Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chapter 11: Candlelit Confession

**Warning: Sex scene included in this chapter. It is not pertinent to the story, skip it at your leisure!**

Christina rapped lightly on the door and waited. Moments passed and he had still not come to answer. Again she tried, this time calling his name afterwards. “Remy?” Shuffling noises could be heard through the door and she leaned closer to get a better listen. “I know you’re in there Remington, please open the door and talk to me.”

At her beckoning the door opened but she wasn’t greeted by the delightful smile she’d found herself daydreaming about. Instead it was the dimmed room of a brooding man. She stepped into the doorway, illuminating the area from the light in the hallway for a brief moment before closing the door behind her. Remington walked through the door leading to his bedroom and stopped to kneel in front of a large box ignoring her as she moved closer to where he crouched. “I wanted to…”

“Stacy Chaplin,” he sighed and pointed towards a picture in the stack of papers on his dresser.

“Who?” Christina asked moving forward and taking hold of the small picture.

“Two years ago we dated. Everything seemed great between us until swim season started. Right before a major meet, I went looking for her to get my traditional good luck kiss. I found her fucking Kayne under the bleachers in broad daylight. I stood there, frozen in place just…watching. When he was done he winked at me and Stacy ran off embarrassed. She was supposed to be there for me but it didn’t take much for her to go off with a shiny new toy. When I saw you out with him I just…I lost it and I’m sorry. Like you said it was just the one date but I just hoped that maybe it could have been more. I really didn’t mean to ruin your dinner.”

“You don’t need to apologize Remy I’m the one at fault here. I was being dumb tonight. I thought I could get a little revenge but I ended up hurting you instead and I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry about that. Besides it wasn’t you that ruined dinner. I was already prepared to leave when you showed up. I only agreed to the date because he felt bad over what happened at his party.” He looked up at her for the first time a curious expression on his face that begged her to explain. “Rachael, his ex-girlfriend, attacked me. It took Kayne and Amber pulling us apart to keep me from making a fresh wig with all the hair on her head.”

“On top of that she decided to join the dance team I told you about and make herself our captain just to work my nerves. So tonight I thought I’d piss her off for a change and drive the nails in her coffin just a little more. I should have known better though. The only people cut out for revenge have Rachael’s attitude and soulless personalities. It’s not me. But I am sorry Remy really. And just so you know I had no intentions of sleeping with him. Even the thought of it makes my skin crawl.” He remained silent throughout her explanation and only gave a simple nod letting her know he heard her. Christina eyed the items in front of him and smiled seeing his name scribbled in the corner of a few of the portraits cluttering the bottom of the box. “So...uh...what were you even doing there anyway? Are you following me? I mean first the pool and now the restaurant,” she smiled with a teasing tone in her voice. “What are you like my Guardian Angel or something?”  

He chuckled a little and nodded his head no. “Actually I work at Giovanni’s; not all of us were born with silver spoons. I was off tonight but had a payroll issue I needed to clear up with my boss before Friday. I guess Kayne didn’t jot my schedule down. And the pool was your lucky day. I’d finished my practice and was heading home when I heard someone screaming. Rushed in and found you sinking to the bottom of the water.”

“Oh.” She replied barely above a whisper. “So does everyone know you work there? At Giovanni’s?”

“Kayne does. It’s where he feels he can make the most out of his taunts by having me wait on him and the girls he feels he’s taken from me. It’s nothing new with him in fact it’s expected. Not to mention his girl came sniffing around my door a time or two also hoping to snag herself a rising star so trust me I know that type well. He hates that I out shine him medal wise and often times the news is reporting on the swim team rather than him and the glorious Gray Wolves football team. So he feels he has to one up me some place else.” He smiled tenderly and stood from the floor.

Slowly he sauntered towards her watching the gleam in her eyes as they combed over his topless physique. “I thought most swimmers preferred being hairless. It supposedly gives them an edge in the water.”

“True but I’ve found with my Italian heritage it grows back at an incredible pace so I just stopped fighting the inevitable and let nature be. I just had to push myself harder during training. I am one of the fastest with or without hair. It’s why I take anchor position for all of our competitions.”

“Impressive.” She took one step towards him still unable to pull her eyes away from his body and it drew a smile to his lips.

“Stay away from Kayne, Christina. He’s dangerous.”

“Dangerous? What do you mean?” she asked narrowing her gaze at him.

“He’s a fucking user. He’s only buzzing around you for one simple reason and we both know what that is!”

“Oh well gee thanks as if I didn’t have other reasons to be self-conscious!”

