Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chapter 14: I Pledge to Thee

**Warning: Sex scene included in this chapter. It is not pertinent to the story, skip it at your leisure!**

“Why would someone want to hurt Donny?” Christina asked taking a bite of her Chicken Marsala.

“I don’t know but from what he said whoever it is was did not just try to hurt him, they were trying to kill him.”

“Do you believe him?”

“Of course I do, there’s no reason for him to lie like that. Despite what Dean Myers is saying he is not an ‘attention starved artist’! He is very much sane and very much afraid of whoever did this to him. I’ve never seen him so spooked before.” She dipped one of her shrimps into her cocktail sauce and bit into it. “You know he thinks that this is the person committing these murders too. He’s always suspected that it was a person not an animal like the police are saying.”

“Then how do you explain the claw marks found on them and the fact that they seemed to be ripped apart? What human has the strength to do that?” A woman passing the table caught her attention and she glanced up. Looking around she noticed a man seated at the table across from them that seemed to be staring intently.

“There are any number of weapons or tools someone could use to do that you know? A hand rake for example could simulate claw marks on someone if it was sharp enough! What do you think? That it really is just an animal? Then that would mean there are two things to look out for on campus…as if one wasn’t scary enough.” Jordan glanced at her friend noticing her eyes were not on hers and she seemed spaced out at the people milling in and out of the sitting area. “Earth to Chrissy?”

“Hmm? Oh, sorry about that,” she sighed and turned her attention back to her lunch date. “It just…does it seem like everyone that passes by here is staring at me?”

“Uh no Chrissy I think that’s called paranoia. Or if you’re Rachael, ‘attention whoring’. No one is looking at…”

“Excuse me, I’m sorry I don’t mean to bother you but are you by chance related to ‘Fast Feet’ Freddy Samuels?”

“Yes as a matter of fact; that’s my dad.”

“He was an amazing wide receiver! I remember going to the games just to watch the offensive line up for the team…truly impressive players then. Why didn’t he go pro? He would have been just as awesome against NFL teams!”

“Uh…I’m not sure actually.” She looked behind him and noticed the man was still staring in her direction. Shifting uncomfortably in her seat she smiled and watched as he pulled up from his table and headed quickly towards the parking lot. “I’m sure he’d love to hear that though. He barely talks about his college days I think he’s a little regretful.”

“What a shame. Anyway let him know he still has a lot of fans in his hometown!”

“I will thank you.” He turned and hurried off and Jordan leaned forward with a laugh.

“Well I guess you’re not completely paranoid.”

“Well sometimes it would be fine to know that the man you think staring at you is all in your head. He gave me the chills. Come on we’d better get moving. I’d hate to be late to the pledge roll.”

“Should I even ask what you’re doing or just take my best guess?” Keitano’s voice startled her and she turned to face him.

Amber’s face grew three shades of red darker and she tried frantically to hide the panties in her hand. “I was uh, looking for a pair of my…I did laundry earlier and I can’t find a pair of my um…I just thought that maybe they…my um…that they somehow got mixed in w-w-with Paige’s things and I…”

“Well I can tell you first hand those,” he gestured to the lace red boyshorts tangled within her fingers behind her back. “Are Paige’s; my favorite pair in fact.”

Amber hurriedly stuffed the panties back into Paige’s clothes pile and fluffed her hair over her ear as a distraction. “S-s-so if you’re uh, if you’re looking for Paige she isn’t here right now. She um went to get some marshmallows so we can have a uh girls’ night.”

“Ah! Do you know when she’ll be back?” Amber shook her head no without once looking up into his eyes. “Ok well when she gets home can you tell her I was looking for her? It’s important.”

“Oh yeah KT, sure thing.”

He smirked at the redhead’s nervous gestures before turning and exiting the room. “Hey! I was just looking for you,” he pulled Paige into his arms and planted a long, hard kiss on her lips. “Have a little time for the man of your dreams?”

