Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapter 29: Killer Among Us

Jordan, Donovan and Christina sat quietly thinking over everything that was happening and the number of deaths that had occurred within the time span of a few weeks. Nothing was making sense and the animal only seemed to be getting bolder in its attacks. It had made blatant attempts on nearly everyone’s life but Christina felt certain that there was something deeper lying beneath the Animal’s patterns.

Lost in her thoughts she had tuned out the argument between Jordan and Donovan as she sat analyzing everything for herself but Jordan’s anger pulled her to. “…this thing tried to kill me too Donny it’s not like you are the only one lucky enough to get away!” She crossed her arms into her chest and a slight, visible pout puffed out her lips as she glared at her boyfriend. He laughed and pulled her into his lap.

Always a sucker for her puppy eyes and pout he gently kissed her until her face straightened up and she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him back. Christina shook her head at the two and smiled watching their attempt at a fight; they always ended the same way. But something about what Jordan said stood out to her and a distinct feeling of dread washed over her as she gave it more thought. “You know JB I don’t know if that’s true.”

Hearing her speak, the two lovebirds pulled apart and gave their attention to their friend. “There were a few students on stage at the time of the opera accident, you, Milton Radford and Olivia. Shortly after the animal dropped that pillar to the stage, Olivia was found tossed from the third story window of our dorm. What if that night it wasn’t after you? What if its target had always been Olivia but you were just in the way?” 

“You know something I think she’s right,” Donovan added after thinking for a moment. “Your name was called for the strings shortly after Olivia’s and that’s when the pillar came down. I think it was timed to hit her but miscounted her steps and that’s why it nearly got you instead!”

“Hey!” Remington smiled and joined the others at their normal table in the quad. “Sorry I’m late. I had a makeup exam to do in Langston’s class.” He pulled Christina into his arms for a proper greeting and waved at both Jordan and Donovan. “Did I miss anything?”

“Just a lot of conjecture and speculation about the Animal; something is off and I think we’re finally on to something,” she smiled and rested into his lap across from her friends.

“Oh yeah? Like what?”

“Well for one thing we don’t believe he’s killing at random there has to be a connection somewhere.”

Donovan nodded and released a heavy breath. “Everyone that has died was either preceded or followed by someone they were related to with the exception of Dean Myers and Smitty.”

“And don’t forget about President Franklin and the very first guy Donald Rocher,” Jordan added as Donovan began his theory once more.

“Exactly. And other than Judge Winslow and Rocher everyone has had some sort of connection to Cyprus-Gray.”

“Well Judge Winslow was connected because he donated to the school. Not to mention his daughter attended here.” Christina listened and helped push along the supposition as well.

“Ah so you think the Animal’s agenda is to destroy the school from the inside out?” Remington asked curiously and rubbed his fingers over Christina’s arm reflexively.

“Well…yeah,” Donovan shrugged. “I mean if you think about it, everyone who has died has been in a position of power…aside from the students. We have security guards, judges, deans, teachers and even the University president! Something has to connect to them all right?”

“Wait a second!” Christina nearly hopped out of her seat. “You said something earlier about the victims being related, what about Olivia’s parents?

“Her Dad’s a security guard here,” Remington offered as an afterthought. “She was pretty embarrassed by that fact and tried to keep too many people from finding out. But of course Rachael decided it was public knowledge and announced it to the whole school in standard Moorehead fashion.”

“We should go talk to him! See what he knows if anything about the others and see if we can figure out how to get to the bottom of this entire thing.” Donovan stood from his seat and waited to see if the others would join him.

“I’d love to but I have a practice to get to,” Remington sighed in frustration and gently nudged Christina from his lap. She and Jordan began gathering their belongings to join Donovan and Remington kissed Christina’s cheek as he prepared to head to the pool. “Be careful ok? If Donny’s theory is wrong and that thing is killing at random it could come for you too. I don’t want you getting yourself into something dangerous. If it looks bad, get out immediately please?”

“I’ll be careful I promise.” 

