Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chapter 09: Dance, Dance Revolution

Christina sat in the lobby listening to various members of the student body come before the Activities Committee with different ideas and each of them being denied. It caused a rather large and obtrusive lump to form in her throat as she thought about the proposal sitting in her lap with several signatures already included. She had the proof that others besides her were very interested in the idea of new classes for dance and/or an extracurricular. But that still was not enough solace to rid her of the butterflies that now called her stomach home. The board seemed rather critical about what happened as far as newly projected events.

“Christina Samuels,” Professor Langston called and waited for the student to appear before them. Folding her hands in front of her she asked in a brief, kind voice for a description of the event in which the student was particularly interested.

“Dance,” Christina replied confidently. “I feel as though there is an opportunity to improve the offered classes here for students interested in expanding their knowledge and stretching their minds to the limits. Currently there are three slots available under this subject each taught by the esteemed Madame Broussard and all three are courses in which new students deem ‘dated’. Though it is true that many dances today such as Hip-Hop, Jazz and even the ever favorite two-stepper got their start from the classics she offers, these are not interests among the younger crowd. I’d like to begin a small dance troupe with maybe 4 or 5 students as a tester and see if we can gain the support needed to motivate the student body to get up and dance!” she ended with a smile.

“Well that was a very well spoken and well thought out proposal,” Professor Steward sighed as he lifted his hand preparing to reject her idea. “However, we are not so sure the student body is interested in…”

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt Professor Steward,” the blue eyed blonde that Christina hadn’t noticed before started speaking. Immediately her eyes widened in recognition before narrowing in curiosity. Rachael slid closer towards the table and looked towards Christina with a knowing and ruthless smile. “I’d actually be very interested in seeing where this particular event can go. Speaking as someone with a lot of classes and very little time for much else, it sounds like something that could really help enliven the student body and get them into something fun as well as educational. Growing up, dance for me had always been a sort of escape from stress of whatever else may have been going on at the time. I think others may find that same comfort within this activity. As Student Liaison for the Activities Committee, she has my vote.” Rachael leaned back in her chair and waited on the others to make their decisions as well.

“I agree with Miss Moorehead. I feel this activity is fresh and new and may be exactly what Cyprus-Gray needs for the younger crowd,” Professor Langston also tossed in.

After hearing from the rest of the panel, Professor Steward nodded. “Then it’s decided. We will give you the grounds for the start of this activity but on a trial basis. You may begin the dance troupe of 5 or less students and after 30-days time the Committee will reevaluate your progress and consider your future status.”

“Thank you very much!” Christina smiled towards the table. Everyone seemed to move on to the next order of business ignoring her gratitude. Everyone except Rachael whose twisted smile seemed to stretch longer across her face as she sat with her hands on her hips staring defiantly at Christina.

She turned and hurriedly started for her next class. “Chrissy! Hey!” Kayne stopped Christina before she could enter Ventnor Hall and stepped out of the door to let another student pass. “Hey I wanted to apologize again for what Rachael did at the kickoff party. She seems to have trouble with the words ‘no’ and ‘never again’.”

“I don’t know,” Christina sighed and looked over her shoulder. “It seems to me if you sleep with someone after telling them you don’t want to be with them anymore it kinda sends the wrong signal.”

“Yeah and that was my mistake. Look I’m not gonna make excuses or claim to be something that I’m not I’m an idiot and I want to make up for it. I’m simply asking you for another chance. I’d like to show you that I’m much more than a pigskin and playbook.” Seeing the glimmer of hesitation in her eyes he pressed her once more until she relented.

“Fine but I get to pick the place.”

“Actually I’ve already made us a reservation at Giovanni’s. It’s an Italian restaurant near the mountains. It has this incredible view of the ocean and the feel of the place is beyond phenomenal.” He picked up on the curious expression and offered a smile in exchange. “I knew you’d say yes. Pick you up at 7 tomorrow night?”

“I’ll be ready.”

“Campus security has assured everyone that they are on top of the recent reports concerning the large animal spotted near the Grotto. As we may remember, the Animal was first reported downtown near Macy’s dress shop where victim number one, Donald Rocher, was found brutalized in the alleyway. He had suffered from various gouges and bites that led to his death of exsanguination. Since then it has taken the lives of two of our fellow students, Joy Larsen and Reagan Turner. And just recently Security personnel Ralph Watts fell victim to the creature dubbed ‘The Cyprus-Gray Wolf’ after our very own mascot.”

