Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chapter 07: Organic Chemistry

Christina stared at the fresh plastic wrapper still snuggled tight around the Organic Chemistry text. Her assigned lab partner had yet to unwrap his book but brought it to class with him every day. She found it curious but never bothered to ask since they just shared hers. This was only her fifth time seeing him and she wasn’t quite sure what to make of him just yet. He seemed smart; a relative science genius for all accounts and purposes and she was lucky to get him as her partner. But otherwise, socially, he was very awkward. His style, if you could call it that, was bizarre and looked as though he preferred thrift stores to designer labels.

The beat up old gray and black sweater he wore was an everyday thing and so were the black jeans that were often caked in some unknown smudges. There was a dirt sheen on his hair making it always frizzy and oily and she thought she’d peeked a lizard smile at her at some point from the tousled tresses; probably her imagination. Oddly enough though the worst smell she got from him was something akin to day old bread; faintly fresh yet stale and near odorless. But like many geniuses Ezra placed very little importance in the way he looked and that may have added to the reason people call him weird. “Classify the following as either oxidation–reduction or metathesis reactions,” he read aloud bringing Christina’s focus back to their assignment.


“You know if you want to get this down you might want to focus a little.”

“Yeah, sorry, go on.”

He sighed and started over. “Because electrons are neither created nor destroyed, oxidation can’t occur in the absence of reduction and vice versa. It is often useful, however, to focus attention on one component of the reaction and ask, is that substance oxidized or reduced? In the exercise below, classify the following as either oxidation–reduction or metathesis reactions.”

(a) 2 CH3OH H+---> CH3OCH3 + H2O
(b) CO + 2 H2 ---> CH3OH
(c) CH3Br + 2 Li ---> CH3Li + LiBr

Christina glared at the information on the page in front of her and gingerly chewed on her bottom lip. Ezra exhaled impatiently and annoyingly began tapping his pencil on the table in front of her. “Do you think you could stop doing that please? I’m not as fast at this as you and that isn’t helping me think.”

“Here, let me start you off,” he sighed again and turned the book in his direction as he moved closer towards her. “A is a metathesis reaction because there is no change in the oxidation number of the carbon atoms when an alcohol is converted to an ether.”

“Right! Both would have a negative two conversion.”

“Exactly. See!” he smiled for the first time since making her acquaintance. “It’s not as hard as some people make it.”

“Yeah. I know I’m slower but I get it after a while Ezra. Like B, the answer is oxidation– reduction reaction because the carbon atom is reduced from the +2 to the -2 oxidation state when CO combines with H2 to form methanol.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself! You’re not as stupid as I thought. Maybe Steward got it right this time and I won’t have to do all the work.” He looked up at her realizing what he said and quickly apologized. “I usually get stuck with first year chem. students and it never works out well for me.”

“Well you have no worries about that. I have no intentions of taking advantage of you and I very much appreciate being partnered with someone who knows what he’s doing too.”

Together they worked through the next problem resolving the reaction solution and prepared to hand in their work. Again the book caught her eye but this time having established somewhat of a rapport with her lab partner she decided to ask. “What is with the wrapper?”

“On my book? Well I thought you were going to be a user so I figured I’d get a little out of the deal too. If I can keep my book unused all semester I can refund it for the full amount instead of getting cheated as the college bookstore does. You buy this thing new for $135 and they give you $23 back at the end of classes. It’s a ripoff!”

“Oh,” Christina laughed. “Well I’ll make you a deal you can keep the wrapper on your book IF you pace yourself with me. I get the work and won’t use you but I don’t have a calculator embedded in my brain either, deal?”

“Deal.” Ezra noticed Kayne across the campus as he and Christina started out of the lab and frowned. “Class was nice but I gotta run. I’ll catch up to you later Chrissy.”

“Ok, have a good one.”

“Ezra Miller,” Donovan shrugged as Christina caught up to him and Jordan. “You actually talked to him?”

“Sort of. We mostly worked on a Chemistry lab. But this was the first time he’s said anything to me that wasn’t pertaining to science.” 

