Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chapter 16: The Car Wash

“How much we make so far?” Jordan asked looking at the tip jar beside Christina’s leg and frowning at the small amount within.

“Mmm looks like $40.”

“$40? That’s it? The goal is $200 per team! I am NOT about to clean those damn windows and floors again! If Rachael thinks for a second that…” the sound of a motor revving interrupted her thought and they both turned at the sight of Remington pulling up. He was leather clad and smiling as he drove closer.

“Hello Ladies! My Baby’s in need of a wash.”

“This is a car wash Remy,” Christina smiled as he pulled off his helmet and gave her a wink. Stopping just at the hose and bucket the girls brought with them he placed the kickstand down and hopped off.

“Well it transports me from point A to point B so technically it is my ‘car’. Besides look at it! It’s badly in need of a good soak.”

“Yes I can see that! What the hell did you do to this thing?”

“Uh I may or may not have driven through the mud pits near the falls once or twice on my way over here.” Christina shot him a bewildered look that he returned in a smile. “What? I needed an excuse to see you since you’ve been so busy pledging and I am constantly at practice. I figured getting to watch you wash my ‘car’ in a teeny, tiny bikini would be an upside. Now get to work,” he sighed and flashed a few bills at her and waved the crisp dollars beneath her nose. “I’m a paying customer.” He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and moved towards a chair against the wall as Christina and Jordan moved over his motorcycle.

“It’s great,” Jordan started and waved in Remington’s direction. “Seeing you two getting along so well. I think he’s a much better fit for you than Kayne could have ever been.”

“I told you I wasn’t even into Kayne I wasn’t kidding about that. He’s so full of himself I don’t think he’d be able to enjoy having a relationship unless his girlfriend was just as stuck up.”

“Enough chit chat bitches wash faster you’re making me look bad! We have ten people waiting in line here! If we miss out on money because you want to keep running your mouths, it’s coming right out of your pockets! Now get to work!” Rachael puffed throwing her hands on her hips before storming away.

“Like that!”

“You think anyone would miss her if she suddenly went missing?” Jordan frowned watching her belittle another pledge in front of a couple of frat guys.

“Well I’m sure the Football team and Basketball team and Baseball team and Lacrosse team and…yeah I don’t think we can get rid of her without someone noticing.” The two laughed watching Rachael slip on some soap as she started up the steps to the porch again. “Too many dicks would go unsucked.”

“More washing and less chit chat!” Remington scolded from behind them mocking Rachael in a high pitched squeal. “And get that ass wiggling more or else I’m cutting your tip by half!”

“Half? We’re working our asses off here because of your crusty old bike!” Jordan yelled and threw a sponge at him.

“Alright just for that I’m taking off another dollar!”

Christina turned with the hose in her hand and sprayed him. Jordan joined in throwing a bucket of water in his direction and watching the folding chair he sat in crumble beneath him. “Haha,” she started watching the money he held in his hand get soaked. “You can keep the tip; that was payment enough!”

“Oh yeah?” he jumped up from the ground and wrestled the hose away from Christina. Spraying the two bikini babes they giggled and ran behind a nearby car to avoid the water. “You give?”

“We give!” Christina laughed waving a white flag. “Now let us get back to work, we have $160 to make and two hours left before we lose the competition.”

“Hmm well if I up my tip can I keep making you wet?”

Christina smirked and stepped closer throwing her arms around Remington’s neck. “Trust me you’ve already done enough of that!”

“Gross! Get a room!” Jordan screeched and snatched the hose from Remington’s hand as he and Christina locked lips.

“I don’t like where this is going,” Rachael scowled watching Remington and Christina from her perch beside the hot dog cart. “Something’s gotta be done about those two, and soon.”

“What exactly does that mean?” Kendra asked watching the two kiss deeper.

“She isn’t right for him; he has no idea who she really is.”

“And you do? Does this have anything to do with him ignoring your advances the first week he got here?”

“Please! I wouldn’t waste my time on him. I was simply trying to welcome him to the University but I learned quickly the kind of person he is!”

“You’ve made it some personal vendetta to hurt her at all costs and for what? Because she is one of 100 girls on campus that Kayne showed interest in? Besides there’s nothing you can do or say to Remy to make him back away from her. There’s no way he’d believe you.”