“Though few have actually seen the animal itself, it has been rumored to be about the size of a small Volkswagen Beetle and possess inhuman speed and strength. And that’s why we’re urging everyone to keep your doors locked while on or off campus! Move in groups, stay in well-lit areas and if you absolutely HAVE to go anywhere at night, remember to bring a friend! That’s all the news we have for this edition of The Daily Gazette thank you for joining us!”

“And…cut,” Donovan instructed as he faded out on the camera and cleared Amber from the spotlight. “That was perfect.”

“Thank you,” she smiled and stepped away from the desk noticing Paige entering the studio lugging her favorite black bookbag. “Hey!” she wrapped her arms around her friend embracing her warmly. “How was I?”

“Brilliant as always! You make Katie Couric look like a has-been. The news is certainly frightening though. I can’t believe there’s something out there hunting people like that. Makes me even more relieved to carry my knife wherever I go. Anyway Ambs, I kinda came here with a motive. I don’t know if you’ve heard but Christina is interested in starting a little dance thing and I sorta, maybe volunteered you to help.” When her eyes opened in confusion and excitement Paige continued. “She’s petitioning the Committee now and we’re not sure how it will go but if it’s a thumbs up, you, me and Jordan are going to make our own dance team!”

“Wow that’s exciting! This is great Paige and I of course don’t mind you volunteering me for this. I trust my life in your hands completely,” she sighed and quickly turned her gaze away as Paige’s face twisted quizzically. “S-s-so uh you and uh KT, have you discussed this? Because you know he’s already a little sore not getting all of your spare time as it is. How do you think he’d feel knowing you were spending what little you had with me? I-I-I mean this um…team thing.”

“Well tough titties he’ll just have to get over it. He knows how much I love dance and the idea of getting paid, scholarship-wise, to tutor students here and do something I love is even more thrilling! But I’m sure he’ll be accommodating…he’d better be anyway. He’s usually very supportive of my spur-of-the-moment ideas plus this way he can come along for the ride. I’m sure he’d enjoy learning a few new moves or two,” she laughed and shimmied her body into Amber’s whose face immediately turned beet red. Paige wrapped her arm over her neck and pulled her away. “Come on, we’re meeting in the music room. Chrissy should have heard one way or another by now and I’m anxious to know!”

Amber pulled opened the door giggling at something Paige said and the two dropped onto the floor beside Jordan and looked up expectantly to Christina. “Hey girls glad you made it. As you know I went before the Committee today about whether or not we can start our own dance group.”

“Yeah so, don’t keep us waiting!” Paige urged on impatiently.

“Well there’s good news and there’s bad news.”

“Aww they didn’t approve us?” Jordan looked down with disappointment and made a flippant remark about the Committee snobs and their catering to the more affluent members of the student body.

“No that’s not it. They are actually allowing us to do this on a 30-day trial basis.”

“Well that’s great news! We just have to prove to them we know how to move our stuff,” Amber laughed and rocked her upper body. “So then what’s the bad news?”

The door to the music room opened and Rachael came strutting inside with a smirk on her lips. She pulled up beside Christina and in a superior, disdainful tone told Christina she can have a seat. “I hope you’ve all heard the great news! We’re going to have such a fun time together! Are you as excited as I am?” she asked with feigned enjoyment. Then again seeing the hurt and angered expressions of the four girls on the carpet in front of her was enough reason to make her smile genuine.

“‘We’?” Paige frowned and stood from the floor. Crossing her arms into her chest she stared at the blonde angrily and sighed her frustration.

“Yes Paige, ‘we’. You see I’m the Student Liaison for the Activities Committee and if you girls want to have your little dance group, you’re just gonna have to learn to play nice. I’m acting leader of this group and if you want to see it pass this 30-day provisional period, you will listen to me! You will do whatever I say, whenever I say otherwise I’ll find four other students willing to join the Cyprus-Gray Sirens.”

“Sirens?” Jordan rolled her eyes and joined Paige on her feet.

“Yes. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? We’ll have practice every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 am. Be late and you will have to deal with me!” Rachael flipped her hair over her shoulders and started for the door. “See you then girls! Toodles!”

“Great. This should be fun.”

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  1. UGH!!!! Rach again really?!?!? She doesn't even like any of those girls so she's there purely to make their life miserable. She really leads a sad sad existence doesn't she?