“You know what I mean! And I’m not just talking about you! He’s like this with every girl he meets! He did it to Danica Stevens, he did it to Stacy Chaplin, he did it to Rachael and now he’s doing it to you. The only difference is this time I’m not standing by with my mouth wide open in shock and watching! I won’t let him hurt you Chrissy.”

“That’s very noble of you Remy but I thought we’ve established I’m very capable of taking care of myself.” He reached forward and caressed her cheek gently as he thought back to the threat she’d issued when he went to pick her up from her room.

“Yeah but all the martial arts in the world wouldn’t heal your broken heart.” He fought down a watery laugh and looked away momentarily. “Stacy…she felt so used. And after it was all said and done she still thought there was a chance I’d want to be with her. Can you imagine that? She threw away everything I gave to that relationship and felt for her in just one brief moment with Kayne and blamed me for not forgiving her.”

“Remington, I’m not Stacy and I wouldn’t do that to you.” Gently placing her fingers under his chin she turned his gaze back towards her and smiled as she moved closer. The dim glow of the candlelight on his bedside table shadowed her movements casting silhouettes against the wall behind him.

Mimicking her actions Remington stepped towards her. He scooped her into his arms and Christina rested herself snug against his chest. She could smell the powerful fragrance of his cologne as it invaded every cell of her body romancing her in the sultry aroma of his skin. His hands slid around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Butterflies invaded her stomach and she shook free of the questions about why he would choose her over everyone else and let herself enjoy the moment. Staring into her eyes and down to her lips he let them rake slowly over every feature of her face and licked his lips in anticipation. Darting his lust filled gaze from her eyes to her lips and back again, Remington slowly pushed forward until he could feel her warm breath blow across his face.

Hungrily he pressed his lips against hers drowning himself in the taste of her mango flavored lip gloss and running his tongue across the length of her bottom lip. The feel of his mouth so tight against her own forced her lips to part and accept his tongue into her mouth. Christina’s arms locked around Remington’s neck and she moaned at the feel of his hard body rubbing against her. Slowly and almost seductively he pulled her lip between his teeth and nibbled lightly removing every bit of gloss from it and sharing the taste with her. Christina moaned involuntarily and scraped her nails into his scalp as she pulled at a handful of his hair. Remington broke the kiss and looked down at her with a smirk, “Careful now. I don’t want you making wigs from my hair.”

She laughed and he returned to his previous task with just as much ravenous passion. His fingertips slid across her belly and pulled her dress higher above her thighs lifting it quickly from her shoulders. The heat of her body against his was unbearable and the delicate touch of her skin caused a stirring in his loins. He clamped her tighter allowing his fingers to trace along her spine slowly lowering towards the waistband of her panties. An immediate sense of dread filled his gut and he pulled his hands away. “Wait, no; I can’t I’m sorry,” he sighed and released his hold of her. 

Pushing back she fell onto his bed and he stepped a good distance away. The mood changed from hot to cold instantly and she watched him pacing around his room struggling with the idea of what he was doing. “What’s wrong?” she asked curiously as he stopped and leaned against his dresser.

“This. I like you Chrissy. I mean you seem like a really good girl. But I’m not so sure we should do this until you know what you want. Everything with you and Kayne and…honestly, I’m kind of scared to try this again during swim season.”

“Oh yeah well I can completely understand that Remington. Um…I wouldn’t want to confuse you or mess you up during your competitions so if you want, I can leave.” When he said nothing to stop her she pulled her dress from the floor where he’d tossed it and looped the arms back to the right side.

“So, you’re leaving?” She nodded but didn’t look at him and he breathed heavily watching her slip her feet into her heels once more. “Ok. I guess I got my answer then.” He moved towards the bedroom door and waited for her to make herself decent and go. 

When she neared him still half naked, he sighed and pulled his gaze away. “No,” Christina pressed herself up on her tiptoes and pulled him back against her body, this time becoming the aggressor in the kiss. Her hands moved fervently through his hair and Remington kicked the door closed with force as she dragged him back to his bed. “This is your answer.” They collapsed into the pillows and Remington’s hairy chest tickled the delicate flesh of hers making her giggle.

He looked up at her with a smile watching the candlelight dance over her skin. His voice was low and sent shivers racing across her skin as he leaned forward to speak. “If I told you a secret, would it scare you?”

The gentle, teasing tone in his voice made her smile but she still groaned in protest as he refused to meet her lips again until she answered. She sighed in frustration and looked into his icy, blue eyes before replying. “I don’t know is it something I should be afraid of?” Her breath came out in rapid, ragged gasps which echoed Remington’s as she thought about how close they were and how much she ached to feel him inside her.

