Monday, October 8, 2012

Chapter 08: Waterscape

“Close your eyes,” Remington smiled as he stood outside Christina’s dorm room. She gave him a curious look and shook her head no. “Oh come on I don’t want to spoil the surprise!” His smile was genuine and he had the look of both confidence and honesty gleaming at her from those perfect blue orbs centered in his face. Christina felt a sense of warmth looking at him and thought to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Fine but just so you know I have a can of mace, a taser and four years of martial arts knowledge under my belt! Try anything, anything at all and I’m using all three!”

He chuckled and peeked into the room behind her towards Jordan. She nodded and showed him the empty box the electroshock weapon came in and his laughter died down quickly. “I promise I’m not out to harm you, I only want to show you this place with a fresh pair of eyes ok?”

She finally agreed and he placed the blindfold around her eyes and carried her towards his motorcycle. Hesitantly she slid on behind him as he guided her around his waist and she held on for dear life as he started up the engine and sped off towards the street. They drove for just a few moments before the bike hit what felt like a dirt path and he followed it until finally coming to a stop just at the foot of a large set of stairs.

Kicking the stand in place, Remington held Christina’s hand as he pushed off the bike and slowly helped inch her off as well. The sounds of exotic birds chirped somewhere behind her and she followed the sound with her head though she was still unable to take in what was happening around her. “This way.” He pulled her carefully with him guiding her inch by inch over logs and up a set of stairs before finally placing her hands on the railing in front of her. The smell of tulips, hibiscus, orchids and lilies filled her nose as she stood blinded on the hard wooden surface. “Ok, ready?”

Christina nodded her head and at once Remington untied her blindfold and pulled it away from her eyes. The view was instantly breathtaking and her gaze darted from the large palms growing wildly around the mountains and dotting the area to the hundreds of wildflowers and birds that called this location home. The smell was a medley of sweet nectar and rich tropical fragrances mixed with the light, aquatic scent of the fresh water that spilled from the nearby falls. Multicolored birds flew around the sky sporadically dipping into pockets of water bathing their feathers or quenching their thirst. The sun projected off the water perfectly illuminating the small paradise in a radiant glow and for a moment she forgot it was autumn, this hidden grotto certainly had!

The heat of the rays beaming down on them bathed her in warmth making it easy to forget this time of year should be cooler. She inhaled deeply pulling in the aroma of the nature before her and with a smile turned to capture the beauty that was Remington Cantrell’s smile. “This is beyond imagination!”

“You’ll have to be a little clearer please, does that mean you like it?” he joked and took her hand in his. “Come on, you can change inside.” 

Leading her to the tower he showed her where the restrooms were. The sun beaten wood creaked beneath their feet with every step they made slowly awakening to their movements. Christina excused herself and Remington waited out near the stairs until she was ready. “So how do I look?” She asked stepping out of the door and doing a small spin so that he could see the Velvet Crimson bikini she and Jordan had purchased. The strings were a series of pleated white knots sewn together to resemble pearls and though Jordan urged her to go with something less concealing, she stuck with the suit that didn’t display her rear end like a desperate college girl seeking attention.

“Wow! I feel that if I tell you that you look beautiful it would seem too forward.”

“And I feel that after the time it took me to find this swimsuit if you didn’t compliment me I’d have to strangle Jordan!” 

“Well in that case you look absolutely gorgeous.” He scanned her body with his eyes making her feel a little uncomfortable under his scrutiny and she blushed. Stopping noticeably on her stomach he was sure he made out a rather nice set of abs on her. As she pointed out before she was in shape and dancing was something that worked well for her. Her chest wasn’t overly exposed, in fact he felt his pulse rise a bit as he thought over the idea of the bikini falling loose “accidentally” just to end the teasing. Slowly he lifted his eyes again to meet hers and smiled realizing he had been staring nearly as hard as she was the day she came to his room. “Uh so are you ready?” With a nod and a smile he took her again by the hand and headed down towards the water.

Christina stopped just at the shore and watched as Remington walked forward into the crystal clear waters of the grotto splashing aimlessly as he waded through the spring. “How far down does that go?” She asked hesitantly as he reached a hand for her.

“I don’t know a couple hundred feet over by the waterfall I’d assume. I’ve never been down to the very bottom so it’s really just a guess. It could be as shallow as fifty feet for all I know. Are you coming?”

“Is it cold?” She asked sucking in her bottom lip and looking for any signs of chills in his facial expressions.

“Mmm it’s a hot spring what does that tell you?” He smirked as she dipped her toe in first testing the temperature of the water before allowing her foot to touch the bottom of the shallow end. “What you didn’t believe me?” He chuckled as she looked up into his eyes and nodded her head no. Patiently he waited for her hand to connect with his and slid back as she took it and inched forward.