“Chris Hemsworth’s here?” she laughed at his frown and threw her arms around his neck. “Aww I’m sorry, of course I have time for you.” She looked behind him and noticed Amber standing beside her bed and smiled.

“I…um…I’m heading to the library to grab a few books for Professor DeMet’s class. Sometimes I think these teachers assign ten page essays just to fuck with us.” She stepped passed the couple being careful to avoid Keitano’s eyes and hurried towards the elevator.

“She’s sweet,” he sighed and pulled Paige into her room. “She likes you, you know?” he dropped onto the bed and Paige quickly placed herself in his lap. Her hands stoked down his cheeks and she smiled into his eyes.

“Yeah I do but what do you want me to do about it?”

“Have you tried talking to her?”

“You mean asking her about her crush? No. I’d hate to embarrass her about it. It was hard enough getting her out of her country girl shell when she came here. I don’t want to see her revert back to the no confidence person she was.”

“Well you should do something about it.”

“Hold on, are you jealous K.T? You think my roommate is going to steal me away?”

“No. I don’t ever worry about you straying because I know you’ll always come back. What I’m saying is you should try and talk to her at least. She’s not in a healthy place right now bottling that all in. I don’t want it to manifest into an obsession until it possibly hurts her; she’s too nice for that.”

“Ok, I’ll talk to her when she gets back tonight,” she murmured between kisses. “Does that make you feel better?”

“Mmm it does. And in speaking of tonight, Amber mentioned you’re doing a girls’ night thing. Sucks for me, I was sorta hoping to have some you time tonight.”

“Well after what happened with Donny she didn’t want to be alone so I promised to skip my last class and just chill with her.”

“Well in that case, I’d better get my Paige time before then.” He pulled her into his chest and buried his tongue between her lips.

Jordan stood outside the yard of the Kappa Delta Pi house and waited for Christina to join her. Peeking through the windows she became annoyed noticing the abundance of blonde hair and pink. “Are you sure this is the one you want Chrissy? I just have a bad feeling about this.”

“Of course I’m sure! It was my Mother’s sorority and I think if I’m going to be serious about this whole ‘tradition’ thing then I need to follow in her footsteps and be a part of the Sisterhood. Your bad feeling is just the anxiety about Donny. This will help get your mind off of that; it’s needed!” 

“I don’t think so. The anxiety I feel is over the number of fights I’m sure is in my future if one of these bitches tries me. Really they are the worst on campus!”

“Well maybe we can change that!” Christina laughed at the anxious expression on Jordan’s face, wrapped her arm over her friend’s shoulder and pulled her up the stairs.

Hurrying quickly they joined the other pledges in the living room and were soon greeted by the Pledge Mistress and other Sisters. Christina’s eyes opened wider as she caught the smirk on Rachael’s face. “What the hell? How is this bitch everywhere?”

“I don’t know but I’m pretty sure every guy on campus appreciates that,” Jordan whispered as she leaned over into Christina’s ear making her giggle.

“Something you want to share with the class?” Kendra Winslow yelled towards Jordan who shook her head no. “Then keep your mouth shut unless you’re addressed! That goes for all of you!”

Rachael stepped into the center of the room and looked over the girls. “So you little bitches all decided to try and become one of the best huh? Well I can’t say I blame you! Half of you look like rejects from a circus sideshow and the other half…I have to wonder how often you had to wrestle the dog for food. I mean if this is what we have to select from this year we’d be better off closing off applications until a better breed of girls came to CG!”

Rachael sneered circling around the group of pledges as they stood in the living waiting to hear the status of their future with the sorority. She stopped behind Jordan and Christina and scoffed before making her way back towards the front of the room.“Kendra is coming around with a pin for everyone. This is your pledge pin; it lets the entire campus know you’re Kappa Delta Pi bitches!”

