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Chapter 18: Score!

**Warning: Sex scene included in this chapter. It is not pertinent to the story, skip it at your leisure!**
-- And yes Jim it's another half chapter :P the last though! (Well last half chapter length one).

“Oh nice jacket,” Kendra exclaimed peeking into Christina’s closet. “Where’d you snag this?” She tossed it on and modeled it in front of her mirror, pouting her lips as though she were on a runway.

“I bought it from a tradeshow in Washington before I came back here. Feel free to borrow it any time you want.”

“Yeah?” Her eyes lit up and she smiled at Jordan watching her dance in front of the mirror.

“Yeah. My closet is your closet, anything you want.”

“Thanks Chrissy! I’ll take great care of it I promise!” she exited the room and danced down the hall to her own.

“What was that about?” Jordan asked closing up her laptop and pulling up from her bed.

“Honestly I have no idea. I thought she hated us like Rachael.”

“Kendra? No she doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad as blondie unless she’s doing that whole ‘Pledge Mistress’ thing. I have a few classes with her and she’s actually pretty cool.”

“Well that’s good to know. It’s one less person to have to worry about anyway.” She swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat up looking at the clock. “So you ready for the big game?”

“Please! If I ever get excited over a football game I give you permission to put me out of misery. It’s bad enough we have to go in place of the cheerleaders, I don’t see why I need to dance and ‘rah-rah also.”

“Well I’d like to think our costumes are slightly cooler than the cheer skirts plus it’s a chance to get out there and do something we enjoy; minus of course having a tyrant for a ‘leader’.”

“Oh yeah, I can just see that now. Good thing Donny will be there. He just got back tonight and right in time. I swear if I had to wait a whole other day for him to get his ass back here I would have probably popped from the pressure. He should make for a nice distraction I hope.”

Jordan and Christina finished getting dressed and sighed at the sight of one another. “Yeah this is MUCH better than the shit the cheerleaders wear,” Jordan moaned. “If this is Rachael’s idea of ‘fashion’ she needs to consider changing her major to trash collector.”

“Haha,” Christina laughed and turned in the mirror a few times. “It’s not that bad is it? We were able to squeeze our fat asses in them at least! Come on let’s get going before we’re late. Remy is supposed to meet me at the gate and I don’t want to miss him.”

“Whoa!” Remington chuckled as Ezra snatched his arm and pulled him into his dorm room. “Uh can I help you with something?”

“Yeah uh, we don’t really talk or even move in the same circles. I know you think I’m weird, a lot of people do but whatever I’m used to it. And regardless of what people think I didn’t kill my parents what happened was an accident and I didn’t eat them!”

Remington’s brow rose curiously as he watched Ezra dancing around the subject. He shifted his weight on his feet and ran a confused hand through his hair trying to understand the information. “Uh Ezra what…?”

“Yeah um…I thought I should warn you about something and I just…,” he sighed and stuffed his hands into his pockets as he began pacing around the small room. “Rachael is um planning something. I uh may have given her something,” he blew out a breath and took a step away from Remington remembering the way Kayne nearly knocked him out when he caught him staring at Rachael, he did not want a repeat. “I gave her some Oxymetholone and she’s planning to poison you with it.”

“You what?!” Remington moved closer and Ezra cowered in fear preparing for the blow he was sure would follow.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t want to I swear! But she threatened me. She told me that if I didn’t help she would…I’m sorry!”

Remington blew out a breath and composed himself moving away from Ezra before he did lose it. He balled his hands into fist, flexed and released them each time breathing deeper. Turning back towards the man he sighed and shook his head. “Relax Ezra I’m not going to hit you this is fucked up and I am very pissed right now, but I’m not gonna hit you.” He pulled Ezra’s arms away from his face and offered a stiff smile. “When is she planning to drug me?”

“Before your next competition. Then she’s going to suggest to the Dean to test you for steroid abuse. She said it was to teach you a lesson in humility.”