“I don’t care, there’s something going on with her and I’m going to found out what.”

“And over here I want to set up the buffet table and bar. I want it far enough away from the stage but close enough to of course still take in what’s happening. Now there is of course a cover charge to reserve seating. I’m thinking $150 per table and $25 per additional guest.”

“We will need to speak to the AV department and get some monitors set up around the room. I think our guests would appreciate being able to view the event even if they are a little further away from the stage than most. Now over here we’ll set up the trophies won for the undefeated season as well as the following year where we almost had that honor again. It should help relate the message to our guests the quality within Cyprus-Gray.”

“Excuse me Dean Myers, I don’t mean to sound negative but that season wasn’t one of the best CG has had and we all know the fallout that occurred because of it. Are you so sure you want our guests thinking about the legal ramifications that followed?” Sarah asked taking down notes as the Dean highlighted his plans for this year’s Alumni celebration.

“I think our past, good or bad, is ours to own. We were on the verge of something great that year and I don’t want our Alumni to feel as though their contributions for the 1991 season was shoddy because a few residents were unable to keep themselves under control. That was a terrible incident I agree but that has NOTHING to do with Cyprus-Gray and the message we want to send to our current student body and future prospects! This is our year finally Sarah and I won’t let a blemish on the face of the college during a term I wasn’t in leadership forever tarnish this school’s reputation!”

“Hey there superstar,” Kayne barked behind Remington as he leaned against his Camaro watching the swimmer pump his gas. “I almost didn’t recognize you out of your waiter uniform. I saw your girl earlier, made her wash my wheels,” he laughed seeing the irritation on the man’s face. “What’s a flunky like you doing with such a hot chick anyway? Then again I took her for a ride myself, didn’t work out. I guess she just wasn’t ready for the big leagues after all. She has nice tits though and I really enjoyed that show she gave me the other day.”

Remington replaced the cap on his fuel tank and moved around the pump towards Kayne. “You wanna run that by me again?”

“Oh she didn’t tell you? Yeah me and a few guys from my fraternity got to size up every last inch of that hot bod of hers. She was loving the attention too because it didn’t take but a word before she was naked and in my lap! It was too easy turning her into the slut she is.”

Instantly Remington’s fist left his side and he struck Kayne with a hard right. The two fell to the ground in a scuffle with Remington gaining the upper hand. Sitting atop Kayne’s chest, he pounded fist after fist into his face. Kayne kicked and shoved Remington away with a loud crash into a few stray oil containers that brought attendants out to the scene. “Hey! Get off of him!” one man yelled at Remington and tried to break the two up.

Quickly shrugging the man off of his arm, he went back at Kayne with a right hook followed up by a knee to the gut. Kayne fell again to the ground holding himself in pain as he tried to control his breathing. “You stay the hell away from Christina, you hear me?” Tossing a twenty at the attendant he started for his bike and quickly sped away.

“Hey are you alright?” The man asked helping Kayne stand once more. “Do you need me to call the police or something on that guy?”

“No, no don’t worry about it. He’ll get his soon enough, I’ll see to it.” He pushed the man away and hopped behind the wheel of his Camaro and hurried from the lot.

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  1. Kayne got his ass kicked! I am reeling over here!

    What is it with Chrissy that has everyone so attracted to her? Rachel is attracted to the point that she's plotting the girl's downfall. Kayne is intent on screwing her like he doesn't know what a cooch feels like and Remy...well I like him so he's ok.

    I love that I have no clue what to expect.

    1. Did you seriously just say cooch? ROFL. XD

      *back to minding my own business*

    2. LOL! Yeah he should have known better than to say some shit like that about someone's girlfriend. I guess he thinks he can get away with anything though. Remington wasn't having that!

      Rachael hates anyone that thinks they can get a leg up on her. If she's not careful she's likely to end up like Kayne on the receiving end of Christina's fist. Kayne is just a guy who believes every woman should be throwing themselves at him. He hates seeing a girl he can't have and since Remy is his biggest competition in the school he feels he can have his girl and throw it in his face.