“You will wear this pin at all times! If you are caught without your pin you WILL have to make it up by completing a list of tasks that can come at any random time. That list includes but is NOT limited to the following: singing a love song or reciting a nursery rhyme in your underwear in the quad during lunch rush, reciting the entire handbook in the library during study hour on the bullhorn, streaking through Fraternity Row, having a drink of Death OR reading from the ‘guilty secrets’ book over a loud speaker for everyone to hear as pig sounds are made behind you.”

“And trust us, we WILL be checking for these pins at ALL times!” Kendra added. “Now everyone get outside. We’re going to get this week started off with a bang!” she smiled raising a flask of some dark liquid in her hand.

Three of the Sisters escorted the group of pledges outside and Kendra grabbed the clipboard to read over the names “Hmm…looks like we have a baby alumnus, Samuels. Wasn’t her Mom a Sister?” Kendra asked watching Christina and Jordan heading out to the pool with the other pledges.


“So that means she gets an in without having to go through the rest of this crap like the others; her Mom is a legacy here!”

“And who’s going to tell her that?” Rachael asked peering down at Kendra through narrowed eyes. “She’ll be hazed right along with the others and if and ONLY if she makes it through Hell Week will she ever become a Kappa! There’s no reason why she shouldn’t get to have the full experience. I’d hate to be the one to rob her of that.” She laughed wickedly, grabbed a bullhorn and clipboard from the table and started after the rest of the house.

Paige glanced out the window and frowned. “It’s dark out; Amber should be getting back soon.”

“Then I guess I should get going,” Keitano sighed and pressed his lips to Paige’s shoulder. “I don’t want to monopolize your time on girls’ night.”

“Yeah I have to start limiting the amount of time we spend in bed. Otherwise you might grow used to it!”

“What makes you think I haven’t already?” Looking up at the sound of the door opening, Keitano smiled and began rubbing Paige’s arm and shoulder. “We have company,” he whispered against Paige’s neck noticing Amber standing near the wall. She glanced towards the door and smiled at the blushing redhead.

Pulling away from the bed Paige started for her friend who nervously shifted her weight between both feet fearing that she may have angered her. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…”

“Shh,” Paige placed a finger over her lips and moved closer. With a knowing smile in Keitano’s direction, she took Amber into her arms, her lips gently pressed against hers and she wrapped an arm around her back pressing her breasts into Amber’s.

Keitano leaned back against the pillows and watched as Amber’s arms wrapped around Paige’s body. Slowly she worked up the nerve to touch her friend in the places she’d dreamt about. Her fingers slid lightly along the smooth flesh of Paige’s ass and Paige pulled away and smiled at the girl in front of her. 

Wordlessly she pulled her towards the bed Keitano was propped into. He leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees as Paige pushed Amber in front of him and stepped behind her. Nervously Amber looked down at Keitano’s smiling face and then over her shoulder towards her best friend.

Paige’s hands reached around and slowly she began undoing Amber’s top watching her boyfriend enjoy the show and licking his lips in anticipation of what wonders the virgin had behind her tied t-shirt. “Relax Ambs, you’re in good hands,” Paige whispered against her neck. Amber let her friend have complete control over her actions and leaned back into her body as she slid her top to the floor and gently kissed her neck and shoulder. 

Keitano moved forward once more, lifting himself to his feet he inched towards Amber and licked down her chest towards her breasts. Assisting by undoing her friend’s bra, Paige removed the barricade so that her boyfriend could claim the prize his hands and lips were both craving. Amber hissed in a breath through her nose as his warm mouth covered her nipple and his tongue rolled lightly over the erect flesh. His fingers continued down her body teasing along the waistband of her skirt. Amber lifted her hand and toyed in his hair as he switched sides to show her other breast equal attention.

Pulling back he smiled at the lust filled co-ed and dropped back to the bed as Paige again took lead. Turning Amber towards her, the two girls slowly began kissing again, caressing one another delicately and toying with each other’s breasts. Amber moaned loudly as Paige pulled her head to the side and suckled her neck. Her hands moved around Paige’s back and she slipped the bra clasp open and slowly slid each strap off of her shoulders.