“Sounds more like she saw what I did to Kayne’s face.”

“Wait you did that? The black eye?” Remington nodded and Ezra sighed a breath of relief and stood up taller. “Why?”

“Besides the fact that he deserved it? Do I need any other reason?”

“No, I guess not. Look Remy I can help you get around this if you want.”

“No I think you’ve helped enough I’ll figure this out on my own.” He turned and started for the door stopping just before exiting back to the hallway. “Do you have any idea where she might be hiding the steroids before she plans to use them?”

“She has a jewelry box she hides at the bottom of her closet. It might be there,” Ezra shrugged his suggestion. “Remy, I really am sorr…” Before his sentence finished, Remington had exited the room in a huff hurrying towards the Kappa Delta house. The game would be starting soon which meant everyone on campus with a pulse would be heading to the stadium to cheer on the home team. If he was quick he could get in and out before anyone realized.

Ducking behind the community building between the Kappa and Alpha houses, Remington tried his luck with the first level patio door and slid it open out of sight of passersby. Slinking against the wall in the darkness of the entrance way, he waited just below the stairs waiting to hear if anyone was still inside. Satisfied the house was empty, Remington started up the stairs being careful not to cause them to squeak beneath the wooden soles of his boots.

He poked his head slowly above the railing checking the darkened kitchen and dining rooms for signs of Kappas before moving through the area and up the second flight of stairs. Checking each room marker, he finally spotted the one with Rachael’s name written in pink and glitter on the door at the end of the hall. Remy carefully turned the knob and let himself inside ducking low as the lights of a passing car flashed into the windows from the street below. 

Moving into the closet, he tossed the shoes and stray clothing on the floor in the corner away before finally coming upon a small wooden box hidden beneath a few hats and a stack of papers. Looking through it he saw a little black pouch and pulled back the drawstrings revealing a tiny vial of the anabolic steroid Ezra had sold her. He rushed the bottle to the bathroom and quickly flushed the contents. Washing it thoroughly, he replaced the liquid with tap water, put it back inside the bag and returned it to the box in the closet.

Remington sighed a breath of relief and checked the clock on the wall. With a silent cuss beneath his breath he hurried for the exit realizing he was late to meet Christina at the game before the dance team took to the stadium floor. He hopped onto his motorcycle he’d parked a few houses away and rushed towards the game.

The Cyprus-Gray Wolves were up by two touchdowns by the time the second quarter ended. The dance team finished up another routine and Rachael rushed the field chasing after Kayne towards the locker room. Christina checked the clock on the Jumbotron with a dejected sigh. It was already past nine and Remington had still not shown up. She turned and watched Jordan disappearing behind the bleachers with Donovan and smiled. She wasn’t kidding about having a distraction, she thought to herself and started towards the refreshment stand.

Jordan giggled and pushed Donovan against the wall of the stadium as the two snuck beneath the seating area and into a small maintenance section of the building. She had been anxious to have her boyfriend back after his impromptu visit to his grandparents to “clear his head”. And now that he was home again, she planned on showing him just how much he was missed.

“Whoa you’re like an animal tonight Babygirl,” he smiled at her and a soft chuckle rumbled from his throat as she nearly tore his shirt off. “I need to start going away more often if this is the reaction I get when I come home!” Claiming his mouth, Jordan pushed him up against the wall moaning against his lips as she moved. 

“No,” she sighed and threw him hard against the bricks, “You’d better never leave me again Donny! I mean that!”

“Mmm and if I do?” he asked coyly chewing on his bottom lip as Jordan’s hand snaked down his thigh towards his groin. His eyes closed slightly as she continued teasing him through his jeans and he groaned deeply when her fingers began tracing the outline of his cock. “You’re playing a dangerous game Babygirl.”