      Thank you :D

    3. LOL! Jim :P so crazy! It's funny though she does usually call it a cookie :)

  2. God damn it. I swear to God, if Kayne lays a finger on Remy I'll break the fourth wall and all kinds of hell's gonna break loose. >.> Yay for Remy kicking his ass, though, Kayne looked like a punk. >:D

    And do I detect a hint of animosity between Kendra and Rachael? I figured that they were both cut from the same cloth, but Kendra seems like she's a little less cruel than Rachael.

    LOL, Jordan was all left out of the romance. She has Donovan, she can deal with Chrissy and Remy's public displays of affection. :P

    1. OMG! HAHAHA that was a wee bit scary! I love that though! And you KNOW Kayne's not gonna let that ish stand! Kayne is a punk and now he feels all embarrassed so now he has to get revenge...man these people have no lives. (Or does that mean me since I'm their creator? O.o)

      You're very right about that. Kendra only puts up with Rachael for what she needs to but they are "friends" as far as it looks. They will hang out together and shop together but I don't think either one appreciates the other. It's how I imagine the populars are in school. You have "friends" but you don't actually have friends. Kendra laughs at her pain and hates how catty Rachael can be though for sure.

      Very true lol! Had that been her and Donny she'd never have uttered a word. In that case it would have been Chrissy telling them to cut it out!

  3. HAHAHAHA Remy kicked that ass!!!! He needed it, stuck up SOB he's just an ass. He and Rach deserve each other. They just can't let people alone.

    “You’ve made it some personal vendetta to hurt her at all costs and for what? Because she is one of 100 girls on campus that Kayne showed interest in? Loved that from Kendra. Seriously Rach and Kayne are two of the most self absorbed people and they both lead a sad sad life.

    What the hell is up with the dean and the season of '91? Interesting. There is something going on, and if it was anything legal it should have been recorded somewhere. Need to know what's up with that.

    1. Yep! And wasn't about to stop when those men tried to pull him off either! He had to shut Kayne's lips from flapping :P Nope they can't unfortunately. They are definitely two peas in a pod.

      LOL Kendra tells it like it is (she's in college to become a lawyer). She doesn't care about hurting Rachael's feelings because to be honest she's not all that sure she even has a heart (most devils don't).

      Dean Myers knows all too well what a bad rep can do and that is why he has been intent on keeping CG as clean as possible by sweeping issues under the rug. Yes it should have been recorded if it was anything legal :)

  4. Haha Rachael slipped... too bad she didn't tumble down and break her neck.
    All of the innuendos, death thoughts, revenge words.... hmmmm....

    I can see Remington whacking Kayne, and a(n) (un)fortunate accident drowning Rachael. I am making Remington out to be the bad guy, but I don't think he is.

    Looking forward to secrets revealed about the university's past.

    1. Lol! I bet that would have solved a great deal of problems for the pledges! She really does seem callous and spiteful and all that plotting just doesn't bode well for anyone!

      Interesting! If Kayne keeps on with his threats and jabs about Christina it may just come to that. Remington has a lot of hostility towards the quarterback because of what he did and I doubt he'll keep taking it on the jaw for much longer.

      It will go a ways to helping unravel the mystery! :D

  5. Why did he have to STOP beating the shit out of Kayne?
    UGH!!!! And the bullshit line about how Chrissy pretty much gave him a lap dance? Remy better not believe that! Surely he knows Kayne is full of bull by now.

    And for that matter, why the hell is Chrissy wasting her time STILL with that sissy sorority?

    1. A part of him wanted to keep going but then they'd have probably called the police on him so he had to get out of there before that. Yeah he knows that Kayne is just trying to get under his skin but if you hear something enough it does start to get to you and make you think.

      Ha! She is trying to make her Mom proud. Little does she know her mom could care less if she got into that sorority if it's causing her this much grief.

  6. Rachael is hell bent on making Christinas life hell and Kayne is equally as hell bent on making Remys' life hell...and lying about it at that, sheesh. I really hope Remy is not believing what he's hearing and as for Rachael..can i request for her to get eaten? Can you do that?=b...edenz~

    1. Yep! Rachael and Kayne are definitely two fucked up peas in the same pod. Both want to destroy their "competition" and will stop at nothing to ruin them. Remy is a little cautious about trusting anything from Kayne but he has some questions for Christina he'd like to have answered! HAHA Hmm...