    Well I'm glad their group is sorta approved, must look at the bright side.

    Good to see the campus putting a warning out to the students. I know I wouldn't go anywhere alone or at night. Call me a hermit until that thing is caught.

    1. LOL! I laughed so hard at that first part! Undoubtedly Rachael's life is centered around making those near her very miserable. She's a rich bitch with nothing for entertainment other than the gloom and despair she causes people. Sad but it happens!

      Yes bright side :D Who knows Rachael could very well take a header from the top of a pyramid or something and break her neck!

      HAHA I'm with you! It's great that they have decided to warn the students and have them on the lookout for this thing. Hopefully it saves more lives >:)

  2. Oh hell no! I knew something was up when that chick spoke up...man! What is it about Kayne that she is going all out to get Chrissy? Seriously?!

    Chrissy was given advice to make sure the Dean knew that both her parents were alumni. I would have used that.

    Kayne has already been pretty low on my list but I'm a little uneasy about this "date". Maybe I'm just biased.

    1. Rachael sees her future as a Pro Football Players wife. The fame, the money, the expensive everything. She knows he's her cash cow and she's not about to let some new hoochie take away her chances so she runs them all off. She'll be happy once she has his ring on her finger...IF that is he wants her in return :)

      Very true! The Dean loves his alumni and the $$$ they donate! That would have helped her very much but she wants to do things on her own without resorting to "Well my Daddy is..." like Rachael and others.

      Or maybe you have your BS detector on! Kayne saw her out with Remington and very much wants to do what he can to screw her first!


    Okay, back to the story to actually finish it. :3

    1. LOL! Yes her name says it all haha!

  4. Rachael must feel really insecure. She's a bully and a bitch, but I can't help but wonder if that's because she feels like she's constantly the underdog and has to claw her way to the top. Just rambling here.

    Oh Kayne, Kayne, Kayne. Dude, you already booked the restaurant? That's a bit cocky-asshole-ish. Ah well, I guess a second chance never hurt anybody. Wait. That's not true. Lots of second chances hurt people. Doh! Anyway, it's a little confusing since Remy acted a little surprised when she called the other night a 'date'.

    I'm loving this. The scenes, sets, sims. Loveth it!

    1. Rachael is a really shallow, really evil person. She only smiles when she knows others around her are in pain (sad and pathetic). You're right though, bullies are usually very insecure and that may be her issue!

      Yep! And you ain't seen nothing yet :) Kayne is very arrogant and thinks every girl wants him. And if they don't then there's obviously something wrong with them! Chrissy gave him the benefit of the doubt and she most certainly will regret it! Remington had thought of it as a lesson but she put the idea of a "date" in his head and that's going to have bad consequences in (today's) chapter.

      Thank you!! You have no idea how much that means to me! :D

  5. Why Rachael is not dead in a pit yet is beyond me. But I digress.

    What IS she up to!? I know that she's going to manipulate the girls to do her bidding (or at least try, Paige could and would kick her ass IMHO) but just what does she have to gain!?

    And Chrissy. Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy. You got Remy, you don't need Kayne. You're just attracting vermin with him around; namely, RACHAELBUGS. :\

    P.S. Amber has a big, lesbian crush on Paige. If she doesn't, I'll eat my own shoe. XD

    1. Because evil never dies! :D

      Rachael wants to be on top no matter what it is. She sees this dance team as a way of promoting herself to the students even more or even getting exposure at their televised games etc. She's using them to her ends (as is always). Paige would most certainly wear her ass out if she ever so much as looked at her funny! The girl carries a knife on her at all times :P

      LOL @ Rachaelbugs! HAHA Love that! It's true, she has a very hunky, very genuine guy in Remington, Kayne is an unnecessary drama trap! She'll see very soon why she should have kept to her goals and kept her head down!

      P.S. You won't have to worry about tasting your leather :)

  6. ugh..../holds out one of Rachaels' shirts and lets the scent blow in the wind....'here monster, monster,monster.....', seriously.

    Why is Chrissy goin out with Kayne again when she has Remingtom!!??/boggle
    bad Chrissy!...edenz~

    1. HAHAHA! Maybe she IS the beast O.o Lord knows she has the attitude for one! Though she's beast enough huh? I hear someone begging you to grab Kayne's shirt and do the same too!

      Very bad Chrissy! She's trying to take the campus bitch at her own game and it's not gonna go well for her!