The trio got the address from the contacts list in the administration office and headed over. The home was a two story swamp rat paradise. There was a mucky pond in the front of the porch filled with cattails, lily pads and scum. The wood composing the house was weather beaten and ragged tearing away from the house and the rusted nails that held it together. The nearby septic tank was spilling onto the ground beneath it and the area smelled of human feces and urine. The girls held their noses and moved carefully behind Donovan. Stepping up to the front door, he knocked and waited for the man to answer.

James Smart’s eyes flickered in his head and the Animal turned in panic hearing someone approach. It had been careful, stalking the security officer and waiting on the perfect time to make its move. James tried to scream but the beast had its forearm pressed too tight against his throat he couldn’t make a sound.

“Maybe he’s not home,” Christina suggested as Donovan knocked once more. The phone rang somewhere inside the place and they listened as it filled the empty walls echoing around the room.

You’ve reached the Smart residence. I’m sorry I can’t get to the phone right now but if you leave your name and number I will get back to you as soon as possible.

“Yeah I think you’re right,” Jordan sighed as she heard the answering machine go off in the foyer of the small home. “Well maybe we can come back later and hopefully he will be able to help.”

With a quick swipe across the man’s throat, the monster stepped over James’ body and watched as slowly the light in his eyes faded. The creature stood and glanced out towards the front door waiting for the trio to leave before quietly slipping out the back door and rushing off into the woods.

“Yo!” Donovan beamed as they returned to the quad running into Kayne. “Where are you coming from Brother?” He nodded towards the man’s appearance. He was sweating profusely, there was a smudge of dirt on his cheek and his shoes were covered in mud. It appeared he had been running but he wasn’t dressed for practice or working out for that matter.

Kayne wiped at his face and shrugged nonchalantly.  “I made a beer run for the house. They are gearing up for an all-nighter and I didn’t want any excuses like last time,” he chuckled and shot Donovan a high five. He winced in pain and rubbed at his side as he stepped back.

“You alright?” Donovan asked noticing his gestures.

“Yeah just a little sore from football practice is all. I took a hard tackle to the ribs but it’s cool. What are you up to?” Kayne frowned seeing Christina and Jordan approach from behind him and took a step back.

“Not sure really. Just sitting here chilling with my girl. Haven’t made any kind of plans though what are the Brothers up to?”

“Ah just fucking around. Everyone wants to get together for a bonfire later tonight at the Bay since Dean’s dead they assume curfew has ended. You game?”

“I don’t know. I’m actually just trying to wrap my head around everything that’s happening. We just left Olivia’s place trying to talk to her dad. He wasn’t home.”

“What the hell you go there for? That place is creepy as hell and smells like shit.”

“How the hell would you know?”

“Uh...I went there once with Olivia. She needed some help moving a few boxes to the campus. Why were you there?”

“I wanted to talk to her dad and see what he knows about what’s going on. He’s still alive and it just seems that this animal is going after certain people.”

Kayne laughed ridiculously as he listened to Donovan’s reasoning. “You can’t be serious? How can you try and force logic on something seemingly killing at will? And what? You thought you could figure it out by talking to a grieving man about his dead daughter? Really? What exactly are you trying to prove? What makes you think he knows anything? And for that matter how do we know you’re not just doing this to prove you’re not this thing?”

“Oh right! And I suppose I locked myself in the press room for shits and giggles?” Donovan yelled outraged at the accusations lodged at him by someone he thought was a close friend. “And what about you huh Kayne? You were just conveniently at the newspaper waiting for an interview? We always call you when we need you! You’ve never just shown up! In fact the last three times we had to reschedule because you were constantly late!”

The more he yelled the more he stepped away from the person causing his temperament. His hands were balling into fists and he was visibly shaking with anger towards Kayne’s accusations. “I was almost killed you son of a bitch! How could you even think that I had anything to do with these murders? And you really think I would do something to hurt JB like that? Who the hell do you think I am? For that matter you wanna explain why you were even there that night? You have NOTHING to do with the music department!”

“Donny calm down alright? Dean asked me to go and help out for a few so I did.”