Paige hooked her fingers into her panties and wiggled them down her hips letting them pool softly around her feet. She kicked out of them and undid the button on Amber’s skirt slipping it down her hips quickly. Keitano moved from the bed as the girls inched in his direction. “Lay down,” Paige instructed and helped Amber place her back against the pillows of her bed. 

Crawling between her legs, she pulled the girls hips forward and without hesitation dipped her tongue between her soft, creamy thighs. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Yes!” Amber growled at the speed of Paige’s tongue. Her fingers pinched and teased her nipples as her friend’s mouth covered her clit sucking and licking lightly over her hardened nub. “That feels incredible Paige!” Amber shrieked. Following her friend’s sighs and moans, Paige pushed her tongue into Amber’s clenching hole licking around her slow at first before aggressively increasing her pace.

Turned on by the act Keitano moved behind his girlfriend and lifted her hips into his. In one hard thrust he plunged his dick into her wet folds and pumped himself into her body matching his strokes with that of her tongue in and out of her friends’ pussy. The tortured and desirous glow on Amber’s face pushed him harder and soon both girls were moaning in pleasure to the sensations filling their bodies.

Moments after feeling her boyfriend dive into her, Paige sensed Amber’s oncoming orgasm and pushed one finger into her friend’s body. Being careful not to break her hymen, she drove her finger gently into her in time with her licking until Amber’s grip tightened in her hair and she was yelling in satisfaction as her body became soaked in her own juices. 

Keitano pulled away and flipped his girlfriend to her back and Amber stepped from the bed and dropped into the chair he’d previously occupied as she watched him thrust once more between Paige’s warm thighs. She looked over at her friend and smiled seeing her play with herself as she watched her get fucked hard by her boyfriend. Keitano followed her stare and saw Amber on the brink of another orgasm as Paige screamed his name from the heat building between her legs. “Harder! Harder!” she begged and he moved with speed to fulfill her desire until he felt her tight pussy clenching at his dick and her body convulsing on his. 

Keitano stopped as he felt himself about to release and slowed his movements. Paige pushed a hand into his chest and pulled up from the bed as he fell against the wall. Starting towards her friend again she kissed her sweetly and guided her back to her bed. Showing her Keitano’s hardened dick glistening from his fucking she whispered against her neck, “It’s your turn.”

Amber turned with a concerned expression and swallowed hard as she looked at Keitano again. “I…don’t know…”

“It’s ok Ambs; he’ll be gentle.” Keitano reached his hand for her and she slowly took it and knelt down into the bed beside him. His lips met hers in a soft kiss and she moaned against his lips as she felt his tongue invade her mouth.

“Do you want to do this?” he asked feeling the hesitation tensing her muscles. “I don’t want you to feel pressured into something you’re not into or ready for Amber.”

“No, I do, I’m just...I won’t be any good at it,” she replied nervously and squeezed her hand tighter on his shoulder. “You’re not gonna like it.”

“Don’t worry about that, Baby. This is all for you ok?”

“If at any point you want to stop, just say so alright?” She nodded at him and he rested her against the pillows. Slipping his body on top of hers he guided his throbbing cock to her entrance. Amber inhaled a breath and held it as she watched Paige pull the chair closer and rest in it. Her eyes closed momentarily and Keitano leaned over kissing both lids before slowly pushing himself forward.

Her body opened to welcome the new feeling and her eyes adjusted and focused on him. He smiled at her and pushed forward harder. Her face contorted in pain and he stopped. She shook her head and motioned for him to continue and he allowed her to adjust beneath him before slipping into her deeper. Meeting with a little resistance, Keitano lifted his hips and thrust harder. Amber gasped in pleasured pain as she felt a slight burning sensation between her legs. Warm liquid trickled down her thigh met by silent tears and her hands slid up to hold tight against his shoulders.