“I’m surprised you even got that much out of him! Danica Stevens partnered with him last semester and dropped the class three weeks in. Apparently he made things rather difficult on her constantly pushing off the harder problems on her and making up any and every little excuse to the Professor causing her grade to sink before they even hit the first exam. She said it was the worst experience ever and had she not withdrawn from the course he would have horribly killed her perfect GPA.”

“Really? He didn’t seem that way to me. He said he’s had lab partners in the past that never really pulled their weight and so he’s had to work on getting them more involved in partner activities. Is that why people steer clear of him?”

“That and the fact that he’s sort of creepy and weird. All I’m saying is you’d better keep a close eye on him. The last thing I want to see is you having to drop that class or getting your grades messed up over something ridiculous.”

“Thanks Jordan, I appreciate that. In speaking of I have a favor to ask. Um, I kind of have this thing with Remington on Saturday and…”

“Whoa hold up what? You have a date with Remy and are JUST now mentioning this to me why?”

“Well it’s not a date, not really.”

“Ok what’s not really a date?”

“He’s taking me some place to teach me how to swim. It’s not a date, he told me I’d better come prepared to work. ANYWAY,” she rolled her eyes watching the over mockingly way Jordan mooned over the idea of her and Remy. “I need help finding a swimsuit.”

“SHOPPING!?” Jordan exclaimed and hooked their arms together. “Why didn’t you say that in the first place?!”

“Well I guess I’ve lost my girl for the night. Thanks Chrissy,” Donovan pouted. “Remind me to pay you back later!”

“I’m sorry! I promise to bring her back in one piece…though slightly used,” she laughed as Jordan pulled her down the hallway.

Ezra dropped his books on his desk and shut the door of his room with the heel of his foot before marking something on his calendar. “What the hell took you so long?” the sultry voice growled behind him. He turned with a start but the scared expression was quickly replaced with a smile as he turned in her direction. He cleared his throat and stood upright as she slowly swayed towards him.

“I-I-I was uh…how did you get in here?”

“That doesn’t matter. I need your help with something.”

He sighed knowing exactly where she was going with this. It was the same routine as it had always been. Someone gets too close to Kayne and she uses his oversized brain and undersexed body to hurt them and keep them away. It was hard enough hurting Danica in that way but now to see someone else suffer at Rachael’s wrath, he just didn’t know if he could do it again. “No Rachael, I’m not messing with someone else’s grades again for you. You still owe me the $700 from the last time.”

“Oh come on Ezzie, I could always ask someone else but I want you to do it. And besides I can offer you something much more valuable than money. You know no one else can master the art of deceit as well as you.”

“Yeah just like no one can master the art of being a real bitch like you. I said no deal.”

“What if I promised to make it worth your while?” she rubbed her foot into his crotch and felt an immediate reaction.

Ezra swallowed hard and followed the length of her leg up towards the somewhat moist and slightly visible pink thong between her thighs. His body stiffened more and Rachael smirked rubbing her toes against his bulge until he finally relented. “Who is it this time?” he asked with a defeated sigh before readjusting his jeans.

“Good boy!” Rachael hissed and moved over him with a confident smirk on her face. “Christina Samuels. And this time, I want her to really suffer and I know just how we can do it too!”

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  1. Yep Rachael needs to get ran over!!! I mean why not turn her wrath on Kayne. He is not walking around with a tat on his head that says taken but the major bitch on campus. It's not these girls fault he follows where ever his dick takes him. She really needs to deal with the source but sadly like most women they want to go after the woman and not the no good ass hole of a man.

    Ok done ranting.

    Ezra seems a little weird but not too bad of a guy other than being sucked in by that viper. I hope he doesn't go messing up Chrissy. He seemed to sorta be ok with her so maybe just maybe he can say no to Rachael.

    1. Very true. Her Kayne can do no wrong in her eyes. She sees dollar signs when she looks at him and will fight tooth and nail to have his ring on her finger. After she has that and he's signed his lucrative contract with the NFL, all bets are off. Until then every girl that looks his way must suffer her wrath!

      Ezra is a little weird but nothing like the way the students portray him...really. He is a bit taken by Rachael and that sometimes causes him to do really stupid and hurtful things to other people. And of course Rachael knows this and uses it to her full advantage!