“Oh and I suppose you just agreed out of the kindness of your heart? Tell me, did you happen to see the two ton pillar that came smashing down to the stage or were you just going to try and slink away? I saw you on that balcony motherfucker!”

“I had nothing to do with that! I was outside the box, heard the screams and stepped inside to see that thing on the stage! How the hell could you even accuse me of that? Why would I hurt Jordan?”

“Chrissy!” Remington yelled and waved at her as he started towards them. Kayne noticed him approaching and took another step towards Donovan to try and calm him before he took off. He did not want to be anywhere near Remington after everything that’s happened and was doing his best to avoid the swimmer.

“Hey! I thought you had practice,” she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. He eyed Kayne’s proximity to her and pulled her deeper into his chest, keeping him within his sights.

“It was canceled. Coach Campbell is helping get everything together for Dean Myers’ service since they were apparently the best of friends. So now I have all the time in the world for you.” Tires screeched around the corner near them as they stood on the sidewalk of the quad. The group turned and watched as a gray pickup truck veered sharply down University Row swinging violently around the road.

“That’s James Smart’s truck,” Jordan assessed as it sped closer.

“Donny get out of the way!” Christina yelled and watched in horror as the speeding sedan barreled down the road towards them. The pickup swerved, narrowly missing the group on the curb but couldn’t avoid hitting Donovan in the right lane. 

Connecting just below his knees, Donovan’s body slammed into the hood of the truck and the speed caused him to flip over the roof and tumble off the trunk. The driver tried to hit the brakes but accelerated instead careening into a tree at the bottom of the incline. The pickup became quickly engulfed by flames and a loud explosion rocked the area as smoke and gas fumes permeated the air.

Jordan’s breath caught in her throat and she watched as her boyfriend landed head first with a hard crack against his skull. His body rolled three times once he hit the pavement and landed in an awkward position in the middle of the road. “DONNY!” she screamed in fear and felt her heart sink to her stomach. All senses seemingly shutdown and she was drowning in an incessant ringing in her ears. The color had drained out of her face as she looked at Donovan’s lifeless body on the cold, hard ground. Her mouth was suddenly very dry.

Ignoring the dangers of traffic and cars speeding by in the other lanes, Jordan rushed into the street towards him. Her hands were shaking, her mind was racing with vacant thoughts and endless worry as panic immersed every nerve in her body. Her heart pounded harder feeling as if it was going to explode out of her chest and her eyes filled with tears. Christina swiftly joined her kneeling down beside Donovan’s prone body and stopped her from turning him. “We can’t move him,” she replied as Jordan fought to grab him again. 

Remington joined them and held on to Jordan as Christina checked over him. Reaching out she touched a hand to Donovan’s neck checking for a pulse. He was unresponsive and blood pumped profusely from his head and mouth. It didn’t take long to realize he had expired. His neck had been snapped and was twisted in an unnatural position and nearly every bone in his upper body was crushed from the fall.

Christina turned to Jordan and shook her head negatively and her scream caused tears to form in her eyes. “NOOO!” she wailed and pushed away from Remington’s grip. She leaned over her boyfriend, gently caressing his face and hair begging for him to wake up. “Don’t do this to me Donny, please! Please don’t do this!” She shook him trying to revive his increasingly chilly body as approaching sirens sounded in the distance.

“Jordan,” Christina started but Remington pulled her away noticing her friend’s absent gaze.

“I think you should give her a minute,” he advised watching the girl cradle Donovan’s head in her lap as she began to sing.

Rescue vehicles pulled up shortly and EMTs rushed to Donovan and the driver’s side as fireman beat out the flames. The police quickly pushed the growing crowd back and the group watched from behind the yellow tape as Donovan was placed into the back of the ambulance with Jordan at his side and taken off to the hospital. Christina shrunk against Remington’s chest. There was nothing more they could do for Donovan and she knew it. “We have to get to Jordan,” she whispered. Remington’s lips pressed against the crown of her head and he pulled her behind him towards his motorcycle.