Taking her by the wrists he threw her back to the wall and quickly possessed her lips with his. Donovan’s hands circled around her waist drawing her close to his body and the two began frantically tearing at one another’s clothing. Lifting her leg he could feel the warmth of her body against his crotch and he nibbled her bottom lip as he humped her lightly and moved quicker to relieve her of her top.

“Wait, don’t. If you rip this I think the Wicked Bitch of the East might throw a tantrum,” she sighed against his lips and helped him pull the straps down over her shoulders. His fingers traced the bottom of her shirt and in one motion he had it off and over her head as Jordan worked on getting his pants unbuttoned. 

A victory gasp could be heard from the pair as they finally pulled the last article of clothing from one another and threw them haphazardly to the floor behind them. Now with no barrier between them, Donovan could truly feel the heat radiating from his girlfriend’s center and his cock made no secret about how much it enjoyed the silky treasure. Jordan clung tightly to his shoulders as his tongue licked down her neck and he sucked on her skin causing goosebumps to form over her flesh.

Her nails clawed at him as tingles filled her body and Donovan winced in pained pleasure. Lifting her arms over her head, he continued his ministrations of her nude body towards her chest. Jordan’s head fell with the sensations of his large hands exploring her erect nipples and breasts. His fingers teased the wetness of her mound slowly parting her lips, he swirled his index finger over the tight nub of her clit producing a deep moan from her throat that made him smile. “Oh that feels good Donny, I like that,” she hissed and chewed her bottom lip.

She wiggled beneath his grip and her eyes opened for a moment. The room appeared a bit dimmer as she floated on the carnal pleasures of her body. A shadow dropped from the side of the building and she gasped seeing someone dart from the window across from her. “What’s wrong?” Donovan asked feeling Jordan pull away slightly.

“I think someone’s out there watching us!” She pointed towards the area and Donovan turned his head slightly to see.

“Babe relax. I locked the door when I came in. Whoever is out there won’t be getting in here so just ignore it and concentrate on what I’m about to do to your body.”

“Donny I’m serious!”

“JB, we’re at a football game; sorry, we’re in a supply closet beneath the bleachers of a college football game. How many other people you think got this same idea and wanted to sneak away to some privacy with their hottie? Don’t worry about it. If they want to watch let them. I’m not ashamed of my game,” he smirked and lunged for her neck once more causing her eyes to roll as he felt her body relax once more.

Jordan reached between Donovan’s legs feeling her best friend begin to grow and thicken within her palm. Turning him again so that his back was to the wall, she knelt down to the floor in front of him and smiled. Slowly swirling her tongue over the head of his dick, she coated her lips in the sticky precum that had formed there and moaned at the saltiness in the taste as she cleaned it from her mouth.

With a quick suck, Jordan pulled his cock into her mouth with her tongue. Donovan found himself as stiff as stone within seconds of sliding into her hot mouth as she rolled his cock around with her tongue and the inside of her cheeks. “Fuck me you look so beautiful when you’re doing that,” he groaned and dropped his head back again as he gripped a handful of her hair.

Her tongue flicked against his cock as she sucked and lewd slurping noises rose above the sounds of his moans and he could feel her lips sliding up and down his length. She was almost taking his entire cock deep into her throat gagging just as she nearly touched the base of his dick. Removing his cock from her lips, she licked the entire length of his hardened shaft, coating it in a thin sheen of saliva.

Donovan peered down at her again as she sucked him back into her mouth with a loud slurp. What really turned him on was seeing her eyes focused on his; staring up at him as she slid her mouth to the tip flicking her tongue against the head. His body jerked with a sudden involuntary motion driving his dick deeper between her moist lips and a shudder of pleasure passed through his body.

Donovan felt the makings of his orgasm and realized he needed to put a stop to her wonderful mouth before he filled it with his hot liquid. Pulling her to her feet, he led her towards the dryer and lifted her hips onto it. She shrieked and jumped back into his arms giggling as he caught her against his chest. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s cold!” she yelled between laughs.

