolled his eyes and stepped up to take his shot. Ignoring the screeching sound Donovan was making behind him as a form of distraction he blew out a breath, closed his eyes momentarily and let the ball roll from his fingertips. Turning back towards the bench he didn’t bother looking knowing immediately his ball would make a, “Strike!” Christina yelled and jumped up to hug him. “Great job!”

“Pfft! Child’s play,” Donovan scoffed. Jordan laughed under her breath and grabbed her ball off the return. “Remember what I taught you Baby, don’t throw the ball just let it slide from your hand.”

“Got it,” she nodded and leaned forward checking the arrows on the lane in front of her. Donovan told her that if she aims for the center arrow she would get a strike every time. Letting go, the ball began it’s slow trek up the lane towards the center pin. She jumped happily as she watched it hit then yelled in victory as seven pins tumbled to the ground. “I did it! I did it! I got some down!”

 “Good job Baby but you have to try and get the other three now. Make the spare and I’ll buy you a steak dinner!”

She again nodded and took her position. This time however she tossed the ball too hard and it landed with a hard crack on the wooden surface, spun and immediately hit the gutter. “NO! Gutter ball!” Regardless of the frustrated groan she heard from her boyfriend’s location Jordan still celebrated the tiny victory of hitting her pins over.

The game finally reached the tenth frame and Christina was last to shoot. “You’re up Chrissy.” Donovan moved the marker on the screen and waited for her to take her shot.

“Make this and I’ll treat you some place nice,” Remington whispered in her ear and kissed her sweetly against her cheek.

“If I make this you have to promise to give up that ‘hard-to-get’ thing from this morning. That wasn’t what I meant!”

“Deal.” She stepped up to the line and cautiously scouted her pitch. Letting the ball release from her hand she knew it was a strike the moment she watched it spin down the lane. Remington cheered behind her and she celebrated with him before diving into his arms for her victory kiss. 

“Not bad, you win,” Donovan reluctantly admitted and shook Remington’s hand. “I don’t suppose you want to try double or nothing with arcade basketball. You win I’ll give you $200. If I win I take the pot, deal?”

Remington shook his head laughing to himself over Donovan’s refusal to give up the competition. “Sure.”

“Great! We’ll meet you in the arcade, gonna go grab my Baby something to drink.”

“Alright, see you there,” Remington scooped Christina over his shoulders and started towards the arcade. “Let’s go Beautiful, we have money to win!”

“Yeow! Don’t drop me, please don’t drop me Remy,” Christina warned through laughter as she bounced against him with every step.

“Come on Donny you got this!” Jordan cheered and giggled as he asked her to quiet down. “Do you see what I mean?” She asked looking at Christina. “He gets this way every time we’re out with another guy. It’s like his machismo is on the line if he doesn’t prove himself.”

“Yeah it’s pretty crazy but funny to watch.”

Basketball went quicker than the game. The Hoops Arcade had a time limit and judged the winner by whoever made the most baskets within one minute of gameplay. Both men paid their tokens and waited on the ball release. “Ready?” Remington nodded and the timer began.

Immediately Donovan began dropping baskets with lightning speed, dunking ball after ball in the constantly moving net. Remington on the other hand found the mechanical hoop annoying and hit the rim each time without sinking a shot. At the end of the minute Donovan emerged victorious and celebrated his success with bass. “YES! THAT’S RIGHT BABY! I AM ON FIRE! BOW TO YOUR GOD!” Donovan yelled and flexed boasting his win with arrogance.

“Alright, you win, you win,” Remington smiled and bowed down at Donovan’s basketball prowess. “You are the King of Hoops.”

“That’s right Baby!”

“You just suck at Bowling.” Remington laughed at the immediate frown his comment caused on Donovan’s face and the girls joined in.

“Alright break it up, break it up,” Jordan refereed stepping between the two. Donovan kissed her temple and wrapped his arm around her waist with a confident smile.

“You’re not so bad out of the water though Remy I gotta hand you that. My dad played football when he was here though and wanted me to give a try. I’m not so much into playing it but still the athleticism runs in my blood!”

“Yeah? Chrissy’s dad played for the Wolves as well.” He nuzzled his nose into the crook of her neck and inhaled the perfume she’d applied. Moaning against her skin caused a tickling sensation making her laugh out loud and push away. 

“What position your dad play Chrissy?” Donovan asked taking interesting in their commonality.

“He was a wide receiver. He barely ever talks about it though but I think he was pretty good. It’s funny because I got recognized as his daughter a few weeks ago when I was out with JB. What about yours?”

“Running back.” He responded watching a crowd just behind Remington moving towards the front of the building.

“Mmm so our babies are going to have lots of that ‘athleticism’ in their blood huh?”

“You hear that? He hasn’t even met my parents yet and is already impregnating me with his children!” Christina smiled in Jordan’s direction.

“That’s good though! It means he wants more than a college honey. That’s rare with some college jocks these days.”

“Yes well before you get us fixed with matching his and hers swimwear I think we should see how far things will go. And first how about getting some food in my tummy before I starve to death?”

“Mmm fine we can go slow but you’re not going anywhere just so you know especially after I get you back to my place. You have some making up to do for this morning!”

“Hey was that Ezra?” Donovan asked noticing Christina’s science partner run past the door. “I wonder what all the commotion is about.”

The group headed off towards the door and stopped as the small announcement replayed once more on the large screen centered against the wall that the crowd had gathered in front of. Dean Myers was sitting in his office with his secretary Sarah Dumont just over his left shoulder and both appeared very grave. “Please do not be alarmed. As of this morning the police have advised that Cyprus-Gray go into an immediate 9:00pm lockdown. After the gruesome discovery of another student, Olivia Smart, it is best to lock the campus up to maintain order and security within our community. Again do not be alarmed but this lockdown will be in effect as of tomorrow night. All students are advised to adhere to the curfew. Anyone caught out after the 9:00pm curfew will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. This is for everyone’s safety.”

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  1. What's up with Paige and Amber??? What do they have going on? Chrissy said she seemed really hesitant. What's up with that.

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    1. They haven't told anyone just yet about the 3some and are a tad apprehensive about it. Paige is being protective of Amber but it'll come out soon enough. She tells her to fuck what everyone else thinks.

      Well it was pretty worn so it could have been an heirloom of sorts. I don't know. Are you? :D He does have several talents though :)

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    1. Nearly forgot that Ezra ran in right at the end! His appearance was so brief I didn't think anything of it. Hmmm...

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    1. LOL! He should have known better! He knew how bad his girlfriend was at bowling and yet he wanted to make a bet just the same!

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