His voice was rich, like the finest chocolate and it poured over her body giving her thoughts of having his sheets twisted in her fists as he pushed into her. And only a few words from those sexy lips of his had her entire body on fire and lit with just one purpose, him. He looked down at her with those orbs of ocean blue and the lust she saw in his eyes was enough to keep her fire blazing all night. “I wasn’t going to let you out of here tonight.”

Christina’s eyes lit up as he shifted on top of her pulling her deeper beneath his body. He smiled and she pushed her hips forward and spread her legs allowing him to settle between them. He groaned feeling the heat generating from between her damp thighs. His cock lengthened and thickened pushing against the zipper of his pants unbearably. Remington grunted softly and let one of his hands undo his zipper to free his pulsing cock from the painful confines. She wanted this; to be here with him. And whether or not he would have let her leave she wasn’t all that sure she could have let herself step over the threshold.

She had quickly been relieved of her bra and panties and as he dipped his head to take her breast into his mouth the moan that tore from her lungs was both loud and long and made a smile form on Remington’s lips. Never had she expected it to feel so good. She watched Remington through hooded eyes and a haze of arousal so unexpected it left her dizzy with desire. The sight of his mouth against her erect nipple was much more erotic than she could have imagined and it took everything within her not to roll him to his back and have her way with him right there. The roughness of his chest hair teased at her exposed skin and still she found herself wriggling beneath him to have more of his contact. Remington’s hand slid down her side and cradled her hips to still her impatient motions.

Smiling to himself he pulled up until his face was at hers once more and his eyes settled to gaze at the desirous gleam in hers. Christina licked her lips waiting to finally feel him and he leaned forward pressing a gentle kiss against them. If he had it his way he would tease her a little more, toy with the sensitive nerves in every inch of her body until she begged him to take her. But he was just as hungry to have her and settled on the idea that he could always make up for it later. It might in fact make things better now that she would know the things he could do. Parting her legs he breathed in as the dampness of her thighs brushed against the head of his shaft. “Rem?” She exhaled as she felt his cock settle just at her wet entrance.

“Just remember to breathe,” he moaned in return and deliberately pushed inside of her with ardent force stretching her to suit the expanse of his dick. She closed her eyes and concentrated on relaxing her muscles as tiny whimpers struggled from her throat. When earlier she had assessed his girth she hadn’t been far off. He was large; much larger than her body was used to and the moment he entered her she felt her muscles clench as if it were her first time. Moving slower and allowing her to adjust to him, Remington gently thrust himself forward once more. Christina bit down on her lip and rolled her head back to muffle her cries and with one last, long thrust he was in her completely. The head of his cock shoved up against her cervix making her feel full to the point of pain. 

His breath was hot against her neck, short and fast as pure, carnal pleasure danced behind his eyes. Christina felt herself open up as he drew himself outward and plunged back in deeply to the rhythm of her soft moans and sighs. It was everything she wanted but nothing like she expected. Remington made her entire world disappear as he melted into her. She lifted her hips into him and moved in sync with his thrusts finally feeling her body warm to the rough invasion of his penetration. She was lost completely in the sensations of hot, slick sex and her back arched into him as he leaned down for a kiss. Never before had she been stretched to her limits but her body was thoroughly enjoying the overwhelming pleasure of being made to. She felt suited to his body and with each stroke the ecstasy increased causing her to cry out in rapture.

“Oh God yes Remy!” His name poured from her lips in a deep moan and she heard him respond in kind; his normally velvety tone giving way to a raspier, guttural growl. The feeling of her convulsing pussy around his shaft hastened his motions and he hungered for more. Slowly he withdrew, leaving just the head of his cock within her. And as she came down from her first climax, he looked deep into her eyes and thrust all the way back in. Remembering his words she released the breath she held in her lungs and when she did an immediate dizziness caused her world to spin that only heightened the complete feeling of sensualism pervading her every fiber.

A gasp escaped her throat as he repeated the action gradually increasing the pace as he stroked in and out of her wet body covering himself in her juices. Intense pleasure ravaged through her at the friction caused by their bodies firing off every nerve ending within her loins. Remington moaned deep in his throat and she scratched her nails down his back, clenched his hips between her legs and pulled him a little deeper inside of her. Again he picked up speed, his excitement building. On the verge of another orgasm, Christina screamed his name and he lifted above her to look into her eyes. A powerful jolt of electricity surged through her veins and she spasmed around his cock. 