Joining her in laughter, he lowered her once again to the machine shaking his head as he watched her breasts jiggle on her chest. “Don’t worry I’ll warm you up soon enough!” Lowering himself between her thighs, he slowly inserted one finger and then another into the silky warmth of her pussy. Jordan moaned and fell backwards. Holding on to the dryer for dear life, Donovan began slamming his fingers into her body and she responded by grinding her hips making them go deeper into her.

Donovan leaned forward and pressed his tongue against her wet clit. Finding the most sensitive spot of the tiny nub, he licked in time with his fingers tasting the sweet nectar of the goddess sitting in front of him. “God Donny that feels so good,” she purred, her hips now moving faster against his hand and face as his tongue licked frantically over her clitoris.

The fleshy sound of her pussy slapping against his hand mingled with the small sighs of pleasure from her mouth. He licked quicker and her breathing came in short spurts. A long squeal of pleasure rolled off her tongue and her body spasmed against him. Seeing Jordan’s gorgeous face and lustful body twist in ecstasy turned him on so much that the word “aroused” wasn’t nearly enough to describe his current predicament. The emotion went beyond arousal and into some other place that had him pulling himself from the floor desperate for relief. 

He pulled her towards the edge of the machine and without hesitation slipped his erection between the cushioned pillows of her swollen pussy lips and groaned. Jordan leaned forward and attacked his lips, her tongue searched feverishly within his mouth until it found his and she sucked at it hard. Her moans of pleasure reverberated through his lips and he held her hips against his body as her arm clutched at him. Donovan removed his cock until only the tip lay between her lips and thrust deep into her again, groaning as her pussy clenched around him. The early strokes in and out of her pussy were long and slow and he watched her body roll against him over the machine. With a wicked smirk Jordan reached behind her turning the machine on and placing the cycle on tumble dry.

Instantly the dryer began rumbling and rocking beneath their bodies and Donovan moved higher up to keep her balanced beneath him with a laugh. “You’re crazy!”

“Yeah but I think you already knew that Donny!” Soft throaty moans began flowing from her open mouth and she rocked her body in time with his. Her ass lifted from the machine every now and again meeting his thrusts and sending his cock driving into her harder and faster. “Oh fuck that feels so gooood!” she whined and hummed with the out of control machine.

“Oh yeah,” Donovan agreed as the vibrations shuddered through his cock. The warm confines of her pussy were driving him over the edge and she was so wet that he nearly slipped out of her each time the dryer bounced.

Finally feeling frustrated over the constant disruptions from the machine, Donovan pulled her off, turned her around and leaned her over the side of the dryer. Each time their hips slapped together they both screamed in unison allowing their echoes of lust to fill the room. “I don’t know how much longer I can last,” he groaned as his cock began to get that familiar ache the longer he slammed in and out of her.

“It’s okay Donny,” she whimpered. “I’m gonna cum soon too. Just keep fucking me hard like that.”

“I’m not wearing a rubber JB.” He groaned realizing he’d have to pull out just as he reached his peak.

“Don’t you even think about leaving my body!” she growled in warning. “I can take it, I just refilled my scripts.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Baby! Don’t make me beg,” she breathed. She was thrashing around underneath him, slamming her hips into his in an attempt to drive his cock further into her body. His arms tightened around her waist and the cries of delight escaped her lips as he met her harder with each motion. Her legs became shaky and her entire body was quaking and Donovan realized she was close to the edge.

Jordan’s entire body shook with the intensity of her orgasm and her wet pussy clenched at his cock spasming and twitching as he continued driving within her. He suddenly exploded into her and his cock throbbed against her g-spot sending her into another even more powerful orgasm. He plunged deep into her once more as an intense shudder of pleasure rippled through him.

Slumping to the floor Donovan gathered their clothes and made pillows of them. Jordan joined him and curled her body against his. She listened to the slow murmur of his heartbeat and sighed. “Welcome home,” she giggled and slid her fingers through the coarse hairs of his chest.