They found Jordan hovering in a corner of the hospital waiting room leaning against the wall rocking herself back and forth. “He’s gone, he’s gone and he’s not coming back.” She continuously repeated staring off into space. Christina leaned forward and Remington helped pull the girl to her feet.

After calling a taxi for the two, Remington followed them back to the dorm and sat quietly near Christina’s bed as she comforted her best friend. “I never got to tell him goodbye,” she cried hard as Christina held her tight in her arms. “He’ll never know how much I loved him. I took so much for granted Chrissy! So much wasted time! We were going to be together forever but now he’s gone! What am I supposed to do now?”

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    Kayne seemed awful suspicious in this chapter. The dirt on his face, the mud on his shoes. Yeah very very suspicious. And he was quick to discount Donny's theory and accuse him on top of it. WOW. Why couldn't that have been Kayne unless he has something to do with this. He has been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    What's up with that?

    Oh poor Jordan. This is going to be hard, so very hard for her.


    1. I wasn't driving that thing! I am actually just sitting behind my computer watching the action unfold same as you. Poor Donovan...

      Kayne does seem to continue popping up into places conveniently. One might even say he orchestrated to have Donny walk out into the street...hmm. You might have missed something there Mica :)

      Que pasa? Yo no se!

      Yeah :( she's really broken up. Poor girl! She'll need so much to get through this.

  2. Donny...That was so sad! Was that hit meant for Kayne? What is Jordan going to do? I can't imagine the pain she must feel! Poor thing! I hope Remy and Chrissy stay by her side.

    I was going to address the way the animal killed Olivia's father but my mind just keeps circling Donny.

    I really liked him.

    1. Oooh! Interesting theory! Well we know Donny was the son of a football player so if theory is true then Donny may have been the intended victim...he was getting to close to the truth after all. Can't have meddling kids and their dogs um...oh sorry wrong show. Jordan is in a bad place now that's true poor girl that's gonna give her nightmares for *as long as she lives* teehee! They'll comfort her I'm sure :D

      Aww :( yeah. The animal had to get nasty. Things are really coming to a head with just 2 chapters left!

  3. NO NO NO NO NO!!! Donny didn't have to die! RRRGGHGHGHGHGHGH WHY??? D:

    ...Regaining composure... Anyways, Kayne was really suspicious, but Remy was also gone for "swim practice" which was conveniently canceled. What's up with that? I don't know what's going on anymore.

    Still grieving for Donny. May be grieving until this is over. :(

    1. His dad was on the team :(

      Haha "conveniently canceled". The coach is getting ready for a funeral LOL so mean :P but yeah they both had suspicious and unexplained behavior once again. Kayne...he should have been shoved head first into that truck!

      Aww :( sorry.

  4. Replies
      (I dare you to tell me you weren't expecting that)

      Don't tell me his parents were in on the accident 20 years ago? Or was it really meant for Kayne and Donny was just in the street at the wrong time???

      Since this story is nearing its end... Am I to assume that all the assholes and plastic hotdog-bitches will stay alive?? You can't be serious!!!!

      I am not a happy camper Daijah... not happy!!

    2. Huh? Me did what you say? Ok maybe I was *gulp* doesn't make it any less scary!

      Well...Donny's father was on the team (as we'll see from tonight's ep.) there are still secrets yet to uncover! Patience mon ami, patience :)

      LOL plastic hotdog-bitches? Interesting. Might I ask to whom you refer? :D But there is still hope right? 2 Eps left, someone could catch a bullet at any time (for example >:))

      :(! Look over there!

  5. Replies
    1. Sorry :( It was said seeing him go. And everyone is hurting now because of it.

      Thank you :)

  6. Oh my god, that was the last thing I expected. Why him?!?!?! Damn.

    Poor Jordan, n I doubt somehow the animal had something to do w this.

    1. Yeah :( I don't think any of them saw it coming. It was sad to say the least. Jordan is really going to be in pain for a while now. I wouldn't put anything past the animal just yet though.

  7. Nooooo, not Donovan!!!! bah!
    Poor Jordan, ack! whondering who is next....edenz~

    1. Aww :( it was a very sad moment for poor Jordan to know the love of her life was killed.