Holding her breath, Christina submerged herself up to her thighs and again stopped. “Wait!” She started hyperventilating and splashed around as she hurriedly moved backwards to get out of the water again. She stumbled on a rock beneath her foot causing the water to push up her nose as she fell and panic set in as her mind flashed to the pool.

Remington hurried closer and wrapped a protective arm around her waist lifting her up to her feet. Pulling her against his chest he gently worked on slowing her breathing. “Hey, hey relax Chrissy. Try and focus on something that you normally enjoy like dancing. Take slow breaths in and out. Close your eyes and just listen to my heartbeat ok? Breathe with me Chrissy, that’s it,” he coached her and as she worked on relaxing herself he pulled her deeper and deeper into the water. “Remember I’m here and I’m not going to let anything happen to you I promise.”

Before she finally opened her eyes again, Remington had successful moved her into the center of the water. Still clinging to his chest, she felt his legs kicking beneath them as he kept them afloat. She looked up at him and his smile relaxed her a little more. Moving slowly around her he released her grip of his arm nudging gently and helped guide her through the shallow end of the water.

Cautiously she crept through the tide following his lead move for move until she was comfortable enough to swim a foot towards him alone. “I DID IT!” she exclaimed like a child taking its first step. 

“Yes and as a reward I’m going to let you complete the rest of this lap alone.” Her expression instantly fell and he couldn’t resist laughing at the fearful glimmer in her eyes at the sound of swimming without assistance. “I’m only kidding Chrissy I wouldn’t abandon you in the middle of the water like that. Then you’d never get in again! We can do a few more laps and be done ok?”

“Ok,” she agreed with a smile. Over the next four hours and into the dimming light of the afternoon sun the two swam together. Christina tried a breast stroke as Remington held her above water guiding her along the surface of the stream in his arms. 

Afterwards he helped her out and watched her towel dry before leading her back up the stairs to the upper deck. “Why aren’t there more people here?” she asked placing her towel on the floor beside her and wiping the dirt from her feet. “It seems like a pretty relaxing and enjoyable escape!”

“It’s a restricted area without a lifeguard on duty because of the tides on the beach near the back. The gate we came through is locked tight to keep passenger vehicles out and has an electric charge to deter anyone from climbing it.”

“Then how did we get in?”

“I have a key. They give those to the lifeguards,” he smiled as she realized what he meant by his earlier statement and her mouth locked in a silent “oh”. “Yeah I can’t be here during swim season when I’m competing. I’m 100% focused on my goals so they keep this place closed down until the spring.”

“Ah so you bring your dates up here to impress them with your swimming prowess and private oasis?”

“Hmm my ‘dates’?” He shot her a curious look but didn’t bother to correct her. Instead he lingered on the last part of her question and leaned a little closer. “So I take it you’re impressed then?”

“Oh no, I have my own private backyard paradise at home. Much more colorful birds, taller palm trees and riper bananas. Also my Jacuzzi’s bigger,” she joked getting to her feet and moving towards the hot tub. He laughed quietly to himself and watched as she prepared to hop into the tub. Turning the dials to perfect the settings she dipped a hand into the jets checking the temperature before climbing over the side. The water washed over her body warming her instantly. Moaning drew Remington’s attention and he walked closer towards her enjoying the way the water moved as she fanned it around with her arms.

“So let me get this straight,” he started as he slipped into the water beside her. “You don’t mind hot tubs but pools and open waters are off limits?”

“Yeah that’s right. Why is that weird? A hot tub is like a giant bathtub not a huge ocean with massive waves threatening to pull you under and fill your lungs with salty, frothy water until you take your last breath.”

“Wow ok that’s a bit dramatic I think a simple ‘yes’ would have sufficed. So I guess your fear of water isn’t all encompassing and you take baths then?”

“Of course I take baths! Why wouldn’t I?”

“No that’s not what I meant, I meant…” he paused and sighed at her before shaking off his thought. “Nevermind. You actually did very well. I know a few beginners that still cannot grasp the idea of letting the water balance their bodies and float them. They’d rather fight against the waves until it tires them out and they ultimately sink to the bottom. It’s all about relaxation.”

“That’s something my mind and my body find hard to do around water. It’s not as easy as you think.”

“Well if I can teach a child I think I can teach you. Don’t worry a few more lessons and you’ll be ready for the pros. But don’t look for an endorsement from me or anything,” he grinned and leaned back into his arms. “I have a reputation to uphold!”

“Oh gee thanks! Sounds like you don’t believe in your work or this line you’re selling. Besides I think you’re giving me more credit than I deserve. The children you teach aren’t tainted by their parents’ beliefs that water will kill you if you go near it. I on the other hand have a SUPER paranoid father who wouldn’t let me bathe alone until I was double digits. And even then he would come and check on me every few minutes. Not only that he didn’t let me go on my senior class trip, a cruise to the Bahamas, because he said the ship would sink and he couldn’t stomach the idea of me stranded out in the middle of the Atlantic. The weirdest thing though came when I dropped my class ring in with my laundry and leaned into the full tub to fish it out. He wouldn’t let me near the machines for weeks until I promised not to open them in the middle of a cycle again. Like seriously, who could drown in a washing machine?”