  2. Why hasn't the beast eaten this blonde tramp yet?! I swear she is pissing me off! I could scream right now!

    Why did I get excited when Jordan shouted "Shopping!"?

    Anyway, I like Ezra. I hope he somehow plays this off and alerts Chrissy of what that biotch is planning. She has been trying to keep her head down for this reason and look, bimbo barbie is bringing trouble her way...sigh...

    1. Lol! She could very BE the animal O.o but who knows perhaps she might get eaten! Chrissy really was trying to remain under the scope. Classes are hard enough without having to worry about drama from someone worried about losing their man! It's sad that she has to stoop to these lengths to win someone who enjoys sleeping around though.

      HA! Because you're a girly girl :P

      Ezra is somewhat a decent guy but the fact that he lets Rachael lead him around by the nose is a bad sign of his character. Maybe he'll see the error in his ways and stop...maybe she'll make it worth his while!

  3. Death would be just to easy for that Rachael. I would much rather see the beast mess up her pretty little face, and then be forced to live with that for the rest of her life.

    1. Haha you're probably right about that. Someone who enjoys watching others suffer should be made to suffer endlessly too! Oooh evil I like that! That would certainly cause her alot of pain! Thank you for reading :)

  4. I thought maybe Ezra wasn't so bad, despite the dirty hair *yuck*. But it seems he will cause pain for others in order to have his own satisfaction. I hope he changes his mind about this, or doesn't agree to it.

    1. HAHA yeah the hair is a real mess! The kind of people blind to hurting others to their own end are the ones that really scare me! It would be nice if he decided against this course of action or even warned Chrissy about Rachael's plans!

  5. God Rachel is so annoying! Why is she still trying to ruin Chrissy's life when Chrissy is clearly falling for Remy? She doesn't even want Kayne anymore but Rachel is still at it?! That girls got issues. O_O
    I don't really know what to make of Ezra yet. He seems pretty nerdy and lonely so I wouldn't be surprised if he went along with this ridiculous plan, whatever it is. He may be book smart but he lacks common sense.
    I'm really excited to see Chrissy's swimming lesson with Remy!

    1. She seems a bit jealous and that kind of thing can always lead a person to do very bad things! Rachael hates the fact that Kayne even showed interest in her and so she wants to see her suffer merely because he had the nerve to bring her as his date to his party. THE NERVE!

      Ezra certainly has the qualities of being manipulated. Though he has spunk he is very malleable and conforms to what the girl of his dreams wants because he'd like nothing more than to make her happy. He does have intelligence when it comes to science but fails on life :(

  6. Ezra isn't causing pain for his own satisfaction... it's because he's weak-willed. He still seems like a completely good guy to me.

    On that note, why isn't Rachael dead yet? I'm pretty sure somebody would have run her over by now. Maybe she could spend a night in the manor...? Walter and her could have a conversation or two... LOL.

    When Jordan was talking about shopping, I squealed a little. God help me now. >.>

    1. Very true. He is being led around by his um...other brain. And it's because of that he is acting out the malicious and conniving plans Rachael concocts. He does seem like he could be a good guy and possibly is a good guy. He was completely capable of slowing down and helping Chrissy in class and that speaks volumes so he certainly possesses the mental capacity for doing what is right. It's all a matter of what part of his body he listens to!

      LOL! Um *ducks behind couch* I should really just grab a mini fridge and make that my home. all horror movies there's that one person that annoys the audience until the very end (Rachael could be it). Just saying :D HAHA She would not survive a night there! Especially if she saw anything compared to what little Charlie does!

      LOL! Shopping is always a pleasure! HAHA She really wants to look nice for her "non" date date!

    2. So very true about horror movies... maybe Rachael should guest feature... hmm. Quick kill to appease the house? ROFL! XD

    3. HAHA That would be hilarious! Maybe she'd have an "Elinor" down a nice long flight of stairs :P

  7. Chrissy should have kicked the a... to Rachael. I can't believe Ezra could be bad with Chrissy, i hope. But he's like a guy who lost his inteligent when a blondie girl with big argument, ask him to do something naughty.
    It seems Rachael doesn't know yet this proverb : "If you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind". She's the perfect candidate for that.