She kissed him; a passion filled and desperate kiss that was all tongues and lips. Both of them moaned loudly as the wonderful sensations from between their legs continued filling them with an endorphin high. Neither could tell whose groans were whose and they mingled into one large echo as they sucked at each other’s tongues. Her head returned to his chest and she closed her eyes feeling the rise and fall of it as he breathed. “So you think we gave them a pretty decent show?”

“Who?” Jordan sighed and lifted her head to peek at him.

“Whoever you said was watching us.”

“I don’t know. I only saw them briefly and then the next second it was a blur. I’m pretty sure they had red eyes though but I could be imagining that too.”

“Wait, red eyes?” Donovan asked sitting up slightly hearing her mention that detail. It was one he left out of his recollection of events the night he was attacked feeling fairly certain no one would believe him.

“You can call me crazy if you want but I know what I saw and I’m almost positive whoever it was is still out there.”


“We need to talk.” Christina jumped hearing the deep resonance of Remington’s voice and turned to face him. His stare was intense and beaming directly at her as though he was peering straight through her soul. He seemed out of breath and the expression on his face was one of annoyance.

“Yeah sure what’s up?” she asked and looked back at the crowd all taking their seats again as the second half was about to begin.

“I heard something about you and I want you to tell me if it’s true or not. I’ve been trying to put everything together but nothing is making sense. Now I’m gonna ask you something and I want a straight answer.”

The look in his eyes made her take a step back. She swallowed hard to clear the lump in her throat unsure of what caused Remington’s sudden change in behavior. His eyes grew darker the longer he glared at her and she could feel her pulse rising as fear arose within her. “Of course, Remy, ask.” He pulled up from the table never taking his eyes from hers and Christina took in a deep breath preparing herself for whatever he had to get off his chest.

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  1. Ok glad Ezra told Remy. I felt bad for him thinking he was gonna get punched. Poor guy all weird and socially awkward. UGH he dumped it. I think he should have used it on her somehow but I get he just didn't want to take any chances. At least he won't get in trouble.

    Ok so I skipped most of the sex, but 1. EWWWWW on the fact they were laying naked on that nasty ass floor. Just nasty. 2. Being watched, creepy much. Seeing something with red eyes after hearing that's what Donny saw before he got almost roasted is not good. Especially if they are still out there.

    Lastly WTF DJ how do you end it there????? What the hell is he gonna ask about? That shit Rach was talking or the shit Kayne was talking?

    1. Ezra did the right thing. I think he wanted to prove to himself he could. Yeah he'd be too afraid with having it in his possession or her using it after all by hiding it when inspection time came.

      LOL! They used their clothes as pillows though :P And yeah Jordan was completely creeped out by it but Donovan didn't hear her until she mentioned the red eyes. He never told anyone about that part.

      Um huh? I'm not following. The chapter had an ending. Oh um yeah...that. Hmm I think it was one of those or both of those and possibly none of the above. Ok gotta run!

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    I could have shouted when Ezra told Remy the truth! I'm happy he did because Rachel is getting out of hand. The bitch needs a taste of her own medicine. Maybe something to mess up her hair.

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    1. But that would just be weird! Pfft you can't have a Chapter 19 on the 18th day! Ha ha that's just...that's crazy talk! You stop it! You stop that right crazy...

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    1. Woot! Brownie points for the weird kid! LOL! Yeah him and his flood pants :P It is a pretty handy animation though!

      OOOH! Did you happen to see the name of that one toilet paper? It's right above Donny's head :P I giggled when I read it. Pretty sure it says "Dick Duster" but I could be wrong. Donny wasn't bothered one bit! He just wanted to finish what she started lol It certainly seems that way! It watched and let them finish, never went in to bother them...kinda sweet :P

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      Edit: Just looked that up "Dick & Durstig" it's a German tavern or something? Here's their facebook:

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