“Wow yeah that would definitely cause anyone to grow an unhealthy fear of water and the likes. But I wouldn’t worry about it; you seemed natural once you got the relaxation part down.” 

A ticking sound near the gate stirred Christina in the water and she jumped upright. “What was that?”


“You didn’t hear that?”

“Um…no. If anything it’s probably just the timer kicking in. It’s getting dark so the lights should come on pretty soon. It’s nothing to worry about I’m sure. Are you thirsty? I brought up some food and stuff before I came to get you. I didn’t know how long we would be here.”

She heard his stomach growl and smiled to herself. “Hmm well the heat is sort of drying me out yeah and I could go for a bite of something.”

“Cool. I’ll go make us some drinks and grab the sandwiches ok? I’ll be right back and then you can tell me a little more about yourself.” Remington dried off a little on his towel and started up the large staircase towards the tower. He smiled over his shoulder at Christina as she settled into the water behind him.

“Hurry back,” she yelled nervously as her eyes searched the darkness ahead of her before she allowed them to close. She coaxed herself to relax within the warm waters and listened to the natural wildlife around her.

The night moved in quickly and before she knew it the security lights had turned on around her illuminating the darker areas of the walkway and staircase. The low hum of the lights pulled her eyes open and she looked towards the tower checking if she could spot Remington in the windows. Not seeing him she shrugged it off, slid deeper into the water again and let the spray jets massage her back and neck. Being around this hottie all day her muscles remained tense and on guard so she didn’t make a complete fool of herself. And now with the soothing mists spraying around her she was finally able to relax.

Ralph you got a 20 on those hoodlums yet? Mrs. Phelps called and said her place was hit with more teepee and she’s sure they ran off in our direction.

“Yeah, yeah I’m checking it now. You know this would go a lot quicker if you’d stop harassing me every three seconds, Jim!” the man growled into his walkie as he started towards the security fence. Stepping towards the dark path that led into the woods and circled the back of the University, Ralph pressed his security badge against the electronic panel and waited for the gates to open.

He flipped the switch on the box beside the lamppost and waited for the crackling hum of electricity to sound for it to completely light up the area. Seconds after it was on, the bulb fizzled and popped and the area was once again shrouded in darkness. “Oh what the fuck!” he groaned staring at the faulty electric lamp.

He pulled out a flashlight and checked the bushes near the fountain. Noticing a small patch of ripped clothing sticking out of the fence and a drop of blood leading towards the gardens, he moved ahead to investigate. “What the hell?” Leaning forward, Ralph inspected the area closer. Claw marks were scratched into the cement passageway and appeared fresh. Small leaves were crumbled within footprints pressed into the nearby gravel and animal tracks led from the university and towards the back fence.

“Hey yo, Jimmy I got what appears to be evidence of an animal attack or fight or something, there’s blood in the dirt and drag marks that look like animal tracks. We get any report about something like that?”

No not that I’m seeing. Maybe it was just two strays or something. You see them kids?

“No not yet. I’m gonna check the lock and head on back in.”

Roger. I’ll let Mrs. Phelps know.

The sound of the security gate clattering shut pulled him to his feet and he hastily looked in its direction. “Hello? Is there anyone there?” He turned towards a shuffling sound on his right and quickly drowned the area in light. “Enough games kid, come out now and I might talk to the Dean about a less severe punishment on your behalf!” His flashlight flickered and he beat the metal end against his open palm. “Not now,” he hissed as the light dimmed and the batteries died.

The trees rustled once more and Ralph jerked and looked up. Cautiously he moved forward and leaned against the lamppost to balance himself. His eyes fixed on a tall, dark shadow against the back end of the university’s brick wall and he waited for his eyes to dilate and get used to light.

Two rounded red orbs lit up in front of him and he jumped back in fear. “Holy shit!” he turned and rushed back for the security gate. A growl shot off in the darkness behind him as he fumbled with his badge to try and release the gate to open it again. Dropping it to the ground he ducked down to retrieve it and instantly felt the hot breath of the beast on his neck. 

Strings of saliva fell to his shoulder and he froze in fear. Unable to scream and afraid of turning around Ralph remained perfectly still as the monster sniffed him from head to toe. A snarl in his left ear curled his toes and he felt the tiny hairs on the back of his neck stand on end and for a moment he thought he heard the beast laugh.