    1. Christina aimerait mettre la main sur Rachael et etrangler son insensee!
      C'est vrai, Ezra est epris de Rachael et elle se sert que contre lui. C'est triste, mais ca arrive: (

      HAHA c'est tres digne d'elle aussi! Elle va apprendre assez vite cependant. Elle ne devrait pas essayer de jouer avec quelqu'un qui ne sera evidemment pas se retracter sous son regard noir! Chrissy lui a montre une fois qu'elle est un combattant, elle n'hesitera pas a nouveau!

      J'aime vous repondre en francais. M'aide a me rappeler mes lecons! Je ne peux pas faire l'accent grave, aigu bien. J'ai besoin d'un clavier pour ceux qui: (

      Christina would love to get her hands on Rachael and throttle her senseless!

      Very true, Ezra's infatuated with Rachael and she's using that against him. It's sad but it happens :(

      HAHA that's very befitting of her too! She'll learn soon enough though. She shouldn't try and mess with someone that obviously won't shrink under her glower! Chrissy showed her once she's a fighter, she won't hesitate again!

      I like replying to you in French. Helps me remember my lessons! I can't do the accent grave, aigu though. I need a keyboard for those :(

    2. Ok maintenant, je commenterai en Français et en Anglais ;).
      Pour les accents, ma meilleure amie, qui vit à Miami, a paramétré son clavier en US international. C'est peut-être une solution :)

      Ok, now i'll comment in French and English ;).
      For the accents, my best friend, who's living in Miami, has set her Keyboard in US international. Maybe it's a solution :)

    3. Je vais devoir examiner cette! Je pensais juste que sans les accents droit sur ​​les lettres que les mots ne peuvent pas se traduisent bien.

      I'll have to look into that! I was just thinking that without the right accents over the letters that the words may not translate well.

    4. Je ne sais pas mais en général quand j'ai un doute sur l'accent, je contacte mon meilleur ami google parce que la langue française a beaucoup trop de règles grammaticales et orthographiques pour que je me rappelle de tous. :)
      I don't know, but ususally when i have a doubt about the right accent, i get in touch with my best friend google because French Language have a lot of grammatical and spelling rules that i can't remind all of them. :)

    5. Ha! Alors peut-etre je devrais commencer a utiliser un trop :P De cette facon, je n'ai pas a lire ce message 20 fois pour s'assurer qu'il a raison lol!

      Ha! Then maybe I should start using one too :P That way I don't have to read over it 20 times to make sure it's right lol!

  8. Wow! Great update. A feel a bit sorry for Ezra. But then again, if he's willing to think with his privates over what is actually right, then maybe I don't feel so sorry for him after all!

    1. Ezra is being played and is blindly following behind Rachael because of his hormones. While he does seem decent the fact that he is ruled by other desires does add questions against his character unfortunately :( Thank you for reading!

  9. How on earth am I supposed to wait until tomorrow?! It IS a date, girl! Augh... gimme gimme gimme.

    1. Lol well lucky for you tomorrow is today :D I can give you part 8! Thank you for reading :)

  10. I knew it! F*&^ing Rachael. I hope Ezra can find himself in this, even if he tells her he will hurt Chrissy, I hope he won't. Rachael so needs something bad to happen to her, where's that dam monster when you want him!=b....edenz~

    1. Yeah :( Ezra really needs to draw the line somewhere. He keeps trying in hopes of it changing his relationship with Rachael but he's allowing her to use him and that's such a bad thing for him. Rachael is really not making many friends LOL it's hilarious :) she does have a horrible attitude and is just an all around terrible person. Maybe there will be justice soon :)

  11. oohh!!! Rachel you biatch!!!

    u remind me of Melanie XD

    another blonde headed tramp I so want to run over with a truck XD

    *evil laugh*

    1. HA! They do both love the color pink!'s all the populars :P I'm sure everyone would appreciate your donation to society by making Rachael road pavement :P