Remington slammed deeper and pumped vigorously, riding out her orgasm with her. She screamed in pleasure as he rocketed her towards the heavens with every illicit sensation he drilled within her. Straining towards the growing crest fast on the rise, Remington hammered her harder his face contorted in ecstasy; he was close. He plunged as deep as he could between her thighs grunting fiercely as he sought self-gratification. Again he felt her pussy clutch his cock like a vice. His breath blew erratically from his lips and he said her name in a deep moan as he thrust hard into her one last time releasing his seed deep into her womb. 

Remington’s entire body went rigid as he continued emptying himself within her. Christina felt numb as a thousand tingles rippled over her skin warming her again to the man hovering above her. He collapsed on top of her feathering light kisses over her face. Rolling to the side, Remington wrapped his arm around Christina’s waist and pulled her body into his until he could place soft kisses against her neck. “Sweet dreams,” he whispered and blew out the candle behind him.

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  1. ok wow um yeah poor Remy. Kayne is a dick and that girl was dumb. Really she thought Remy would want her again after that. She is really really dumb.

    Glad they um...worked out their issues LOL.

    1. Remy had a hard time dealing with that one and that's why he's tried to keep to himself for the most part but that didn't work out when Chrissy came knocking on his door. And yeah thinking he'd want her after that was beyond stupid!

      Lol yeah they had an eventful evening I'm sure :)

  2. "Warning: Sex scene included in this chapter." *half of chapter is sex* LOL

    So Remy has a personal reason to hate Kayne... I'm glad they got that sorted out. I think I can forgive him for being a dick to Chrissy. Also... the fact that he has a job makes me kind of respect him more. He's definitely not your average pampered rich kid (but then again, neither is Christina).

    And before you ask, yes, I read every word of the sex scene *cough last half of the chapter cough*. I feel like a freaking perv, but it was in the name of literature! XD

    1. LOL! Yep! I tend to get carried away with that...but the stories I read don't ever want to go there. I must carry the weight of all my writing pals on my shoulders :D

      He really does! Kayne is a complete asshole and needs to get his face pounded in just like his blonde counterpart! They really don't seem to care at all about the people they hurt or use! Very true! Remy works for what he has and tries really hard to balance out his personal life, his career goals and his job. He is very well rounded :D

      HAHA blame Remy! He's no minute man! Ha! YES! Join me in my perviness! **sings 'You are not alone!'** :)

  3. Well Kayne turned out to be a real asshole didn't he. Now I know his reaction to seeing her with him. Oh, and the girl that fucked up and screwed Kayne under the bleachers....she was an idiot, no other way to say it. Kayne is cute but has ego issues, if I had my's Remy...yeah...

    I would trade places with Chrissy under Remy in a second!!!...lucky girl for sure....edenz~

    1. Indeed! Kayne's only concern has always been Kayne and he proves it whenever he opens his mouth. Christina tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and his "bum rap" speech but she found out for herself why everyone hates him. He and Rachael were made for each other! Stacy definitely lost a great thing with Remy for a quick bang with Kayne! She was a complete moron for that for sure!

      Yes she is and she'd better not fuck up again! Poor Remy really went out on a limb here with his heart and trusts her to keep it safe!

  4. I don't understand Stacy, why choose a guy like Kayne, when you have a Remington in your life. Did Stacy be blind ?

    I think i'll do the same thing that Chrissy, when she accepted the Rendez-vous with Kayne because i'm curious and vindictive. And may'be, if she didn't do that she'll never know the real orgasm :).

    I'm not a perv ! I prefer seeing people make love rather than people make war. ;)

    Je ne comprend pas Stacy, pourquoi choisir un mec comme Kayne quand tu a un Remington dans ta vie. Est-ce que Stacy était aveugle ?

    Je pense que j'aurai fait la même chose que Chrissy, quand elle a accepté le rendez-vous avec Kayne parce que je suis curieuse et revanchard. Et peut-être que si elle n'avait pas fait ça, elle ne connaîtrait pas le vrai orgasme :).

    Je ne suis pas une perverse ! Je préfère voir des gens faire l'amour que faire la guerre. ;)

    1. Stacy était un idiot pour dire le moins! Elle doit avoir été aveugle pendant Assurez-vous de toujours choisir Kayne sur Remington! Il fait plus chaud, plus doux et pas un connard comme Kayne!