And just as quickly as it seemed to have appeared it was gone. Ralph turned in the direction the monster stood and saw nothing. Hurriedly he snatched his badge from the ground and rushed out of the secured area towards the lighted path of the university as fast as his feet would carry him. Just a few feet away from safety, the beast made its return. Jumping down in front of Ralph it swiped at his face and neck searing large gashes into his flesh instantly. 

Ralph wanted to scream but the animal removed his ability to. Piercing his throat with its claws and severing his carotid artery Ralph fell to the ground and quickly bled out. The monster lingered a moment admiring his work before dashing off into the cover of night.

“I had a really great time tonight, Remy, thank you.”

“It was my pleasure really I enjoyed getting to know more about you. And any excuse I can get to hop into the water I’ll take. And with the added bonus of having a beautiful girl for company is reason enough. Now if you really want to thank me how about a new watch?” he laughed and moved a little closer to her arm.

“A watch?” Christina’s brow rose curiously and she shot him a confused frown.

“Yeah when I jumped in the pool to pull you out, I didn’t have time to take mine off; got fried. And now that damn thing eats through batteries like they’re candy.”

“Aww I’m sorry about that. Next time I’ll plan drowning around your wardrobe,” she laughed at herself and he joined her. “I didn’t realize we were this close to the campus,” Christina sighed as she followed Remington up the path towards the dorms. 

“Yeah that’s what the blindfold was for. I couldn’t let you see where we were going until we were there. I didn’t know if maybe you’d been told about it already and I wanted you to get a glimpse of it as a whole.”

“Well it was perfect! It’s nice to know there’s something like that so close and the fact that I have a personal lifeguard isn’t such a bad thing either.”

“Well if you ever want to go back again all you gotta do is…” a scream from behind them caused the two to turn as a large crowd quickly grew upon the area near the grotto fence. 

Christina and Remington rushed forward to check out the commotion and stopped short as they noticed the large puddle of blood that soaked the dirt near the path. “He’s dead!” A student announced as the crowd looked on. “Someone call the police!”

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  1. Awww their date was sweet. Yeah I would go almost anywhere with that sexy man. It's bad he could be leading me off a cliff but still I would follow. LOL

    It's nice that he was attempting to teach her. But wow her father was crazy. What is his fear with water??? I mean I have a healthy fear of drowning myself but nothing to that extreme. Craziness.

    Poor Ralph. He didn't stand a chance.

    Kayne in the background is looking very unhappy seeing Remy and Chrissy. He doesn't stand a chance of dating her. Aside from the fact that Remy is the cuter of the two. His crazy ex makes you want to avoid him like the plague.

    1. It's bad he could be leading me off a cliff but still I would follow.

      ^^LOL! That's when you know you've got it bad!

      Remington was very sweet and patient and I think a little of it rubbed off on her because she was able to find her center and make an almost solo lap around the grotto. Interesting question. Her father is an extremist when it comes to water. His attitude/behavior sounds sorta unhealthy lol!

      Nope! Haha he had all the fallacies of horror movies working for him. Faulty electricity, bum flashlight, asking "who's there"...idiot.

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    I am wondering if the animal is Remy. I have no suspicion but for some reason I find it sexy...


    1. Lol that pretty much sums it up! Rachael is going to work on keeping her away from Kayne and getting even for her going out with him while Kayne will work on keeping her from Remy and showing up the swimmer! Perfect couple /romanticsigh ain't love grand?

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      He'd have to start his own lines at that point for sure. He enjoyed teasing her that first go round!

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  4. I have a quick question. When I saw the picture of the guy and girl both on the bike, is that a Mod, or can that be done in the game?

    1. Oh no unfortunately you can't ride 2 on a motorcycle (EA...). It's a pose by set by Milkmin you can find them here:

    2. Thank you. It is a real shame that EA did not add that ability to the game. I only asked, because my sim owns the black one like in the picture.

    3. Yeah I know. There are a lot of things I would love that add realism to the game that's missing. But we have great modders for that! :D

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    YOU, as the writer, don't know it yet, but I do!

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    1. LOL! She's only his onscreen honey huh? End of the chapter she has to GO!

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      Hmm was it because of Kayne all lurking in the shadows? Haha thank you Jem :D

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      LOL! Zooming makes everything scarier! LOL! As I was doing it I was thinking "Dramatic Gopher". Remy is one of a few that as Jem says will have "unexplained exits". I wanted to keep the suspicion high on a few characters :D (Did you notice how Kayne also seemed unaffected by the guard's death?).

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    1. LOL!Three emotions in one huh? Remington did his best to show her that swimming isn't all about scary death stuffs so it was nice to be able to help her relax around water.

      Kayne yes :) he definitely has an evil look standing all ominously in the bushes!


  8. err....ok, here's my question, why would Kayne be so pissed that Chrissy is with Remy? I mean it's not like they had a thing goin anyways and on their first date his ex girlfriend started a fight with her sooooo.....just sayin.

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