Keitano’s pace increased and before she knew it he was fucking her in a moderate rhythm, sending jolts of electricity through her body every time he pulled out and thrust back in. “Oooh,” she moaned finally warming to his body and comfortably allowing her hands to explore him. Her fingers stroked through his hair and he lifted above her watching as her eyes rolled towards the back of her head.

Amber closed her legs over his back as his movements came faster and she felt that familiar tingle burgeoning between the wet warmth of her body. “Mmm yes, yes, yes,” she moaned faster as she neared the verge of her orgasm and Keitano met each sound with a harder push of his hips. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” His name burst from her lips as she came against him.

The muscles in her pussy gripped his cock and he felt it milk on his own climax as his balls began emptying within her body. Keitano groaned in pleasure and fucked her faster until he felt the shuddering of Amber’s body slow and fade out. A trail of their mixed fluids spilled to the sheets beneath her as he pulled his wet, sticky body off of hers and fell to the bed beside her. 

Amber sucked in air as she noticed Paige smiling at her and tried her best to comprehend what had just taken place. Pulling up from the chair, Paige grabbed a blanket and joined her best friend and boyfriend in bed. Wrapping within the warmth of the covers the trio snuggled close together and silently fell asleep.

“Morning Sleeping Beauty,” Paige smiled between kisses as Amber’s eyes opened one at a time. “I was beginning to think you were going to sleep the entire day away.”

“Paige?” she looked around the room not finding the target of her search and wrapped her arms around her roommate. Kissing her back and feeling comfortable in her arms she moaned against her lips and moved her hands slowly down Paige’s side. “I’ve always dreamt of waking up this way,” she confessed and blushed seeing Keitano at the door.

Hopping up she grabbed a shirt and pair of panties from the foot of the bed and quickly shrugged them on. “You serious?” he smirked and moved closer placing the box in his hands on the table beside the bed. “I saw and kissed every inch of you last night and you choose now to get shy?” Leaning over he stole a kiss from his girlfriend and smiled seeing Amber slink deeper into the corner. He slowly caressed his hand over her cheek and rubbed his thumb across her bottom lip. “There’s no need for that Ambs; you’re beautiful you know that.”

She smiled and he pulled over a TV table and chair and dropped down in front of the girls. “How’s about a little breakfast in bed ladies? I have pancakes with maple syrup, mixed fruits and to swallow it down double caramel iced mochas just the way you like them.”

“No sausage?” Paige frowned and sat up.

“I’d think you got enough of that last night.” He grinned at Amber’s shy look and handed her a glass once she slid to the front of the bed. “This doesn’t have to be weird Amber. Just let us know what you need to feel alright because I’d hate for our friendship to change over what we did last night.”

“I’m sorry I’m just not very familiar with threesome etiquette.” She bit into a strawberry and sighed. “I don’t want this to be odd either I mean I lost my virginity to my best friend’s boyfriend while she watched. How do we get ok with this? Pretend it never happened?”

“No, hell no,” Keitano huffed. “We retain our previous relationships but come to an understanding. Last night happened because of our love for each other; that shouldn’t change.”

She glanced at Paige and sighed. Seeing her best friend’s smile melted her heart and she instinctively reached up to touch her lips. “And what does that mean for us?”

“It means whatever you want it to mean. I’ve known for a while how you felt about me Ambs and I’ve done everything I could to make you comfortable around me. I don’t ever want you to feel you can’t be yourself with me so if you have the urge to kiss me, kiss me. Everything else will work itself out.” 

“Mmm and on that note, I gotta get running. If I’m late for class again I think Professor Fitzpatrick is going to chew me out. I seem to have impeccable timing for interrupting the most interesting points in her lecture. Well she says interesting I say snoozer. I will see you later tonight,” he smiled against Paige’s lips. Seeing Amber’s hand close over Paige’s he glanced towards her and she leaned forward and pecked his bottom lip. “You too Ambs. Enjoy your breakfast,” he tossed over his shoulder and exited to the courtyard.