      C'est ce que la pensée de Chrissy était, pour sortir avec Kayne à cause de ce qu'elle a vécu avec Rachael et se venger. Il était si mauvaise. Et vous avez raison si elle avait couché avec Kayne elle aurait jamais pu faire l'expérience de Remington au lit! :D

      "Je ne suis pas une perverse! Je préfère voir des gens faire l'amour que faire la guerre. ;)"

      J'aime que lol!
      Stacy was an idiot to say the least! She must have been blind for sure to ever choose Kayne over Remington! He's hotter, sweeter and not a complete asshole like Kayne!

      That's what Chrissy's thinking was; to go out with Kayne because of what she went through with Rachael and get revenge. It was bad though. And you're right had she slept with Kayne she'd have never been able to experience Remington in bed! :D

      "I'm not a perv ! I prefer seeing people make love rather than people make war. ;)"

      I like that lol!

  5. That was so damn sexy! I am SO HAPPY she went after him and explained herself! I'm happy they got things cleared up and see more of a reason to hate Kayne. I have this strong feeling that we have not seen the last of him though. If he finds out that Remy got a piece of that caramel cookie he is going to be in full on competitive mode.

    I like Remy and Chrissy together! Love it actually.

    I don't know why but something about the ending feels funny to me. Maybe because I've never had that kind of reaction to great sex but I have this feeling that there is a bigger meaning of things here. Going to stop now because I'm sure this makes no sense.

    1. I bet Christina is very pleased she did also! She's passed out for a little bit but she'll let us know when she awakens :)

      Very true. Kayne is a sick bastard and hates Remington because he sees a champion there and doesn't like to be upstaged. If he really thinks that Chrissy would ever have a reason or ever want to sleep with him he's sadly mistaken...then again Jordan said the man is persuasive :) we'll have to see just how true that is!

      Thank you :D they are a cute couple!

      Yeah it didn't lol but if you've picked up on something then I'm happy to hear that. There are some things we'll see that jump out at us and others that are quite subtle in meaning. Even in seemingly mundane conversation like Remy's warning to Chrissy :D It'll all be revealed...slowly but surely!

  6. I take back my words, I don't don't think Remy is the Animal, because if he were, Kayne would have been a dead man a very long time ago. I'm glad he is not. Now back to my, trying to figure out who the animal is. :)

    1. Ha! That is an interesting factor. When trying to figure out who the animal is though you must remember when the murders started happening and each person that has died. That will help establish at least a starting place for suspects.

  7. Now that everything is out in the open between Remington and Christina, they can get to know each other better. ....*grin*.... But at least he did not mark his territory the usual way of an animal... not that I think he is the animal, but he may have some surprises about him... It must be the Italian thing. ^_^
    I certainly hope that she stays away from Kayne, because if Remington is the man I suspect, he will rage beyond control should Christina fall slightly under his nemesis' charms.

    1. Absolutely! They have both shared something and that really helps with developing relationships. And they have already taken a step towards establishing closeness :P Haha he very well could be! I wouldn't count anyone out just yet...maybe it is the Italian thing!

      Very true! He's not likely to take another injustice by Kayne lightly and will certainly take matters into his own hands next time. He said he's not going to stand idly by and watch Kayne literally fuck him over again! :)

    2. I'm a hopeless romantic so yes I believe in magic. There is something between them-was before he blew her mind. Their chemistry right off and fate seemed to bring them together at random times even if it was just eye contact.

    3. Aww :) that's very sweet and perhaps that moment they first saw one another was the meeting of their hearts. They both lingered on that sighting for a little. Remy seemed to be there when she needed him most and even saved her life! And now that they have spoken about something that bothered them and shared a small part of themselves it'll open more doors to creating a lasting relationship for sure.

  8. I had this rather decent comment in my head in the first part, but I can't remember it now because my brain is mush and I'm shaking a little. Mhm, yeah. So saying I liked it is rather redundant don't you think? Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. .... yeah.


    1. HAHA sorry about that :D Maybe it'll come to you later on when you least expect it! I'm betting that's about how Chrissy feels right now too! Remy seems like the type that can help you forget all your woes!

  9. You wouldn't happen to remember where you got the pose(s) in the picture 23 from the top, 8 from the bottom, would you...? I'm starting a story of my own, and I kinda need that pose for one of my scenes, so yeah. >.>

    Also, I absolutely LOVED this story, and am in the process of reading your others.

    1. It's "Adult Poses" by Inna-Lisa here: - Some people have issues accessing her website though so if you can't get it to pop up let me know and I'll see about getting you a direct link (or you could maybe check her Facebook here:

      I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it! Thank you for reading :)