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  1. Oh wow. Ok that was steamy. Paige and KT truly have a great relationship and now Amber gets to be a part of it sorta. That's so nice of KT to be understanding and willing to share. Paige as well. Not many girls would be ok with that.

    Poor Donny. That damn Dean really trying to play down what happened to him even with the killings going on.

    Poor Chrissy and Jordan. With Rach and that other chick I feel like they will get it worse than the other pledges because of Rach.

    1. I aim to please :D (the much as I put them through they should be able to enjoy themselves once in a while right?)

      They have a pretty open and honest relationship and I think that allows them to do as they want knowing their safe word (if it exists) and how to communicate that they're not ok with something. But both of them are very into this and KT likes Amber and didn't want to see her heartbroken. He doesn't mind sharing his girlfriend with her :)

      The Dean is always about damage control. If he sees a spill he throws a mat over it instead of cleaning it in the best way possible. He doesn't want anyone to see the dirt of CG and with Donny on the news staff calling him an attention whore/crazy is better than letting him report that the school is unsafe!

      Rachael is definitely in charge of their pain as far as pledging goes. Unfortunately Chrissy will try and stick it out for her Mom :( Kendra might surprise you though. She's not as bad as Rachael (when she's not acting as Pledge Mistress anyway).

  2. Well, this boiled down to three points for me:

    1. The Animal is multiple people. I no longer think that a single person is doing this.

    2. Rachael continues to be a bitch, and I once again wish someone would kill her (maybe Chrissy goes crazy?)

    3. That scene with Paig, KT, and Amber was, in all honesty, kind of heartwarming. Weird reaction, I know, but the relationship is strangely sweet... kinda like the relationship on Strangetown, Here We Come. *is a nerd* :P

    AND that's how I felt about this chappy. I believe this also just finalized Ambs as a main character in my mind (before, she was just a background girl that I thought you were going to kill off soon). :D

    1. Lol! You always make me laugh Jim :)

      1. :D Hmm you might be on to something!

      2. HAHA yeah she does. It's bad that she seems to be in every aspect of Campus Life. Christina has no place to find solace...she may just become a mental patient and get after her!

      3. Aww :) I was actually hoping for this honestly. As twisted as a 3some may seem to many people some can be quite happy in those kinds of "open" relationships! Paige and Keitano are completely comfortable with themselves and secure about their love and relationship to allow another into their circle...which I guess is now a triangle. (Can we make it a square? O.o)

      LOL! Kill off Amber? What kind of sick, twisted person do you think I...yeah I guess I am that devious hmm well on that note *dash*

  3. *Paige. Not sure where that 'e' went off too. >.>



  4. I have this feeling suddenly that the animal is more than one person and what's going to happen is, they have some connection to Chrissy or want her for some reason. I also think Rachel is a bitch and would not be surprised if she was one too.

    So...KT and Paige are too sweet. I personally wouldn't have shared but see, they're better people than me! So what happens? Do they have like this three-way relationship? Three-somes scare me. What if KT starts to develop strong feelings for Amber? Sex does that sometimes.

    1. Interesting :D but why Chrissy? LOL yeah Rachael and her monstrous behavior is definitely a bit of a high point. She is just relentless and poor Christina is stuck without a proper outlet at this point.

      LOL! I don't think I could have shared either! Mine is mine you touch you die. *ahem* excuse me. I don't know where that came from. Very true, sex can do that. But Amber really isn't all that interested in KT or having sex with him. They did tonight because they were kind of in the moment but he understands her intentions are to have Paige...he's just the lucky nut in the middle. She will respect what they have and they'll get along fine. Now that's not to say at some point they won't have sex again because well I'm sure it's bound to come up again at some point. (Well not in the story...they've had their on-screen moment).

  5. Too bad Jordan didn't see the man with the winter hat as well. Christina's Dad's old friend stopping at the table prevented her seeing who the man was. It's also too bad that Christina doesn't see that sorority for what it is and just leave. I am sure that her mother wouldn't want her to follow her footsteps if it meant bowing to the aristocracy of campus. That led me to think maybe her mother was a snob and her Dad was the sensible earthy guy... maybe a little too earthy... making me think that maybe Christina has a little secret. *LOL* Now my mind is wandering. It seems that Keitano will be having quite the man's fantasy for a while.

    1. Jordan was pretty concerned about what was happening with Donovan to worry about Christina's imaginary friends lol. But had she looked up she may have indeed seen the guy that had been staring at them for quite some time.

      Christina really wants to do the same things her parents did when they were at the school. She won't tell her parents the bad parts but we'll learn something about that soon enough. Her mother would not want her to kowtow to someone who's making her life hell for sure!

      Hmm :D more possibilities! I really love seeing how everyone is interpreting all this information! Christina's ability to withstand the punishment may indeed be a testament to her...heritage OR she may just be that tough to know it's a fight she can win if she tried!

      Keitano is pretty lucky and won't be complaining in the least :P

  6. ((O)_(O))
    Sorry, zoned out for THREE-som...SECONDS!!!

    Yeah, so the bitches are finally getting a bitch-parade over Chrissy! That is messed up on union level! (Layers)

    Back to the juice...
    NICE!!! I mean wow KT, You're good! Your mannerism and care and actual sweetness. YOU, sweetie, have some serious CLAIM-ABILILTY to you. But you need to convince me some more! Discuss it with your creator, and we'll talk ;)

    Okay, this all seems to dreamy for KT. A perfect threesome, no complications in the morning, nope...too perfect. Now let me burst that bubble! (sadly)
    Did he just come inside Amber, aka, a virgin, aka someone who never needed (maybe even heard of) a little round thing aka birth-control, aka SERIOUSLY????? He's been going on with his girlfriend for, 'I don't know' long, so she's experienced. Probably taking those pills as candy by now! Am I the only one that's noticed that?

    Oh, I get it! Everyone was stunned by the three-way! Me too... and then I found a needle to burst me some bubble!
    If my revelations on this indeed go south, KT might not enjoy this 'dream' for much longer. Paige needs to wake up soon and figure it out!

    Loved the chapter btw!

    1. You know I meant onion, right?

    2. Yeah she will have a tough time dealing with her Pledge Mistresses demands...though I did try and keep it from being too one sided and focused on that...much :)

      Ha! KT is definitely a sweetheart and shows his compassion not only in the tender care he took with Amber but he brought his beautiful ladies breakfast in bed the next morning! He is certainly a keeper :D

      Lol you want to burst his little bubble? Aww sad! Yes he did in fact spill inside of her lol and I think you were the only one that noticed that :D I had first though to add the "after morning pill" on the tray with KT but I deleted that since it seemed so callous after their previous interactions. He would have (possibly should have) stopped himself considering he knew it was her first time but she wanted him to keep going so he gave her the full experience so to speak :D

      That is probably it :P I don't think she minds one way or another and as close as she is with Paige, she'll show her how to manage the man seed. After morning pill her and then take her for BC of her own. O.o what are you foreseeing my dear? Paige and KT trust one another. If things get too thick someone's heart will absolutely break but KT is not worried about his Paige. As long as she's happy so is he.

      Thank you :D

  7. I actually laughed out loud, " No sausage?"..."I thought you got enough of that last night" =b. I really hope things don't get weird for the 3 of them, outside of the great sex they had, there seems to be a genuine friendship there, would hate to see something go wrong....edenz~

    1. LOL! KT knows how to lighten the mood :D Paige and Keitano will do their best to keep things cordial. It's Amber who would feel the most out of place with their arrangement. They are very close friends and that is what is most important to them all.